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Shadows of Doubt All Job Titles and Salaries

A relatively brief table of all the game’s job titles, locations, and their associated salaries in order to help find targets whose key information is their salary.

Shadows of Doubt All Job Titles and Salaries

Game made me hunt down a salary finally so I decided to make a table of every job and salary. Is the only real hint the game gave you their salary? Maybe this can help you, too.

Shop Assistant (Pawn Shop/Hardware Store)cr11700
Laundry Workercr15000
Kitchen Hand (Canteen)cr15400
Shopkeeper (Pawn/Hardware Shop)cr16900
Kitchen Hand (Restaurant)cr17200
Security Guard (Industrial Plant)cr17500
Kitchen Hand (Bar)cr19100
Head Chef (Canteen)cr20000
Street Stall Vendorcr20000
Bar Staff (Bar)cr24000
Wait Staffcr24000
Shop Assistant (Pharmacy/Supermarket)cr24600
Bar Staff (Restaurant)cr24800
Building Janitorcr25000
Retail Owner (Pawn/Hardware Shop)cr25000
Security Guard (Apartment/Control Room)cr25000
Sous Chef (Bar)cr29400
Sous Chef (Restaurant)cr30900
QA Techniciancr37900
Head Chef (Bar)cr42000
Head Chef (Restaurant)cr42900
Medical Officercr49000
Floor Managercr60000
Retail Owner (Bar/Restaurant)cr60000
Debt Collectorcr64000
El Gen Representativecr93300
Shopkeeper (Pharmacy/Supermarket)cr93300
HR Administratorcr96200
Black Market Doctorcr100000
Black Market Tradercr100000
Chief Medical Officercr100000
Enforcer Captaincr100000
Gambling Den Ownercr100000
Retail Owner (Launderette)cr100000
Weapons Dealercr100000
Marketing Executivecr109900
Safety Officercr113100
Accountant (Office)cr125400
Shipping Managercr126200
R&D Managercr148700
Head of HRcr167800
Office Managercr169700
Accountant (Loan Shark)cr200000
Company Directorcr200000
El Gen Managercr200000
Retail Owner (Pharmacy/Supermarket)cr200000
Site Managercr200000

Let me know if I missed any. I’m sure things will change and get added in patches.

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By Location/Title

Apartment/Control Room
Building Janitor, Security Guard

Asian Restaraunt/Bar
Bar Staff, Head Chef, Janitor, Kitchen Hand, Retail Owner, Sous Chef

Black Market Sync Clinic
Black Market Doctor

Black Market Trader
Black Market Trader

City Hall
Chief Medical Officer, Enforcer, Enforcer Captain, Medical Officer, Nurse, Supervisor

Industrial Plant/Canteen
Building Janitor, Engineer, Floor Manager, Foreman, Head Chef, Janitor, Kitchen Hand, Machinist, R&D Manager, Security Guard (x2), Safety Officer, Site Manager, Shipping Manager, Unemployed

Fast Food Restaurant/Diner
Janitor, Retail Owner, Wait Staff

Gambling Den
Gambling Den Owner

Janitor, Laundry Worker, Retail Owner

Loan Shark
Accountant, Debt Collector

Accountant, Company Director, Head of HR, HR Administrator, Marketing Executive, Office Manager, QA Technician, Receptionist

Pawn Shop/Hardware Store
Retail Owner, Shop Assistant, Shopkeeper

Retail Owner, Shop Assistant, Shopkeeper

Landlord, Street Stall Vendor, Unemployed/None

Sync Clinic
El Gen Manager, El Gen Representative

Weapons Dealer
Weapons Dealer

Written by Zalugar

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