Shadowverse – Rotation Tier List (Brigade of The Sky Update)

Rotation tier list based on performance with the current meta. Updated with Brigade of The Sky expansion.


  • Please remember this is a rotation tier list, not unlimited.
  • Meta is unstable for a few first week.
  • I made a more detailed information for tier 1, check the guide index.
  • If you can’t find a deck archtype here, it means that deck is an unpopular / janky archtype or that is or that is a tier 4 deck (I’m not including tier 4 decks yet, maybe soon).
  • Please understand that your opinion may differ from mine, this guide is made from the last released log (winrates) and other sources (including my experience and other player’s opinion).


Midrange Sword

  • Very versatile with rush follower, board flooding capabilities, and storm.
  • With the addition of Zeta, Crimson LancerCharlotta, Tiny Justice, and Dragon Knights, midrange sword feels really solid and versatile.
  • Made a separate section for Midrange Sword further explanation, check the guide index.

Tenko Haven

  • Very reliant to Tenko’s Shrine.
  • Currently tenko shrine haven is the most used archtype.
  • Becoming more of a headache with De La Fille, Gem Princess permanent leader effect.
  • Made a separate section for Tenko Haven further explanation, check the guide index.

Holy Lion Haven

  • Pseudo tier 1
  • Spam Holy Lion until you win (after the 6th lion, you’ll spawn a 4/4 storm lion, which is quite good to finish the game).
  • Just put every card that has Holy Lion keyword.
  • 3x Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation is good for clearing board but can be replaced with other card for a budget variant (and it’s the same for Snow White and Legendary Fighter, you can replace them).


Midrange Forest

  • A versatile deck with a lot of removal, rush, and storm followers.
  • Korwa, Ravishing Designer with her fil tokens. White Vanara (6pp 5/5) + Fil (1pp 0/+1) = 5/6 Storm & Ward
  • Greenglen Axeman is very useful for his rush and his fanfare which gives leader effect (2 dmg to enemy leader at the end of the turn if you play at least 3 cards on the turn)
  • Godhunter, Selwyn is playable as accelerate(2) for early game or for his fanfare which works like a removal too, playable as a 5pp normal ward at turn 5-6 if the situation calls for it. (not a staple card)

Giant Chimera (Spellboost) Rune

  • Giant Chimera as a core card and wincon, or you can use Runie, Destiny’s Bard‘s choose effect to get Prophecy of Doom as another wincon.
  • Despondent Chimera is a good removal and has storm capability if you can reach that many spellboost.
  • Very powerful if you managed to get your wincon early (you need to get your wincon on hand as soon ASAP as you need to spellboost them, they’re kind of worthless without being spellboosted).

Lindworm Dragon

  • A bit expensive and not worth to craft if you don’t have any of the card.
  • Your wincon is Iniquitous Lindworm 10/10 storm from Lindworm‘s choose effect and Zooey, Arbiter of the Skies storm follower.
  • Lots of low cost amulet, spell, and spell/amulet generator followers for Lindworm‘s choose effect.
  • Zooey, Arbiter of the Skies provides leader protection too, so you won’t be OTK’ed for a while.

Puppet Portal

  • You should end the game at turn 8 or 9 with your wincon.
  • The addition to this deck from the lastest pack is very good (and you still have Orchis, Puppet Girl from Dawnbreak expansion).
  • Using Orchis, Puppet Girl and Vengeful Puppeteer Noah as your finisher.
  • Nicholas, Stalwart Inventor and Paracelsus are solid cards to be included in your deck too if needed.
  • Some variant play like aggro with Silva, Ardent Sniper for the accelerate(3) which works really well. (they got better winrate)

Aggro Forest

  • Not a tier 1 anymore since not much support card for this archtype released on Brigade expansion.
  • Use Insect Lord to help clearing the board if needed and Fairy Driver as your storm engine.
  • Storied Falconer generates Skystride Raptor storm follower.


Aggro Sword

  • Packed with a lot of small storm followers, with Celia, Despair’s Messenger as a finisher.

Ramp Dragon (Jabberwock)

  • Jabberwock will help you to change your small followers into stronger followers (hopefully storm followers).
  • Deck will work as a normal ramp dragon even without Jabberwock.

Artifact Portal

  • Draw Deus Ex Machina or die (sure you still can win a few games without her).
  • Do whatever you can to draw your Deus Ex Machina.
  • Once you got her, everything will go smoother unless you draw 3x Safira, Synthetic Beast

Midrange Shadow

  • Lots of small cost followers with last word to pressure your opponent.
  • Using Underworld Ruler Aisha‘s enhance(10) to finish the game.
  • The addition of Ferry, Spirit Maiden improves the offensive capability of this deck if you managed to pull off the combo (you might even finish the game with it).
  • Arcus, Ghostly Manager‘s fanfare effect will destroy your small follower into Ghosts which have storm, enabling you to pressure your opponent further.

Reanimate Shadow

  • Kind of a control deck, so it feels really slow.
  • Use burial rite early to destroy your big followers such as Mordecai, Eternal Duelist to prepare for reanimate effect.
  • You’re screwed if your opponent have a lot of banish cards.

Vengeance Blood

  • This archtype provides a lot of storm followers (if vengeance is active), use that to your advantage.
  • With Waltz, King of Wolves adding a blood moon to your hand ensures your vengeanceactivation.
  • Narmaya, Ephemeral Blade is useful to destroy bigger threats with her evolve and dropping your leader’s health to 10 activating vengeance. The card itself have bane effect which is good.
  • Vira, Knight Fanatic‘s evolve effect will save you from lethals if used correctly at the right time.
  • Vania, Nightshade Vampire is very good at vengeance for the choose effect, mostly used for the storm Blood Queen Vania

Aggro / Bat Blood

  • Oldblood King and almost every card that adds forest bat are playable on this deck.
  • A cheap deck unless you’re going to include Vania, Nightshade Vampire which is more suitable for vengeance blood archtype.

[T1] Midrange Sword

[T1] Midrange Sword
Very versatile with rush follower, board flooding capabilities, and storm.

Useful Cards:

Sky Fortress [Dawnbreak Nightedge]

  • Buffing your follower +3/+4, and the card itself have rush effect enough to kill a ward and let your other follower hit face.

Arthur, Knight King [Chronogenesis]

  • Your board flood card, flooding your board with 2pp or less followers.

Sky Commander, Celia [Dawnbreak Nightedge]

  • Playable as a normal 2pp 2/2 follower or as a 5pp follower with her choose effect.
  • Choose(5) defensive (ward) and offensive (storm) capabilities.

Zeta, Crimson Lancer [Brigade of The Sky]

  • A 6pp 6/5 rush and she will give you Beatrix, Undying Blue everytime she attacks (if there’s no beatrix on hand or board).
  • Beatrix, Undying Blue is a good to kill another follower and a good finisher with her enhance(10) that is able to bypass wards.

Dragon Knights [Brigade of The Sky]

  • Good value as a 5pp spell, 4 cards to choose from which is good for different situations by having self restore, storm, bane, ward, and rush cards.
  • Enhance(8) provides a lot of value 8pp for 2 5pp followers.

Charlotta, Tiny Justice [Brigade of The Sky]

  • Evolve to protect your followers from some removal.
  • By having 3pp ward follower, you might be able to annoy aggro especially when they don’t have removal on hand.

Chromatic Duel [Dawnbreak Nightedge]

  • Queen Hemera the White for board control.
  • Queen Magnus the Black to block some removal.

[T1] Tenko Haven

[T1] Tenko Haven
This deck got an award as the most hated deck (unless you use this deck yourself).
Heal and fire your tenko cannon! Not hard to use, but will become a hard match if you don’t have early Tenko’s Shrine.

Useful Cards:

Tenko’s Shrine

  • This is your core card, your cannon, your everything.
  • You must get this card as soon as possible.

Whitefang Temple

  • Your 3pp Tenko’s Shrine support.
  • Restore 1 defense to your leader at the end of your turn.
  • Play this at turn 3 if you have Tenko’s Shrine on your hand and ready to deploy at turn 4.
  • At the end of the countdown(8) it’ll spawn a thicck dragon follower Holywing Dragon 6/6 which is useful as a beatstick.

Bashful Al-mi’raj

  • Useful self restoration for Tenko’s Shrine.
  • Enhance(5) to gain ambush and +2/+0

Ceryneian Hind

  • Able to draw a random amulet when played without the choose mechanic when it attacks.
  • Choose Ceryneian Lighthind for Tenko’s Shrine support.

De La Fille

  • Give leader effect to restore 1 health to all allies at the end of your turn.
  • She has ward if you need it.
  • Will give your opponent headache, might even cause your opponent to instantly concede if you got Tenko’s Shrine set up.

Themis’s Purge

  • Banish every follower on the board (including allied follower)
  • Useful when your opponent have big followers that you’re unable to kill or use it to clear last wordnuisance.
  • Very useful if you don’t have any follower alive on board, it’ll banish all enemy follower for you.

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