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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: How to get all endings in one playthrough

A small guide on how to get all Sekiro endings in one playthrough and the point of no return for each ending.

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Save file location

Like in all previous Soulsborne games, it’s impossible to get different endings by normal means because the game doesn’t offer alternative saves for the same playthrough. Lucky for us, this can easily be circumvented on PC by making a backup copy of your save file, so if you don’t feel like playing through Sekiro 4 times you can use that to get all possible endings.

The save file for Sekiro is located in:

C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Sekiro\<random number>\S0000.sl2

Just make a copy of the file with another name and then copy it back with the original name every time you need to. Make sure to save & quit to the title screen before making and reloading a backup copy.

Point of no return for all endings

There’s a point in the game where you’re supposed to climb your way to the top of Ashina Castle for a 2nd time. You’ll know when this time comes because most of your previous idols in the area will be greyed out.

Once you reach the rooftop, a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, a character will be standing there waiting for you to talk to him/her. Make a backup save BEFORE talking to him/her – your choice in this dialogue will already cut out certain endings.

Anything you do before your 2nd trip to Ashina Castle has no impact on the ending, so feel free to explore the world at will!

The next sections include SPOILERS, so don’t scroll down unless you’re prepared to know what’s next.

Ending 1 – Immortal Severance

Last chance to get it: None

This is simply the standard ending to the game. After you made the most obvious choice in the dialogue with the Owl (staying loyal to Kuro), don’t do any of the side quests that lead to the alternative endings, beat the final boss and you’ll get it.

Ending 2 – Shura

Last chance to get it: before talking to the Owl in Ashina Castle

As mentioned in the spoiler-free section, this is the first branching path for Sekiro’s endings. You can choose to stay loyal to the Owl instead of Kuro (you’ll need to answer this twice); after that, two boss fights will trigger and the game will end.

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Choosing to stay loyal to Kuro and initiating the fight with the Owl will lock you out of this ending, as every time you go back you will skip straight to the fight.

Ending 3 – Purification

Last chance to get it: Before burning the incense and going to Fountainhead Palace

If you choose to stay loyal to Kuro when speaking with the Owl, you’ll have to fight your old master. Once he’s beaten, Kuro will ask you to go and speak to Lord Isshin in the watchtower near the castle. Return back and you’ll find Emma and Kuro in the same room. At this point you will be able to hide behind a wall and eavesdrop their conversation. Do so, then go speak to Emma (which will have moved upstairs) about what you overheard. Rest at the idol then talk to Emma once again and she will tell you she will be going to ???’s grave. Fast travel to the Old Grave idol in Ashina Castle (or just drop down there) and talk to Emma once again.

After this dialogue is over, fast travel to the Dilapidated Temple idol where you’ll find Emma next to the sculptor. Go all the way to the back of the temple until you find a crack in the wall from which it will be possible to eavesdrop on their conversation. Confront Emma once again about what you overheard and she’ll end up giving you another bell you can use to teleport to Hirata Estate in the past. This is an alternative version of the Estate with new bosses and new enemies.

You’ll start right away at the burning gate where you met the dying Owl the first time, but this time a mini-boss awaits you there. Once beaten, make your way inside the castle like before, beat the mini-boss guarding the door and then go to where you fought Lady Butterfly the first time. Beating the final boss here (you might’ve already guessed who it is) will lead to the Purification ending.

Ending 4 – Return

Last chance to get it: Before beating the Dragon God

This is the ending that requires the most work to unlock. You can’t do all of the steps required to get this ending before finishing the Folding Screen Monkeys boss fight and getting to the Inner Sanctum.

Step 1: Gathering all the items

In order to get the final item for this ending you will have to get a certain number of items first. Here’s the full list:

Persimmons. These can be found all throughout Mt. Kongo or be bought at the Memorial Mob near the Temple Grounds idol. As far as I know you only really need one of them to progress through the quest.

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Fresh Serpent Viscera. At the beginning of Mt. Kongo there’s a kite guarded by a small hatted man down the cliff. Backstab him and watch him wind the mechanism to keep the kite permanently up in the air (this is what the old rice eating lady alluded to by “winding the puppet”). Now make your way up to where the old woman is and climb on the big tree on the cliffside. At the end of the tree you’ll be able to grapple the kite to swing yourself across to the other side. Follow the path down the cliff on the right until you get to a cave with a sculptor’s idol. From there you can get back to the Sunken Valley area where the big white serpent will be waiting for you sleeping peacefully on top of a mountain. It’s time to finally get your revenge on him! Just drop on him to get a deathblow (Ancient Wyvern anybody?) and once killed the Fresh Serpent Viscera will be yours as well as an achievement for slaying the beast.

Dried Serpent Viscera. Fast travel to the Bodhisattva Valley idol in Sunken Valley. From there, drop down and follow the path through the poison area until you find the Memorial Mob vendor that will tell you not to go through the cave guarded by the serpent. Do it (because you’re not smart) and after getting through various poison lizards and jumpscares you’ll end in the face of a serpent – yes, there were more than one – guarding a small temple. From there drop down the left side and climb the cliff until you find a scared monkey holding its back. Once again, backstab and use the Puppeteer ninjutsu on it, then go back up the cliff. The monkey will start distracting the serpent, allowing you to grapple safely and run under its body. Past the small hut you will find a statue with the Dried Serpent Viscera. You can then use Homeward Idol to get back or climb up to get back out near the Poison Pool idol in Ashina Depths.

Holy Tome: Infested. If you got to Senpou Temple before beating Genichiro, there will be a monk near the Main Hall idol that drops this item. If you didn’t then you will have to beat the Corrupted Monk past Mibu Village first to gain the ability to breathe underwater, then go to the Temple Grounds idol in Mt. Kongo and drop down into the pool with the treasure carps. The tome will be found at the center of the pool (there’s also a loose Prayer Bead in the back of the pool!)

Step 2: Getting the child sick

The next step is to get the Divine Child to be sick. Fast travel to Inner Sanctum and make sure you get the rice from her at least once. Then fast travel back and forth between the Sanctum and any other place (I did it with Kuro’s room) until you’ll find the child gasping in pain. You might need to eat the rice at least once in order for this to happen.
Once she’s sick, she says she would really love to eat fruits to restore her health. Give her one of the persimmons you have and she’ll feel well once again, and will also give you a special rice for Kuro at the same time.

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From there on you’ll be able to feed her persimmons to increase the quality of the rice (and get some very awkward giggles from her while doing so).

Step 3: Carrying love letters between immortal children

The next thing to do is to go give Kuro the rice the Divine Child “made” for him. Fast travel to the Inner Sanctum then back to Kuro’s Room once again. Kuro will have made a Sweet Rice Ball with the Divine Child’s rice (you can eat it if you want, it gives you two buffs at the same time). Fast travel back to the Inner Sanctum and tell the Divine Child what Kuro did to her rice.

Step 4: Divine tomes and dragon cradles

Now give Holy Tome: Infested to the Divine Child (you can really do it at any point before this, but nothing will happen until now). Fast travel away and back and the Divine Child will have disappeared. You will find her in sitting alone the Hall of Illusions; once spoken to her, she will ask for another tome that can be found in the dark cave on the other side of the Main Hall of Senpout Temple. At the end of the cave filled with mini Voldos you’ll find a body with the Holy Chapter: Dragon’s Return item on it.

Fast travel back to Inner Sanctum and give this tome to the Divine Child which will now be sitting again at her usual place. She will say she needs to eat two fruits from the serpents. Give her the two Visceras from the great serpents and she’ll ask you to go away in order to start the process of becoming the “cradle” for the dragon.

Fast travel away and back to Inner Sanctum twice (the first time the door will be closed and you can eavesdrop on her to listen to some extremely not legal Divine Child panting). Once the door is open, talk to her and she will give you the Frozen Tears item.

Now proceed through the game normally and after you beat the final boss you will have the option to give the Frozen Tears to Kuro to trigger the secret ending.

Please note that the steps for this ending have to be completed before beating the Dragon God because after that Kuro will move permanently to the final boss area and you won’t be able to feed him rice anymore.

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