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Shady Part of Me 100% Achievements

How to get all achievements.

Shady Part of Me 100% Achievements

All of them

The majority of achievements in Shady Part of Me are progress based. Beat the game to earn them.

Many others are tied to the Origami Birds. Please check out this great guide, which showcases the location of all of them:

There are 2 remaining achievements:

Breathe. – In Act 2, Introspection, Final scene – After getting the 2D origami bird, The Other will tell you to Breathe. Collect the bird and do nothing for 10-15 seconds, then swap back to 3D and finish the session.

100% Achievements - Shady Part of Me

Leap of Faith. – In Act 4, Backstage, Scene #5 – Do not rewind. This is where you need to make 3-4 jumps in 2D across a large pit, with platforms that are constantly shifting left and right.

And that’s it! Let me know if you have any questions or issues. Please like the guide! Cheers, -Tass

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