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ShadowSide – 100% Achievement Guide

This Guide Will Contain a text base guide and video guide.

Police Routine

Police Badge 1/3
When you First Start off you will be facing the Police Vehicle and The Red Over Turned Truck, Facing that same way you will see a very long road, Follow it down and keep an eye on the left Side you will Notice a path that will lead to Abandoned Trucks, behind the far end truck there will be a Police Badge on a barrel

Achievement “Lazy Person”
After you Find the Dead Driver and head back into Your Vehicle, the next scene starts and you’ll be waiting for Speeding Drivers when you see one “DO NOT PRESS F!” just sit and wait and the game will say

Police Badge 2/3
When you see the “Welcome To NightWood” Sign when Gaining Control of Your Person While looking at the Sign, Look on the left Side Area over the barricade, Behind the Single Tree you will find it in the Snow, This one can be a Struggle to find

Wanted Achievement
When Starting the next Scene, you will have to Fill the car At the Gas Station on the Building’s Left Side you will see a Wanted Picture Interact with it to Earn this achievement

The Road Is Dangerous Achievement
At the Gas station Walk on the main road And Splat

Police Badge 3/3
At The Gas Station, Next to the garage you will find Blue Barrels jump on them to Gain access to the roof of the Building, when you are here You’ll need to jump on the Street Light and hop over the fence The Police Badge is located on the top left side in the snow “when Collecting it will Earn you the In search of badges Achievement

Importent Information!!!!
When you Enter the side quest area There will be an achievement called “Everything is very strange” in the area also please Remember this

Side Quest

Who was that? Achievement
Speak with the man with the Shovel he will ask you to find his cat for him, From His Location, you will see what looks like a Path Behind him. Interact with the Trees to go There, upon Entering you will eventually find the cat on the Steps in the house, upon Returning back to the man he’s nowhere to be seen

Everything is very strange Achievement
At the starting point of the Side Quest Area, you will find an Abandoned Building climb up there using the rocks, and then walk across the fallen over pole, when jumping over the fence you will find another building go inside that you will find a Small Doll laying on a very small Bed Interact with it to Earn this achievement

Darts Achievement
When you Finally Enter the Gas Station go Towards the dartboard the dart is located near the left side, Requirements are a bullseye When Throwing the Dart you will either get it or not, if it Fails just leave the area and come back try again, when successful The Bartender will give you the reward and the achievement
“please Note That this Badge DONT COUNT!”

Part 2: Concussion

I’m Interested in Everything Achievement
For this achievement you will have to Search Everything in the Starting Area, Here is a list of things that you will need to search i order to get this achievement

1. The computer in Front of you when you start the game
2. The Telephone right next to the Computer when you start the game
3. Directly Behind you interact with the Radiator
4. next to The Radiator, Search the Refrigerator
5.Search the Shelves on the Left side when you Start the level and Search the papers
6. Search the cleaning trolley
7. Search the Computer near the Cleaning Trolley
8. Search the Phone Second Phone near the cleaning Trolley
7. Search both the Filing Cabinets near the Power Box

Dizzness Achievement
At the very start of the level go towards the power box and turn it off then start to walk back where you came from and something will fall down. Done

Police Badge 1/3
When you Found the key to leave the first area, Take the first door on your left-hand side and enter it You will see a desk, search it to find the first badge.

Police Badge 2/3
When you are in the Tunnels and need to Find a Ladder To Continue on with the level, After Finding it you will Eventually find a big fan right in front of you, near that you will find a door on the left side, when you enter the door just head straight down till you see a Desk, Seach it to obtain the Badge

Police Badge 3/3
During the Objective “Find the red card key” and after going Through the warehouse in the next area you will have to find a key to unlock a door, when you found that key, you will be in a room that kinda looks like an office with 4 Desks and they are all Searchable there’s 3 Doorways you can Choose from Pick the right one and follow it to find your second Badge
“This Badge will be Glowing Green”

Part 3: He’s Here

Nothing to be Found Here.

Part 4: In My Head Again

Achievement “Bridge”
After finding your Gun and Escaping, you will end up in the snow again, keep walking until you see a Massive Fallen tree, follow it to the top and look left there will be a Bridge Follow that to get the Police Badge

Part 5: The Abandoned Village

Achievement “Good Job”
When Starting the level grab the Shovel in the other room to the right, go outside and look down and interact

Achievement “What Do We Have Here?”
After you Leave the House you are in go behind it and you will see what looks like someone Been Buried there, After doing that it will tell you to find a Shovel but not a Snow Shovel, go back to the Front of the house and you will see in the Distance a House with a Red Light, go pass that house and enter the next one on your right to find the Shovel, when you Grabbed it head back and dig it up

Achievement “Build A Raft”
Very Simple, when you are given an option to Either Build A Raft or the woods, Simply pick The Raft
Depending what one you choose, you will have to Restart the level over again

Achievement “Through the Swamps”
Very Simple, when you are given an option to Either Build A Raft or the woods, Simply pick The Woods

Depending what one you choose, you will have to Restart the level over again.

Part 6: A Four-Legged Friend

Achievement “Excuse For Troubling”
Simply interact with Everydoor in the Area

Part 7: Flashbacks

Achievement “In The Snow”

Police Badge 1/3
When you see a Short cutscene with a police portal just run away, Eventually you will get to a wooden Walkway, just keep the right and jump on the Cliff side, the Police Badge will be located nearby in the snow

Police Badge 2/2
After doing the Wooden walkway area, soon after that you will need to jump off a cliff if you stay to the right after jumping off you will find a Hidden cave Area go inside to find the Badge

Police Badge 3/3
Soon after going through the trees you will find an Abandoned settlement, While you are in here look for a very small set of Stairs going onto a Wooden platform. near the barrels, you will find the Badge Pinned to the wood on the right

Part 8: We Are Not Welcome

Achievement “The Rescue”
When Entering the area with the campfire you will see a Dear in a Cage open it to free him

Achievement “Developer’s Trap”
Eventually you will go on what seems like a very long bridge then someone blows it up, After Walking for a little bit further you will see a fallen over Log going up the rocks, To the right of that you can climb some rocks then you will see a small hole and one lonely plant down there, when you are down there just wait or try to get out then a Voice speaks to you

Achievement “Cave”

Police Badge 1/1
In the same area as the previous achievement, now Continue up the log then climb up the rocks, keep climbing and Keep Focusing on the right Side you will see an opening that goes behind rocks that you have to climb to proceed on with the mission, when you find it you will find the police badge on the table.

Part 9: A Snowy Night In The City

Achievement “Train”
When you Jump on the Moving Train, You will have to make a Chose “Yes” or “No” I Picked “No” When you Enter the City Area, Go Straight, then Across the road and behind the forkLift truck to find this very small modal Train “You will Also see a garbage truck Near the Forklift also”

Part 10: You Got Caught

Achievement “Streets”

Police Badge 1/2
During the Story Progression, you will Find a Garbage Truck, when you get to the right area where you are right next to it “NOT LOOKING OVER A WOODEN FENCE AT IT” go Go behind it to find the Police Badge

Achievement ” Now This Is Mine”
During the Scene With the Car Crash, When you are Seaching for the keys “MAKE SURE TO SEARCH THE PASSENGER FIRST!” to find the Police Badge, if you happen to search the driver you will have to restart the level over again

Part 11: The House Where He Was Killed

Achievement “Poisoning”
At the starting location of the level, Keep Right While Proceeding on, you will see two barns and in the middle of them there will be a tree with Fruit, Eat em to get the achievement

Achievement “Mysterious Place”
When you See a black line of smoke come across the screen, from Right to Left, This will be after you Walked over some rocks in the water area, when you see this happen, keep Proceeding on but keep close to the rocks on your left, and Head Straight from here, Eventually you will see another Set of rocks and a hole in them on the left, Head in to find Your Badge number two

Achievement “Bad Ending”
When you are Speaking with someone, Choose the option “Kill”

Part 12: The Nest

Achievement “In Search Of Treasure”
This is located Right near the very end of this level, When you Push a Tree over the edge to make a platform for you to cross over just head Straight and you won’t miss it! Please note don’t go left or else it will finish the level

Part 13: The Hunt

nothing here to collect.

Part 14: The Invasion

Achievement “Lost Toys”

Toy Tank 1/3
Soon After Starting the level, you will enter a cave when you see the waterfall turn left and go towards the dead end, when you reach the end you will find the tank on the floor

Toy Tank 2/3
After you find the key, you will enter the cave again, Follow the red flares on the floor this will lead you Towards another tank

Toy Tank 3/3
After going on the Planks of wood and jumping to the upper platform, you will Magically heal yourself, After this happens there will be two ways to go, left or right Choose LEFT, when you reach the dead end pick up the tank.

Part 15: The Sleep Of Reason

Achievement “Alternate Ending”
When you Get to the very end Choose “The Creature”

Achievement “True Ending”
When you Get to the very end Choose “The Artifact”

Please Note You will have to restart the level all over again to get both achievements

Police Routine Video Guide

Updated: 10.9.2018

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