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She and the Light Bearer – Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Chapter I

Interact with the basket and talk with grandma.

Once Upon a Story
completed chapter 1

Chapter II

  • Take the bag and go into the forest.
  • Speak with the flowers about the light orb test.
  • Go left and take a snail shell as well as the light bulb.
  • Head back to the flowers and use the ligh bulb with the vine.
  • Click on the light bulb.
  • Obtain the jar from the flowers.
  • Leave the forest and use the jar with the flower.
  • Back in the forest, interact with the light bulb again and click on all four bushes.

The First Who Bore the Light
completed light ‘n orb test

  • Speak with the flowers.
  • Try to give them the snail shells.

Afraid they Become
scared orchid with snail

  • Find the first carving:

  • Continue your journey.

Nothingness Gave Birth to Hope
completed chapter 2

Chapter III

  • Take another snail shell.
  • Speak with the mushroom and take the three trials.
  • Try to give the warriror medallion to the mushroom, ten times.

In Anger in Pain
slapped by mushroom 10 times

  • Use the warrior medallion to remove the central thorny roots.
  • Walk to the pond, take another snail and speak with Reed, ask him to give you the riddles.
  • Head back to the flowers and walk to the left.
  • You’ll discover a stone pole, approach it and interact with both red cloths several times.
  • Click on the roost, the fruit and the nut.
  • Go back to Reed, answer his riddle: “Tree” and let him give you the second riddle.
  • Fly to the mushroom and use the warrior medallion with the right thorny roots.
  • Visit the potatoe, take another snail shell and inspect the second stone pole.
  • Click on the cotton, the green leaf and the leaves on the pole.
  • Go back to Reed, answer his riddle: “Fire” and let him give you the last riddle.
  • Inspect the stone pole, click on the floating cookie and on the pole.
  • Wait until you have seen all reflections.
  • Answer Reed’s riddle: “Sky and Earth”. Take his treasure.

Yet to Harvest an Answer
answered all riddles

  • Fly back one scene and pick up the cucumber.
  • Go right and speak with the potatoe to wake him up.
  • Give him the cucumber and take his treasure.

Sower of the Seeds
used cucumber on potato

  • Head back to the flowers and remove the last thorny roots.
  • Walk along the new passage.
  • Go left to surprise Gloomy. Help him.
  • Take the spearhead, and another snail shell.
  • Give the jar to Gloomy and illuminate it.
  • Interact with the second carving:

  • Go back to the flowers and talk with them about the sculpture.
  • Give them the spearhead and the stone.
  • Leave the forest and take the last snail shell.

Collector of the Precious
collected all snails

  • Back to Gloomy’s place, give her the snails and the sculpture.
  • Give all three treasures and gifts to the angry mushroom.
  • Use the wisdom medallion to open the huge door.

Before you proceed, interact with the third carving:

Go deeper into th forest and use the warriror medallion to open the second door.

Continue your journey.

Crowned with Wisdom
completed chapter 3

Chapter IV

  • Talk with the tree, your choice doesn’t matter.
  • Before interacting with the twig, click on the last hidden drawing:

The Sky Is Crying
found all secret carvings

  • Click on the twig.
  • Go south and interact with the hand-shaped fungus.
  • Remove it and speak with the nut.
  • Fly through the hole.
  • Interact with the central plant and try to catch the berry three times.
  • Speak with the berry and click on the tree trunk several times.
  • Talk to the flowers and fly through another hole.
  • Interact with the leaves several times and talk to the special leaf.
  • Click on the roots.

A Sacrifice Was to Be Made
witnessed mushroom sacrifice

  • Walk around the potatoe and follow the trail upwards.
  • Give all four little creatures to the tree.
  • Inspect the bow and solve the music riddle:

Continue your journey.

Armed with Purpose
completed chapter 4

Chapter V

  • Interact with the left gleaming spot and repeat the light sequences.
  • Go northwards and illuminate all three light bulbs.
  • Fly upstairs and click on the light bulb. Head back.
  • Inspect the small tree stump and repair the wooden disk:

  • Go upstairs again and interact with the mask.
  • Wake up.
  • SAVE at this scene:

Move the triangle into the shape and collect all blue light beares during the credits.

And Mother Is the Name
completed chapter 5

Till the Lost Are Reunited
collected all light bearers in credit scene

The Missing Piece Awaited
all achievement

Written by Hanni

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