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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Old Grave Walkthrough

Old Grave Walkthrough

Return up the path to the large reservoir, and be sure to use the gate to climb onto the roof to find a patch of ground on the other side of the small building – where you can find Scrap Iron. In the water itself all you can reach are two Man-Eating Fish, but you may accidentally target something below the surface you can’t reach… at least not yet. There is one item to find – under the bridge the Samurai Leader is on you can get a Mibu Possession Balloon.

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Back in the courtyard where the Shinobi Hunter was in, head out the main door to find the Old Grave Sculptor’s Idol. The grave in question is just past the door on the left, and in front of the grave, a Dragon’s Blood Droplet has been left.

Looking down, you can spot the broken bridge from the Ashina Outskirts that forced you into the valley – and from here you can explore the other side. Go right past the Sculptor’s Idol into the area below and look for a nest on the wall holding Gachiin’s Sugar. Make sure not to drop down from the wall, and take the stairs down instead.

This is because around the corner is the first of two watchtowers manned by a Sunken Valley Cannoneer, and if you come from this direction, the enemy won’t see you. Below the tower, two Soldiers will talk about a black-hatted Senpou Assassin seen in the area – worth noting. Grapple up past them to the watchtower and stab the cannoneer in the back, then jump back down to eliminate the Soldiers.

When you move to continue going down the stairway, another watchtower with a Cannoneer will spot you. This is a bit unfavorable to go up against, so instead return to the area below the Sculptor’s Idol and grapple down to the building below. Pop in through the ceiling and you’ll meet a rogue Senpou Assassin and surprisingly friendly guy named Black Hat Badger.

Since he’s no friend of the Ashina guys, he’ll offer to sell some wares to you – which include an Iron Fortress that can be fitted into your Shinobi Prosthetic as a Loaded Umbrella to deflect ranged fire and light attacks – and can also be used for somewhat easier deflections. He also sells an Anti-air Deathblow Text skill. You can also buy a Bite Down pill that will kill you instantly – which sounds stupid until you factor in your ability to resurrect when an enemy’s back is turned.

You don’t exactly need the Iron Fortress just yet, but it will come in handy soon enough. Leaving the building, look left along the balcony to spot the watchtower and a nest holding Ungo’s Sugar, and jump down to the left to get behind and grapple up behind the cannoneer to eliminate him, then take out the Riflemen below. Return to the stairway you were prevented from going down to find a Lookout, and a landing with several items including a Ceramic Shard, Gachiin’s Sugar, Light Coin Purse, and Fistful of Ash. Finally, head down the road to kill the last Rifleman here, and look out onto the broken bridge to get some Black Gunpowder.

Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo
Now it’s time to return to the top of the castle. Warp back from the Old Grave to the Dojo Sculptor’s Idol. Return to the Dilapidated Temple if you need to stock up on any items, because it’s going to get harder from here on in.

Boss Battle: Ashina Elite Jinzuke Saze

Boss Battle: Genichiro Achina

Next up is: Upper Tower Kuro’s Room

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