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Sexy Mystic Survivors Builds Guide

Build guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors.

Sexy Mystic Survivors Builds

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors
Sexy Mystic Survivors Builds

Rosaline – The Explosion Queen

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

My favorite character in this game.

This build focused on extreme high mobility and crazy AoE melee potential, which is possible thanks to her dash.


1. Shield (default weapon).
Shield is decent enough for early stages to start your farming. But follow the usual rules and don’t put any points in it unless you are forced to do it aka can’t choose anything better.

2. Holy Cross (Core item) – Evolution 1
Holy Cross has absolutely crap single target potential, however, it’s also crazy in terms of AoE damage when you damage big hordes or are surrounded.

3. Energy Shield (Core item) – Evolution 2 – Lightning
This is a mandatory item for most builds in this game. Provides decent damage and survivability. As a downside, the basic weapon does not offer any damage.

4. Fire Boots (Core item) – Evolution 1 – Bombs
Creates a barrage of explosions together with the Holy Cross.

5. Rapier (Flex item) – Evolution 2
More AoE damage and knockback always welcome.

6. Bow (Flex item) – Evolution 1
Even more AoE damage.

Bellatrix – Friendly build for new players

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

This build is focused on weapons and items available early and is, technically, a generalist build for any character for a comfortable Stage 1 clear. I don’t mention advanced weapons, since if you have those unlocked, then you don’t need this guide in the first place.


1. Rapier (Default) – Evolution 2.

2. Evolved Magic Lamp – this weapon will be your bread and butter at boss killing, make sure to evolve it before 15-minute mark.

3. Sun Stone – Evolution 1.

4. Bow – Evolution 1.

5. Energy Shield – Evolution 2 (or 1, if 2 is not unlocked)

6. Last slot is flexible, you can use Chain Amulet or another weapon with evolve potential available to you, like Fire Boots (Evo 1).

Just don’t choose Blessed Hammer.

Melisandre – The Gold Mine

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

Weapon priority:

  • Fire Boots Evo 1
  • Rapier Evo 2
  • Scythe (default weapon) Evo 2 or Evo 1
  • Bow Evo 1
  • Energy Shield Evo 2
  • Holy Cross Evo 1

Fore more information check this guide: How to farm Gold.

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