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Shenmue I – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will be used to get all of the achievements for Shenmue. I will also be giving you tips so that you can use to get some Shenmue II achievements.

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Bare-Bones Information

Shenmue I

When you start the game, call 110 on the phone to get the achievement

“Appopriate Response”

Examine the carrots on the table before leaving the house for the first time to get the achievement:

“Yummy Meal”

Stand under the cherry tree before entering the dojo to get the achievement

“Simpler Times”

When you enter the dojo for the first time, examine the frame that says “The Eight Principles of Ying and Yang” to get the achievement

“Treasure your Friends”

As long as there’s fair weather, you can help the old lady find the Yamamoto house. It’s the third house away from the taxi on the same road as the mini-mart (Abe Store). It is right across from the park. It can be done up until 7pm. If you don’t, you won’t ever be able to see this cutscene again. This will get you the achievement:

“Boy Scout.”

Buying capsules at the capsule machine in front of the mini-mart will get you three achievements once you get up to 50. This is luck-based mildly, because duplicates don’t count. As a result, this will require at least 5000 yen for all three achievements. Note that this does eat up a lot of time.

  • “Gacha Catcha”
  • “Gacha Catcha II”
  • “Gacha Catcha III”

I’d normally go to sleep after this point. Sleeping can be done any point after 8pm.

On the next day, visit Fuku-san. Agreeing to train with him will learn you the “Pit blow” technique, as well as get you the achievement

“I Know Kung Fu”

In Fukuhara’s Room, grab the move scroll for Shadow Reaper. In the basket behind Hazuki-sensei’s room (The one with the letter to Ryo and the key in the desk) is a move scroll for Twin Blades.

  • You can also do forward, backward, punch for Sleeve Strike.
  • You can also do backward, forward, punch for Rain Thrust.
  • You can also do forward, backward, kick for Thunder Kick.
  • You can also do backward, forward, kick for Hold Against Leg.
  • You can also do, forward, backward, then punch and kick at the same time for Brutal Tiger.
  • You can also do backward, forward, then punch and kick at the same time for Dark Moon.

If you read the two scrolls, you should now have the achievement

“I Know More Kung Fu”

In Doubita, you can enter the arcade: “You Arcade” and play Hang on or Space Harrier for 100 yen to get the achievement:

“To Be This Good Takes Ages”.

In the antique shop in Doubita if you have the money, Buy Rising Flash for 500 yen, Mud Spider for 1000 yen, Crawl Cyclone for 1000 yen, Twin Swallow Leap for 1000 yen, Tiger Storm for 2000 yen, and Arm Break Fire for 3000 yen.

The next morning after the event at the Heartbeats bar, buy the guy a Jet Cola when he asks you for a drink. This will get you the achievement:


You can also go to the Fortune Teller across from Nagai Industries to get an achievement. If you want to save 300 yen, you can save before getting your fortune, but that’d be seeing your future and then going to the past with it! In any case, you’ll get the achievement:

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“Unexpected Visit.”

From 3-7pm, you can learn Double Blow around the Nagai Industries part of the game.

After defeating Charlie in a QTE, you’ll get:

“Needle in A Haystack”

After getting a Chinese letter, go immediately back to the dojo and SAVE. Agree to go one round with Fuku-san. This achievement can only be earned at this specific moment and is kind of buggy, which is why I said to save. Before the fighting even starts, you’ll get the achievement:

“Practise Makes Perfect”.

After getting the letter translated, you’ll get the achievement:

“Mirror, Mirror.”

Basically as soon as you step off the bus entering Amihama, you’ll get the achievement:

“One step closer”

After looking at the plate in Warehouse #8, you’ll get the achievement:

“Break and Enter”

In the basement, you’ll find a white leaf in a book, the Stab Tiger scroll in Chinese (This will need to be translated by calling up Master Chen and having his son do it), a picture of your father and a man in a Chinese chest, and the mirror in the wall.
After finding the mirror, you’ll get the achievement:

“Stab in the Dark”.

Getting the mirror apraised by Russiya China Shop and Bunkado Antiques will get you an achievement:

“What’s It Worth?”

After seeing the bird scene and Fuku breaking the news to Ine-san about Ryo’s trip plans, you can go to the temple where the cat is normally meowing. Go downstairs to a house for a cutscene (you can hear the meowing) for the achievement:

“Cat Burglar”

Starting you job in the final third of the get you the achievement:

“Gaining Employment”

Coming in first place during a forklift race will get you the achievement:

“Mark’s Favorite”

You’ll get the move swallow dive if you take a left after the cutscene with Goro after your first day of work. After this, if you protected the bum from the two bikers the day before, head back to the bus stop, and you’ll learn Shadow Step from the bum. The combination is going forward, then Dodge and Throw at the same time.

The next day, heading to the bus stop will cause you to learn the Shadow Blade move from the bum. No execution is required.

The day after that, you will learn Cross Charge from the bum after your shift is over and you head toward the bus stop to go home.

After confronting Terry, you’ll get the achievement:

“Fallen Angels”.

Say yes when Tom offers you to teach you the Tornado Kick to get the achievement:

“Hot Dog Moves”.

After defeating Terry’s mob of minions, you’ll get the achievement:

“Sore Knuckles”

At the end of the game, you’ll be taught the Swallow Flip, which is done by moving back and pressing punch at the same time, followed by quickly kicking, then quickly punching. It’s a bit tricky, but it can be done.

After defeating the final boss, you’ll get the achievement:

“Next Stop: Hong Kong”.

After the credits start rolling, an achievement pops:

“Stay Down!”

Story-Based Achievements (Unmissable)

“Needle in a Haystack” – Find Charlie in the tattoo parlor in Dobuita.

This achievement will unlock when you come over the next day to meet Charlie in the tattoo parlor. There will be a QTE to input, then the achievement will pop.

“Mirror, Mirror” – Get the letter for Yuanda Zhu translated in Dobuita.

This achievement unlocks after you get the letter that was in Chinese “translated” by Xiuyu Xia, the owner of the Russiya China Shop.

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“One Step Closer” – Reach New Yokosuka Harbor.

As soon as you get on the bus to depart for Amihama, this achievement will unlock.

“Stab in the Dark” – Find the Phoenix Mirror in the Hazuki Basement.

This achievement will unlock once you open the box that was within the false wall.

“Gainful Employment” – Get a job at the Harbor.

Once you start working as a forklift driver for crates, getting paid way less money than you deserve, this achievement will unlock.

“Fallen Angels” – Rescue Nozomi from the Mad Angels.

After you defeat all of Terry’s goons in the Mad Angels’ warehouse, getting Nozomi back will give you this achievement.

“Sore Knuckles” – Beat The 70 Man Battle.

When you complete the Shenmue version of Super Smash Bros. multi-man melee, you’ll get this achievement.

“Next Stop Hong Kong” – Complete the game.

I know that this one says complete the game, but it actually just means to defeat the final boss. It is obtained after defeating Chai in the final QTE scene.

“Stay Down!” – Beat Chai in the Harbor.

I’m pretty sure that this one was meant to be swapped with the other one, because this achievement pops after you complete the game and the credits roll.

Cutscene Achievements (Definitely Missable!)

“Appropriate Response” – Call the police at the beginning of the game.

As soon as you can move, pick up the phone in the entryway and dial “110”. The achievement will then unlock.

“Yummy Meal” – Find the flashback in the Kitchen.

Before even leaving the house for the first time, look at the carrots on the kitchen table. A flashback will play and the achievement will unlock.

“Simpler Times” – Find the flashback in the Yard.

Before entering the dojo for the first time after gaining the ability to move, stand underneath the cherry tree and a cutscene will play, unlocking this achievement.

“Treasure your Friends” – Find the flashback in the Dojo

After you enter the dojo for the first time, examine the frame at the top of the wall on the far left. It will trigger a cutscene and this achievement will unlock.

“Boy Scout” – Help the old lady in Sakuragaoka find a specific house.

On the first day, you can help an old lady find the Yamamoto house. The house she’s looking for is the third house away from the taxi right near the park where she’s waiting. After seeing the sign, go back to the park and bring her back there. Note that this has to be done by 7pm, and if you don’t fulfill this before then, it’ll be lost forever.

“Freeloader” – Buy a soda for thirsty Wang Guang Ji.

The day after the fight in the Heartbeats bar, walking past the soda machine will trigger a cutscene. Buying him any soda off the top shelf (not canned coffee) will get you this achievement.

“Practise Makes Perfect” – Practise your Kung Fu in the Dojo with Fuku-san.

Right after you get the Chinese letter from Ine-san, go outside the dojo and save your game. This achievement is kind of glitchy and can only be done at this time, which is why I recommend saving. Before the fighting even starts, you’ll get the achievement. If you don’t, reload the save and try again.

“What’s It Worth?” – Take the Phoenix Mirror to the two antique shops in Dobuita.

This achievement is unlocked by immediately going to the Russiya China Shop and Bunkado Antiques as soon as you get the Phoenix Mirror.

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“Cat Burglar” – Find Megumi’s kitten when it goes missing.

After waking up from the fancy bird dream and hearing Ine-san not exactly being supportive of Ryo’s vacation plans, walk down to the temple where the cat is normally meowing. Talking to Megumi will reveal the cat is gone. Go back up the hill to the house which is between Ryo’s house and the temple, and go down the stairs to find the cat underneath the porch. After picking up the cat, the achivement will unlock.

“Mark’s Favorite” – Win a forklift race.

After you start working at the part-time job, you will do forklift races every morning. Just place first in one of them and it will unlock the achievement. It’s not exactly difficult to do, and if you check where you can cut corners to take a lead, that will definitely help.

“Hot Dog Moves” – Learn a move from Tom at the hot dog stand.

Toward the end of the game, Tom will offer you to learn the Tornado Kick. Take him up on this offer to unlock the achievement.

Random Store/Collectible achievements (Somewhat Missable?)

If you haven’t done these achievements and you’ve met Terry, chances are these achievements will be out of your grasp. However, there’s quite a lot of game before that, so hopefully you’ll have gotten these by then.

“Unexpected Visit” – Visit the fortune teller.

Once you enter Docuita, you can visit Lapis, which is near the hamburger stand. Getting your fortune told for 300 yen will get you the achievement.

  • “Gacha Catcha” – Find your first collectable toy.
  • “Gacha Catcha II” – Collect 25 Capsule toys.
  • “Gacha Catcha III” – Collect 50 Capsule toys.

Collecting fifty capsule toys might seem a bit daunting, but there’s really actually a lot, and you can get them from multiple places. The most obvious place is in the gachas outside of Abe Store in Sakuragaoka, outside You Arcade in Duboita, and inside the Tomato store in the New Yokosuka Harbor district. However, you can also get one for each of the five rankings of the forklift races(Forklift #1 for first place, #2 for second place, etc.), winning them in the lottery, and more even beyond that. If all else fails, just go to the gachas and you should have enough by the end of the game.

  • “I Know Kung Fu” – Learn a combat move.
  • “I Know More Kung Fu” – Learn 5 combat moves.

Yet another set of achievements that’s probably harder to avoid getting. There’s several different moves in this game, and the more you get, the more you’ll have to transfer over to Shenmue II. If you’re just going for these achievements, merely buying all of the scrolls at Bunkado Antiques will suffice, as there’s six total scrolls there. As far as the moves I’ve noticed in Shenmue I go, these are the ones I’ve picked up, and are detailed more in my Step-By-Step guide.

  • Shadow Reaper
  • Twin Blades
  • Sleeve Strike
  • Rain Thrust
  • Thunder Kick
  • Brutal Tiger
  • Dark Moon
  • Rising Flash
  • Mud Spider
  • Crawl Cyclone
  • Twin Swallow Leap
  • Tiger Storm
  • Arm Break Fire
  • Double Blow
  • Stab Tiger
  • Shadow Step
  • Shadow Blade
  • Cross Charge
  • Tornado Kick
  • Swallow Flip

Right there is twenty moves in that list. So that definitely gets you the five needed, and twenty can definitely contribute to the amount required for Shenmue II’s achievements when they transfer over.

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