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SF6 Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Every Master in World Tour

Classic outfit for desired master should be unlocked when you reach 100 affection with them. Have fun grinding.

Gift items in Street Fighter 6 hold great rarity and can be acquired during your journey. These valuable items serve as tokens of appreciation that can be bestowed upon the different fighting masters you encounter, forging stronger connections with them. Discovering the perfect gift for each master can be a challenge, but fear not! This comprehensive Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide outlines the locations where you can find all the available gift items and recommends the ideal gifts for every master you encounter.

Best Gifts for Every Master in World Tour

Here’s a list of perfect gifts for each of them:

  • Luke – Red Elevator 8 (purchase from Merchant in Jamaica/Bather’s Beach)
  • Zangief – Wooden Bear (purchase from Merchant in Russia/Barmaley Steelworks)
  • Ryu – Instant Soba (purchase from Shopkeeper Udon at Chanko House Edomon, Metro City)
  • Manon – Beaujolais (purchase from Merchant in Jamaica)
  • Blanka – Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll (purchase from Merchant in Jamaica)
  • Cammy – Jellied Eel (purchase from Merchant in Jamaica)
  • Guile – Natto (purchase from Merchant in Japan)
  • Dhalsim – Instant Curry Ultra Mild (purchase from Shopkeeper Tsanpa in Central Bazaar, Old Nayshall)
  • Juri – Wrench (purchase from Merchant at India)
  • JP – Ancient Playing Cards (purchase from Merchant in Jamaica)
  • E Honda – Rubber Duckies (purchase from Merchant in Italy)
  • Ken – Cookbook (purchase from Merchant in Mexico)
  • Lily – Celery Chips (from Merchant in Jamica)
  • Jamie – Bao Bao Bro Sticker (from Merchant in Jamaica)
  • Chun-Li – Canned Herring (from Shopkeeper Dora in The Lowlands – Commerce Plaza, Old Nayshall)
  • Dee Jay – Lukewarm Beer (from Merchant in Brazil)
  • Kimberly – The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love (from Merchant in Jamaica)
  • Marisa – Cold Tomato Soup (from Merchant in France)

How to Get Gift Items

SF6 Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Every Master in World Tour

Gift items can be obtained through a variety of means in Street Fighter 6. Engaging in Side Quests, completing important missions in the campaign, or embarking on exploration expeditions may reward you with these special items. Additionally, you can also find gift items available for purchase from different merchants scattered throughout the world.

In Street Fighter 6, gift items are conveniently categorized as ‘Other’ in the Items tab of your in-game phone. These items are easily identifiable by their striking red hue within the user interface. Furthermore, Gift items hold a prestigious ‘Ultra’ rarity classification, signifying their exceptional value and significance in the game.

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