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Shenmue 3 Skill Books List – Effect & Location

Skill Books in Shenmue 3 are Items that provide with active Skills that Hazuki Ryo can use in combat. Skill Books can be acquired by using the Skill Book Exchange, or purchased from Merchants.

Skill Books List

Below you can find all the Skill Books on Shenmue 3 and how to acquire them.

Name Description Location
Jab A basic punch used at the start of combos. They are weak in power but quick enough to let you literally “beat your opponent to the punch”
Hook A punch that is thrown in an arc from the side. It has short reach, so the user must step forward to deliver the blow.
Uppercut A rising punch, it strikes the opponent on the base of the jaw and rattles their brain.
Spin Kick A high-speed roundhouse kick that involves rotating the body once into a kick aimed at the side of the opponent’s head.
High Front Kick An upward kick targeting the zone between on opponent’s chest and head.
Stepping Knee Strike A knee kick started with a slight sleep, it’s a direct attack that’s difficult to evade.
Tiger Knuckle The Tiger Knuckle is a technique that targets the groove between the nose and upper lip known as the philtrum.
Downward Punch A punch that involves striking down from above with all your might. It can be destructive enough if you put your weight into it.
Avalanche Lance A technique that involves spinning the body around and striking the opponent’s solar plexus with an elbow bent into an acute angle.
Reaper’s Kick A spectacular heel kick that appears to “reap” the opponent’s head. It targets the head’s weak points.
Crescent Kick  A kicking technique aimed at the opponent’s head that slashes upward like a long sword.
Mantis Combo A technique that involves knocking the opponent’s jaw up with a clawed hand following it up with a downward palm strike.
Elbow Slam A technique that targets the opponent’s collarbone with swinging downward strike.
Twist Knuckle Unlike the Elbow Slam, this is a horizontally thrown hook also known as a roundhouse.
Rain Thrust This technique hits the opponent’s vitals with sharp and direct strike reminiscent of a passing rain shower.
Knee Strike A technique that involves stepping into a knee strike to the opponent’s solar plexus.
Razor Flash A technique that involves briefly lowering posture and then thrusting up through the hips to the strike the opponent’s jaw.
Double Blow A powerful technique that involves slamming a palm pressed up against an opponent with the other palm to put even more power into the hit.
Lunging Strike A technique that involves quickly closing distance to strike the opponent’s chest with both palms.
Oblique Slam A technique that involves moving close to an opponent and driving a closed fist down into their clavicle or head.
Pit Blow A technique that involves advancing with a strike to the midsection and closing in further to hit the same target with a reverse strike.
Mud Spider A technique that involves surprising an opponent by sliding forward into a headstand and firing a kick into their jaw.
Trample Kick This front kick mainly aims to hit the target’s forward-facing vitals with the toe of the foot.
Stab Armor A technique that Iwao Hazuki brought back with him from China. It involves generating power through the hips and legs and channelling it into a strike.
Cannon Blow An advanced technique that involves generating power in the lower body and channeling it upwards into a powerful thrust.
Sword Kick As the name implies, this technique is a back roundhouse kick that comes slashing down towards an opponent like a sword.
Thigh Combo A technique that involves quickly following a heel kick to the opponent with a kick from the other leg to hit at two level.s
Upper Knuckle A technique that involves closing distance on an opponent and taking a swing at their jaw from below.
Brutal Tiger A lightning fast back roundhouse kick. The dramatic body movement channels more centrifugal force and power into the blow.
Uphill Battle A kick that appears to pull back and then shoot forward. A variation on the flying Knee kick
Hold Against Leg This technique involves charging forward and kicking the opponent with the edge of the foot in the lower to mid body.
Big Wheel This powerful technique involves quickly closing distance with an opponent and taking a diagonal swing toward their clavical.
Iron Palm A Tai Chi technique, it involves generating force by twisting the legs and hips and channeling it into a powerful palm strike.
Katana Mist Slash A technique that involves taking a single step into a slashing chop aimed at the opponent’s side.
Brawling Uppercut This spectacular technique involves striking way back and unleashing an uppercut with all your might.
Counter Elbow Assault One of Bajiquan’s “six big openings,” this powerful technique involves timing the opponent’s attack and breaking their stance with an elbow strike.
Elbow Assault A technique that involves firing an elbow the weight of a tackle behind it at an opponent’s midsection.
Tornado Kick A powerful technique that involves firing a roundhouse kick  in mid-air and leveraging the centrifugal force into a second roundhouse.
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