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Session Skate Sim Poster Challenges

Some of the posters in the game provide challenges. This guide will show you where they are.

To Start Off

After finishing up my guide on the payphones my good friend Eddy, AKA TheMustacheMistro, AKA KeithChegwin, AKA SteezyPete, told me there was posters too so I went on the hunt again.

All you have to do to activate them is run up to them and hold A/X to interact with them like an NPC.

NYC/Madison Park

Spawn at NYC/Madison Park and find the Food Store/Drug Store. The poster is on the wall under the drugstore sign.

Poster Challenges

NYC/Veteran Plaza

Spawn at NYC/Veteran Plaza. The poster is at the top of the big curved ledges next to a shutter.
Poster Challenges

Creature Park

You can’t spawn in creature park. You have to actually go there and enter through the door. I know, what a chore. It’s the place where you do one of the DIY challenges with Ribs Man but if you haven’t done it yet or forgot where it is just spawn at NYC/Brooklyn Banks Station and head left to this stair set. The entrance is under the big arch opposite.
Poster ChallengesJust go up to the door and hold A/X to enter.
Poster ChallengesOnce inside the poster is on the wall to your right.
Poster Challenges

Finishing Up

I searched high and low around all the maps but could only find these 3 posters. If you can find any more let me know and I’ll add them in. The one by the drugstore disappeared after I completed the challenge so maybe it moves to another location for another challenge?

Thanks for checking out the guide. Watch out for emus. I hear they can get pretty angry.

Written by burgerbait

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