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Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Crew Badges

This guide describes how to obtain most (more under Info) badge with every crewmate. I will constantly update the guide with Screenshots, but some badges take some time to recreate replicable. Please comment if something isn’t understandable or if anything is missing

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Crew Badges

There are badges that simply don’t require a guide. I might still add them in the future if there’s confusion about them.

In addition, there are multiple badges that either come naturally while playing the game and/or are equal for every crew member. These will not be described under the characters section and will be summarized here.

  • Finish 20 missions with this crewmate in your team.
  • Take down 250 guards with this crewmate.
  • Finish a mission with this crewmate on all islands.

Afia Manicato

Long Distance Prodding

Provoke a Prognosticar over a distance of 15m.

To provoke a Prognosticar, you have to interact with him in any way (attack or distract).

The easiest way to do this is to use Grand Blink as near maximum distance, since its range is 17m.

If you don’t have your upgraded skill yet, another easy way to do this, is on Angler’s Grave on the Landing SpotAngler’s Jaws. The mission The Kumquat Connection makes it easier since it’s at night.

Move to the right and sneak your way up on top of the house right next to the cage. From there you can use Time Freeze on the lonely Prognosticar above you.

Afia’s World

Kill 5 Guards while someone is affected by Time Freeze.

If you have access to a mission with 8 team members, this would be the easiest way. Simply Time Freeze a guard, use shadow mode and kill 5 guards at the same time.

If not, you only need to find a spot with 6 guards nearby. Use Time Freeze, then shadow mode to kill guards with guns and immediatly use shadow mode again and kill the 2 additional guards.


Kill 3 Guards within 7 seconds with only Afia.

The “with only Afia” part only applies to the kills, not to distraction.

To make this easier, play on easier difficulty and find 2 pistol shots (On higher difficulty, you can only carry a single shot). Find 3 guards close to each other. Use shadow mode immediatly after every kill. Do the first 2 with the pistol (faster kills) and the last one with (Grand) Blink.

Alone In The Dread

Finish a mission on Dread Vine’s Cove with only Afia in your team.

I recommend doing the Fruits of Her Labor mission for this. The earlier missions are normally easier. This mission also is the only mission at night. The only hard part here is stealing the key near the end, because for this you have to pretty much clear most of the area where the key is located.

Zoned Out

Use Time Freeze on a guard who is in a conversation with at least 2 other guards.

As far as I know, this situation only happens in the mission The Captain’s Treasure on Morrow’s Reach. In the west of the island is a Commisarius and 2 Acolytes (one of them is patroling). Use Time Freeze on one of them as soon as they’re talking.

The only Way Forward Is Up

Travel a distance of 5 or more meters upwards with Blink on 5 different locations.

With the upgraded skill Grand Blink you can basically do this anywhere, otherwise here’s a little help for a fast and easy solution with the standard Blink skill:

Crew Badges

Crew Badges

Calamity Reef

Crew Badges

Crew Badges

Iron Bay

Crew Badges

Crew Badges

Twins of Nerechtemeresch

Crew Badges

Crew Badges

Dread Vine’s Cove

Crew Badges

Crew Badges

Angler’s Grave


The Tricky Part

Hide 5 or more bodies at once with Cover Seeds.

Simply pile up at least 5 bodies on one spot and throw Cover Seeds on them.

Covered Crowd

Hide 8 crewmates at once with Cover Seeds.

This badge is only obtainable in 2 missions: The Captain’s Treasure and Measure Is Unceasing. It’s nearly the same as above. Go to one spot with every crewmate and throw Cover Seeds on your team!

Mad House Visit

Finish a mission on the Pillars of Nerechtemeresch with only Suleidy in your team.

The only mission this is possible on is Prepare for Trouble. Since it’s one of the earlier missions, it isn’t too hard. The biggest challenge here might be the Kindreds on top. As soon as you kill one of them, you have a couple of seconds to kill the other one. Since Suleidy’s main melee kill is quite quick, it should be possible if their both nearby. Alternatively, clear all other guards, kill one of the Kindreds, run towards the other one and use the pistol.

You’ll Be Fine

Send a guard into an environment kill with Wander Dust.

The sky is the limit here. You have a possibility to do this on pretty much every island. The easiest in my opinion is on Dread Vine’s Cove. There are weird fruits you can interact with to make them trigger-ready for the Fruity Explosion, which means you don’t have to active this envirnmentkill when a guard is near, instead just activate it, change position and let a guard walk into it

Toya of Iga

Two in One

Kill a pair of Kindred with Toya alone, without raising alarm.

This might seem harder than it is, but Toya (together with Suleidy) has the second fastest melee kill in the game. So if you want to do it fitting to the character, attach your Katashiro to one of them, kill the other one with your sword and immediatly use Shadow Step. Alternatively, you can always use your pistol which has a fast cooldown as well.

Cooking With Fire

Finish a mission on the Iron Bay with only Toya in your team.

I recommend doing this with the mission Ash and Ore. It might seem harder because it’s a daytime mission, but here you don’t have to actively deal with a Prognosticar, you just have to avoid one who’s patrolling, in comparison to the mission Snatched From the Pit where one is right in front of your mission objective. I’d say this is an intermediate badge to achieve, but once you’re familiar enough with the game and play on a lower difficulty, it’s a fun challenge and should be doable.

You Are Already Dead

Kill a Iudex who has spotted Toya with Shadow Step before they can raise the alarm.

While this might seem very obvious, I want to remind you that the Iudex has to actually spot you, which means right before she’s about to raise the alarm, just in case you struggle with it. Change to a lower difficulty and safe right before it and it should be an easy one.

Teleport Training

Kill 2 guards withing 7 seconds by using Shadow Step twice in rapid succession.

I recommend having the upgraded skill Shadow Swap, which makes this extremely easy. Attach the Katashiro on any guard, go to another stationary one and use Shadow Step twice and you’re done.

Miles and More

Travel a distance of 250 meters or more at once using Shadow Step.

This one is a little strange and I did cheese it a little. I chose Dread Vine’s Cove with the landing spot Coastal Huts, immediatly placed the Katashiro and swum to the opposite corner of the map and used Shadow Step and it worked. It may also work from land, since Dread Vine’s Cove seems to be the longest map, but if you have a minute and want to go safe, this works.

Highly Effective

Lure 4 or more Acolytes or Kindred at once with Bird’s Voice.

This should come natural at some point if you have an eye on it, but just in case, first thing that came to my mind is Angler’s Grave, at the docks behind the forts walls. There, you can either go to 2 Acolytes talking to each other and waiting for the 2 patroling Acolytes passing by, or if you want to go completely over the top, board the ship on these docks, there’s a troop of 10 Acolytes standing right next to each other!

John Mercury

Food For the Turtles

Hide 50 Bodies with Anchor Down.

The devil is in the detail here. It’s important to use Anchor Down, and NOT Anchor Up. So you have to hide the body when going to the down below, not when you’re already there and jumping out.

Laying Low

Get spotted with John, then use Anchor Down to hide until things calm down.

This is a very strong feature of John. He can hide literally everywhere (with his upgraded skill, basically everyone can do so as well when John is in your team). Just go somewhere, use you pistol to shoot anyone to raise an alarm and immediatly use Anchor Down and wait 30 seconds until the alarm is over (you can also fast forward a little here, pressing X on PC).

Never Saw It Coming

Kill a Prognosticar with Anchor Up.

Just a reminder here: A Prognosticar always has to stun one of your crewmates before can actually attack him.

From The Shadows

Kill 3 guards within 3 seconds with crewmates that were hidden in the Below.

For this you need to have the upgraded Skill Pull Below. This makes you able to let other teammater join John in the Below and basically works like a bush that you have to use a skill to use. Just look out for a patrol that is passing by another guard (or just a 3-guard-patrol), put everyone in the below and prepare a shadow mode attack with all characters while they’re in the Below

Have At Thee!

Distract 5 or more guards at the same time with Sir Reginald.

The easiest option here would be the Inquisitor Ship at Angler’s Grave. There are 10 Acolytes directly standing next to each other. Just takes a minute to get there. Otherwise it’s pretty straight forward, just keep this one in mind while playing the game and it might even come naturally.

Seabed Stroll

Finish a mission on Calamity Reef with only John in your team.

Disclaimer: This one might be bugged, it worked for me as described, but people on the discord said it didn’t work for them.

This has to be done in the mission Small Crew, Big Plans because in Lighthouse Locutions you have to kill a Prognosticar. In SCBP you also have one standing right in front of the ship you need to get, but at one point, when you kill every guard in that area, he is going to leave his position and you can grab the ship. For these kills, you have to trigger an alarm and/or make the Prognosticar turn around and see the bodies, otherwise he might not even notice that something’s happening. Remember not to actively distract him with Sir Reginald or he will stun you and it’s Game Over.

Gaëlle le Bris

Piggyback Ride

Carry other crewmates around for 500 meters.

This will come naturally. To speed it up, instead of walking around with your whole team, simply remember to carry one of them in Gaëlle’s Kanol

Grand Carambole

Knock out a Prognosticar with another Prognosticar.

Remember that the one you want to shoot needs to stun one of your team mates before you can put him into Gaëlle’s Kanol, as well as the one you want to shoot at.

Get Over Here!

Pull a crewmate from 150 meters of farther away into your Kanol.

I actually had some trouble doing this one, so I went to the maximum, selected a big map (probably Dread Vine’s Cove), used a crewmate that can swim and sent him as far away as possible to pull him back. But I had to try multiple times (so save before you pull them back or you have to do a lot of swimming), because it didn’t work correctly sometimes. Might’ve been bugged in the past, or still is, but it works with a little trying.

Taking the Plunge

Send a crewmate 18 meters downwards into water with your Kanol.

The easiest way might be doing this on the Marley, but I haven’t tried this yet. Just take a crew mate, go on top of the crow’s nest and shoot them into the ocean. Alternatively a lot of maps have high towers/places, for example the top of Twins of Nerechtemeresch, the position of the lonely Prognosticar at Angler’s Grave or basically any tower on Gran Alcázar. Remeber to take a crewmate that can swim!

Cirque de Gaëlle

Shoot someone through the burning ring.

This is a specific place on Angler’s Grave at the Ribcage Docks landing spot:

Crew Badges
Crew Badges
A Poet at the Festival

Finish a mission on Angler’s Grave with only Gaëlle in your team.

I recommend doing this with Gaëlle’s Letter (Ch. 2). Most of the personal missions can be done with only the required Crew mate and with all possible options, this one is the where you need to walk and kill the least (except you’re trying to do multiple badges in one run. If you want to do this together with not killing any guard, it becomes a lot harder).

Welcome on Board

Take a Mimimi Dev with you back to the Marley.

This is pretty straight forward. They’re in every mission, just have an eye open for them, put one of them in your Kanol before entering the tear to finish a mission and you’re done!

Teresa la Ciega

Sniper Duel

Kill a Iudex that has spotted Teresa with Iron Judgement before they can raise the alarm.

“Being spotted” means standing inside the viewcone until the yellow reaches the character. Crouch in Iudexes viewcone, prepare the Iron Judgement in shadow mode, wait until Teresa is spotted and execute.


Take down 10 guards without moving between shots.

For this the upgraded Iron Judgement skill, which enables you to collect the bolt with other characters. The easiest way to do this is with Quentin in your team, because he can use his Treasure Rod skill to reel in dead bodies and automatically collect the bolt with them. So just sit somewhere safe, keep Quentin’s range in mind and go crazy. This is actually easier when you do this near a guard with an alarm bell on his back, because he calls in more guards when an alarm is raised.

This whole thing becomes even easier when you take John with you with his upgraded skill Pull Down, because he can send Quentin in the Below to be absolutely safe. As soon as the alarm is over, come back with Quentin, collect the bolt and go back in the Below.

Death Comes To Greet You

Kill 20 guards over a distance of 30 meters.

This one is quite easy and will come naturally at some point. The range of Iron Judgement is 35 meters, so just go safe and use the maximum distance and keep shooting. This badge also doesn’t have to be achieved in a single mission, but over multiple ones, so there’s no need to rush this.

Swift Judgement

Kill 3 guards within 5 seconds.

For this we have to do a little math. Or rather, you have to know how long your skill animations take. Melee kill is no option here, or only as the last step since it takes a whopping 5 seconds. For Iron Judgement the kill is fast and the reload takes only 2 seconds, but you have to get the bolt back, so keep that in mind.

So, the easiest/fastest way to do this would be:

  • Iron Judgement
  • Pistol
  • Pistol (on easier difficulties you have multiple shots)

In the right situation, you can swap the last kill for another iron judgement, a melee kill or if you’re fancy you can do an envirnment kill.

To make it easier, I recommend entering shadow mode after every kill, to catch some breath and don’t stress about it.

Private Pilgrimage

Finish a mission on Gran Alcázar with only Teresa in your team

This one is only possible in the mission Teresa’s Lament (Ch. 2), since you cannot do the other 2 missions with only one character (for Ignacia Unleashed you even need a full team). Personally I would rank this in advanced difficulty, or rather a good fun challenge.

I recommend you do this when you’re very familiar with the game and know the map a little or even if you played the mission a couple of times already.

The Crow Flies

Visit all highest points of all islands.

Screenshots of all places will follow, need to replay the game to be sure I find the right places (especially Angler’s Grave was tricky to find and I actually can’t remember where it was)

Quentin Aalbers

Hook, Line and Sinker

Lure a guard with the Golden Head, the pick it up before they reach it.

This should come naturally if timed right, but if not, simply put The Golden Head somewhere, wait until a guard sees it, and when they start walking towards it, use Treasure Rod to collect it.

A Little Ruckus

Make 5 or more guards watch the Cackling Cockle.

This is the Quentin’s upgraded skill. It’s a throwable/placable item like The Golden Head, but instead of visual, this one is a sound distraction with a radius. So simply have a look for a place with a lot of guards nearby and throw it in the middle, or if you can’t manage to do it, take Gaëlle and/or Suleidy with you to help luring them into the range of Cackling Cockle (they will switch from whatever distraction to Cackling Cockle as soon as they enter the area)

Elevating Experience

Reel in a crewmate that is 12 meters below Quentin on 4 set islands.

These are not the “one-and-only” solutions, but they’re quite fast and easy to reach.

Crew Badges

Crew Badges

Gran Alcázar

Crew Badges

Crew Badges

Isle of Penance

Crew Badges

Angler’s Grave

Crew Badges

Crew Badges

Morrow’s Reach

Wombo Combo

Reel in Gaëlle with your Treasure Rod after she shot Quentin somwhere with her Kanol.

This is one of the most fun, useful and maybe even overpowered combos in the game. It should unlock quite quickly, but just in case if it doesn’t, use shadow mode to do everything a little faster.

Treasure Trap

Lure a guard into an environment kill.

The easiest here are either Boulders or Fruity Explosions (weird plant traps on Dead Vine’s Cove. Just throw The Golden Head or Cackling Cockle to the area and go for it.

Iron Bargain

Finish a mission on Iron Bay with only Quentin in your team.

I actually recommend not doing this on Quentin’s personal mission, but rather with Ash and Ore, except you have a plan for the Prognosticar inside the red square area. The Ash and Ore mission is an earlier one and quite easy for single character runs if you’re a little familiar with the mission or even game in general. Especially with a character that can lure guards away and interact with stuff like droppable ladders and cannons, which Quentin can with his Treasure Rod.

Pinkus von Presswald


Attack a Prognosticar as a Prognosticar.

First you have to use Preuse Mind on a Prognosticar (keep in mind to let him stun another team mate first) and while you control him, you can actually his stun on enemies. Use the stun on another Prognosticar and the badge should unlock.

Growing Collection

Take control of at least one Mimimi Dev on each Island.

For this, look up a Mimimi Dev guide (there are plenty already here on steam) and use Preuse Mind on one of them on each island (anyone of them work for this)

Adventure Tourism

Die to 4 different types of environment kills while in control of others.

Remember to not try and solo this with Pinkus obviously. Simply use Preuse Mind on a guard, and go into the area of effect of an environmental kill and use it.

Here is a list with every type quick and easy found:

  • Falling Rock: New Krucbury
  • Loose Cargo: Isle of Penance (Gloomy Beach landing spot)
  • Cannonfire: Calamity Reef (Shady Shallows landing spot)
  • Fruity Explosion: only Dread Vine’s Cove (Secluded Cliffside landing spot)
Alarm! Ein Verletzter!

Use the alarm bell to call in Reinforcements.

Use Preuse Mind on a guard that carries an alarm bell, you can then use it. Do it.

The Presswald Redemption

Finish a mission on the Isle of Penance with only Pinkus in your team.

Well, there’s only one option. I recommend going in on the Gloomy Beach landing spot, it’s a lot easier to get into the fort from there (basically only one guard in the way). The tricky part is the actual objective, including the Kindreds. You have to keep in mind, even when controlling any guard, as soon as you interact with any objective, guards will notive it and attack you when spotted, so you have to clear most guards from the area or be very sneaky and quick. This makes this badge a fun challenge.

I’m pretty sure there will be video walkthroughs for this soon, so keep an eye on that if you’re having trouble with it.

New Servant

Finish a mission while Pinkus is in control of a Mimimi Dev.

For this one, you need to be cautious at the end of a mission. If you kill a Custodes while Pinkus is standing in their range while controlling a guard, the guard is going to become catatonic and Pinkus will leave the body. So either first kill the Custodes and then use Preuse Mind on a Mimimi Dev, or stay away while they’re killed. After the tear opened, just enter it while controlling the Dev.

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