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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Senpou Temple Main Hall Walkthrough

Senpou Temple Main Hall Walkthrough

At the top of the stairs you’ll be just outside the temple’s main hall, but finding a way in may prove difficult. Hug the wall and look around the corner to get a corner deathblow and approaching Monk – but note the two Temple Guardians standing in front of the main doors. Since each are both looking in the opposite direction, it won’t exactly be easy to get the drop on them. You can try using the long balconies to grapple across and rush at them from the middle and hope for a quick deathblow before they can react – otherwise you may need to fight dirty.

Your goal is to get them apart or vulnerable, so consider either using Ceramic Shards or your Finger Whistle to get them interested in an area, and then backstab one when they turn around – or just run back down to the smaller building and hide until they lose interest and get separated – and then tag one’s attention with a shuriken. There’s also a third Temple Guardian further past the main entrance, so be wary you don’t get him involved too.

There’s nothing wrong with cheesing their AI to separate them, as they are a big hassle to deal with thanks to their uncanny ability to block most of your attacks and jump away while throwing shurikens. Swat them out of the air and jump over their fast sweep hits to take them out one at a time. Now you can open the door to the front entrance, and activate the Main Hall Sculptor’s Idol.

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Before exploring the hall, head back outside and go down the length of the balcony and turn right – noting the pagoda on the far cliff. To the right, you’ll find another entrance to the main hall, along with a large cave entrance and stairs leading down.

Down here you’ll run into a Monk at the cave entrance, and further down is a large cavern with four Centipede Assassins. Since they love to back away and throw firebombs, use your Chasing Slice to close the gap and be aggressive to take them out quickly.

A path beyond them leads to a large chamber you can drop into, but instead of doing that, return to where you fought the centipedes and look along the left wall for a small opening you can crawl through. This leads to an alternate entrance to the large cavern that a Centipede Assassin is guarding, so you can kill him from behind before dropping down.

Move through the cavern to find a waterlogged passage at the bottom to sneak through, and you’ll find a Mibu Balloon of Spirit along the way. At the other end of the passage, grapple up to encounter three more Centipede Assassins, and clear them out quickly before they flood the place with fire.

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Continue to grapple up past all the mummified corpses of temple priests to reach the end of the cave where you’ll be in front of the tall pagoda. Open the door and inside you’ll find the Senpou Esoteric Text – which unlocks the Senpou Temple Arts Skill Tree, letting you learn new martial arts that involve palm strikes and kicks like the Monks here.

You can also look around to find a Pellet by a tree, and some Spirit Emblems by a grave along the cliff where a Crawling Gecko is. To get back to the main hall, look above for a tree branch to grapple along that will boost you all the way back, and grab Ako’s Sugar before heading in.

The Main Hall has an assortment of Infested Priests in the wings – some that will spew crickets in one corner, and some that sprout an angry centipede in the other corner. Be sure to dart between the cricket belching priests to grab a Pellet. On the other side, quickly nab an Ungo’s Sugar before the Infested Priest’s centipede can slither out, then head down the long passage at the end with a locked door.

Note: If you haven’t cleared Ashina Castle, you’ll find the surprisingly docile Senpou Temple Head Priest here by the Sculptor’s Idol, and talking to him he’ll share his remorse about the Divine Children of the Rejuvenating Waters, and ask that you deliver some text when you finally meet this child. However, you won’t be able to proceed until you defeat Genichiro in the castle.

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If you’ve already defeated Genichiro, the Head Priest will have disappeared, leaving only a Dragon’s Blood Droplet on the main statue, and a curious bell on the table. Inspect the bell, and you’ll be transported to another realm entirely.

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