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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Sunken Valley Passage Walkthrough

Sunken Valley Passage Walkthrough

As you enter the Sunken Valley Passage, be sure to take a peek down into the large lake below – something big is slithering about, and it probably hasn’t forgotten you. As soon as you start moving across the bridge, a warning symbol will alert you that it’s time to sprint, because the Great Serpent has found you.

If you aren’t fast enough to get back across the bridge, the Great Serpent will tear the bridge in two and send you falling down into the lake below. You’ll need to head down either way – but once you do, he’ll be looking to take a bite out of you. Keep racing forward and pressing the dodge button to streak through the water, and veer sharply whenever you see the perilous symbol appear.

As you hug the right side, you can find some reeds to blend in with, but it’s also good to just keep swimming, and go through the small hole in the rock ahead to lose him briefly before making a dash for the cave at the end. Don’t stop until you reach the Riven Cave Sculptor’s Idol as he crashes into the cave wall, before retreating much like he did in the other valley.

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There’s not much to find along the surface of the lake – save for two groups of man-eating fish, but you can warp back up to the shrine, and look along the right of the cliff by the bridge to find a lower platform holding a Snap Seed.

Next up is: Riven Cave

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