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Sexy Mystic Survivors List of Relics

Relics can be gained from two altars (blue and red symbols on the map) as well as from 15-minute mark Boss, so in total you can get 3 Relics in one run.

Sexy Mystic Survivors List of Relics

1. Relic of Treasure
Description: regular enemies can drop a Chest with a 0.1% chance, but their health and damage is increased by 25%.

This is a pretty great relic to use for anyone. It’s still RNG, but you’l have a great chance to get golden (3 items) and black (5 items) chests, chance based on your Luck stat.

2. Relic of Despair
Description: Increase damage done by 25% when your health drops to 20% or lower.

This one is rather meh, however, it’s currently one of two “safe” relics to pick.

3. Relic of Healing
Description: restore 20% of your HP every time you level up.

The second available relic without any debuffs. This one is pretty useful.

4. Relic of Greed
Description: enemies will drop coins instead of EXP.

This relic does not completely erase your EXP gains, so you can still use it in the gold farming runs.

5. Relic of Gold
Description: enemies have 20% more health, but also got 10% chance to drop gold.

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Self-explanatory, a small gold gain for farming builds.

6. Relic of Berserker
Description: increase damage received by 100% and damage dealt by 15%

Pretty safe relic to pick if you run Energy Shield (preferably Evo 2). Free damage is free damage.

7. Relic of Doom
Description: Fix your HP at 1, but increase damage done by 100%

For those who love risks.

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