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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Upper Tower Kuro’s Room Walkthrough

Upper Tower Kuro’s Room Walkthrough

With the battle concluded under ominous circumstances, you can head in to speak with Lady Emma, who will reveal her true motives and the person she serves. Even if her part is done, she’ll still continue to stick around and help you with your Gourd Seed problems.

For now, head down the stairs to activate the Kuro’s Room Sculptor’s Idol, and speak with the Young Lord. As it turns out, he’s not ready to flee Ashina. Instead, he wants to sever the ties of immortality – even yours, and asks you to help him. Though the thought of breaking the Shinobi’s Iron Code to render Lord Kuro vulnerable prevents the Wolf from initially saying yes, Kuro will manage to convince the Wolf that he must help him.

Speak with Lord Kuro again, and he’ll give you the first clue as to how to sever the ties that bind. The Immortal Severance Text he gives you was written by another Divine Heir long ago that sought the same process, and by finding the Sacred Dragon Tears from the Divine Realm, one may be able to break this curse.

Examine the incense burner he motions to in the room, and you’ll learn that the Divine Heir from long ago once used a specific aroma to find passage to the Divine Realm. Speaking to Lord Kuro again, he’ll go off in search of more texts that can help you in your new quest. For now, he’ll ask that you find Isshin Ashina, the still living grandfather of Genichiro – who may know something about severing immortal ties.

Follow Lord Kuro to the corner and he’ll point you in the direction of the watchtower Isshin is located in – which you can grapple to by using the nearby window exit. There’s also a Light Coin Purse in a nest just below the window on a lower roof. The tower in question is located just to the right – follow the purple smoke and you’ll find an open door on the balcony. Despite his lineage, Isshin is an alright guy, and will even treat you with Unrefined Sake – which you can choose to share with him, Lady Emma, or the Sculptor if you so choose.

Speaking to Isshin, you’ll learn a bit more about Genichiro’s motives, and when asking about severing the Divine Heir’s immortality – you’ll learn about the Mortal Blade, and how it can kill those who cannot be killed, such as certain “infested” enemies. He also has a good hunch that the blade can be found somewhere in the Senpou Temple, but the roads leading there have all been closed.

While you’re here, you can offer Isshin some Unrefined Sake, and he’ll talk a bit about Genichiro and his unusual tactics, and where he got that particular electric skill from.

As you go to leave, note that if you head down the stairs, you’ll find a Pellet, as well as three Nightjar Ninjas guarding the hall leading to this watchtower – the very same ones you saw earlier in the hidden room by the Antechamber of the castle. Since they are all looking the other way, you can Stealth Deathblow the first and then kill the two by the door, and find an Eel Liver by where the first was sitting – not that you’ll need anymore for awhile.

Return to Lord Kuro’s Room and speak to Lady Emma, and she’ll make an interesting note about Lord Genichiro’s condition, and how her mentor was trying to study the rejuvenating water’s effects, but it was all destroyed – but another disciple may have some of the notes, Doujon. Meanwhile, you’ll find Lord Kuro has moved to the library, and after telling him about the Mortal Blade, he’ll share some info too.

It seems Lord Takeru used a certain flower as part of the aroma needed to reach the Divine Realm, and will give you the Flagrant Flower Note. Apparently this flower only pools where the waters converge – and it is surmised that this location would be in the Sunken Valley. The valley in question is located just below the palace, and we’ve already found a route to it – giving us our first real task. You can also now give Lord Kuro the Sakura Droplet that was on Lady Butterfly, and gain an additional resurrective node, which is also tied to killing enemies to replenish it (or using a Jizo Statue).

Lord Kuro may also ask you to inspect the incense burner and report back on what you smell. After telling him that it reminds you of sakura flowers, he’ll ponder the mystery of a sakura tree that used to be located at the rear of the castle. Lady Emma will inform you that there used to be an Everblossom, a sakura tree from the Divine Realm – however it no longer exists, as someone stole a branch with the flowers needed to keep the tree thriving. As for who stole it, we do not yet know. You can let Lord Kuro know about this, then be on your way to the Sunken Valley.

You can of course still find a way to Senpou Temple too, but this walkthrough will have you deal with the Sunken Valley first before moving to the Senpou Temple. Be sure you pick up the item next to Lord Kuro, as you will need the Gun Fort Shrine Key to move deeper into this next region.

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