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Shadows of Doubt 10 tips to help you solve cases

This is a little compilation of little tips and tricks that you can do to help you solve cases. This mostly focuses on things that the game doesn’t tell you that you can do, or somethings that it may mention but doesn’t bring attention to. I will not be adding things such as bugs, exploits that break the game, or simple game play questions that the game tells you, there are other guides for those kinds of things.

Only have a phone number for a lead? Call them.

If you go to a residential building, like your apartment, you can call the phone number and then find the room (usually in the basement) where call logs are kept. From there you can find what building the call went to. Go to that building and do the same thing to find a room number. You should be able to take it from there.

Take pictures with your camera.

If the murderer has written something on the wall, you can take a picture with a camera and when you pin it, the game will automatically make threads to the location of the murder. This can be helpful when you can’t quite make out what was written on the wall. You can get a camera as a the weapons lockers in City Hall.

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Newspapers are super helpful when you are completely lost.

So in the game you can find/buy news papers. These newspapers automatically update everyday. When there is a murder, either the day of or the next day depending on when the murder happened, there will be information in the newspaper about it. This can include information like who discovered the body and things that you maybe didn’t see on the crime scene. Also if the killer wrote something on the wall and you can’t make it out the newspaper will usually say what it actually says in plain text. I just had a case last night where someone was murdered in the street and had absolutely no info to go on. The next day I read the paper and was able to find out who discovered the body and talk to them. They gave me a description of the killer leaving the scene and what direction they went. From there I was able to track them down and solve the case.

Scan hands and feet.

You can scan people’s hands to get their prints while they are incapacitated. Though usually I find it easier to just get their name and grab their citizen profile from City Hall.

You can also use the finger print scanner to scan foot steps to get the shoe size.
Thanks to u/xRaynex for bringing this to my attention. I had known this was a thing but didn’t think of adding it.

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Rename items in your case file.

I didn’t realize that you could do this for a while, but if you open an item in the case file and double-click the name, you can rename the item. This is especially useful for things like codes or writing descriptions of notes.

Customize your threads.

If your case file is too cluttered, you can right click on a thread to hide it, or change the color of it. I find it useful to be consistent and use different colors for different types of information. Red for general connection, blue for player-made connections, green for things related to work, etc.

Use the elevator for protection.

If you are being pursued inside a building, you can usually get into the elevator and close to door in order to stop your pursuer. Then you can take the elevator and hand out somewhere else until things die down. If you are on a floor where the elevator is below you, you can call the elevator and run down stairs until it gets close. Then you can open the door and jump down onto it. There is a hole in the ceiling to let you do that. (I am not liable for any legs broken during the process. But broken legs are better than dead)

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Check out black market shops.

This was given to me by RawHerring. I have not personally verified this.

There are black market shops in basements of some buildings that can be entered with a password found in grafiti around the city (or just broken into) which contain a registry of sales of the weapons sold to likely murderers.

Use surveillance footage to your advantage.

This was given to me by RawHerring. I have not personally verified this.

If you have a surveillance photo of the likely criminal, you can print it out from the computer. From there under the photos connections tab you can pin the Unknown Citizen in the frame and ask if neighbors have seen them.

More to come.

This is all I have for now. I will update this as I find some more tips and tricks. Let me know if you know of any, and I’ll add it to the board. And if you could please like this guide so that other people can see it, it would mean a lot!

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