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Shenmue I & II Tips – Slot House, Lucky Dip, Tapes, Lapis

The Slot House, Lucky Dip, Tapes and a list of other useful hints.

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How to bet with Slots

Playing The Slots

Different machines in the Slot House require different minimum bets; wagers go a from ¥1 to a ¥20 minimum. The advantage of higher-bet machines is that you’ll win more when you’re lucky – the advantage of lower-bet machines is that you won’t lose as much when you’re not.

You have to select how much to convert to tokens (in ¥100 increments), then you’ll get to place your bet.


You can place up to 5 bets on each machine – one for each winning “line”. The more bets you place the more chance you have to win, but the more you stand to lose.
Move Ryo’s hand over the “bet” button and press to add a bet to the machine.

There’s two ways to spin the machine – either move Ryo’s hand over the “Play” button, or press right to grab the handle. In both cases, pressing will start the wheels spinning, leaving your money to Lady Luck.

Cashing Out

When you’re done, select and press the “Pay Winnings” button, and you’ll get your winnings – or at least, what you haven’t lost. If you plan to come back, you can leave your tokens with the cashier for later.

Part #1

1- Other than from ine-san, how can i get yen? i wanna rake in the big bucks!

Early on, Ine-san is your only source of cash. Once you get a job down at the
harbor you’ll be rolling in the dough, but that’s not until a bit later.

2- What can i feed to megumi’s kitty? the poor thing looks like it’s starving!

The kitten will eat canned tuna, dried fish, sliced fish, and milk, all of
which can be bought at the Tomato Convenience store. She will also eat salami
and squid legs, which can be found at the Abe Store.

3- Megumi’s kitty disapeared! where’d it go? can i get it to come back? gah!

Sounds to me like you were neglecting the poor little thing. If you don’t feed
the kitty for a few days, she’ll disappear. And no, there’s no way to get her
to come back. If you weren’t willing to undertake such responsibility, why did
you take in the cat in the first place? I tell ya, kids these days…

4- How often can i spar with fuku-san in the dojo? i like beating his butt!

After the first time (when you absolutely HAVE to spar with him), you can spar
with him every morning until you get a job, with the exception of the mornings
that have some sort of story-related events.

5- What can i do with the two scrolls written in chinese? anything at all?

Call Warehouse No. 8 and Gui Zhang will translate one scroll per visit. The
Mysterious Scroll is a poem, while the Stab Armor is a very powerful and
cool-looking move.

6- What is the best way to train throw moves? i wanna learn to grapple!

Right from the start of the game, you’ll probably want to change your training
method to Throw Moves Only (do this in Ryo’s room, by his bed) if you want to
master your throws. Also, you can get some good practice on Fuku-san during
your many sparring matches.

7- I found ryo’s sega saturn! can i play any games on it? i wanna play nights!

You can win both Space Harrier and Hang-On in the raffles at the Tomato marts.
Win the second prize in the raffle and you can choose between the two games.

8- What all can i win in the raffle?

It depends on which store you’re at. The two Tomato marts (Amihama and Dobuita)
pretty much have the same prizes (albeit some different capsule toys), while
the Abe Store in Sakuragaoka has a different set. I’ll start with the Tomato
marts. First prize is a boom box that Ryo will keep in his room. The second
prize is a choice between two Sega Saturn games (Space Harrier and Hang-On).
Third prize is some rare cassette tapes, and fourth and fifth prizes are some
rare capsule toys. The Abe Store’s prizes are all capsule toys.

9- I hate chai! how can i kick his butt at the arcade? is it even possible?

Yes, we all hate Chai. Yes, you can kick his butt. And yes, it is the most
difficult part of the game! From my personal experience, there are a few moves
that are very useful, namely the Side Reaper Kick (<- A), the Trample Kick (->
A), the Dark Moon (<- -> X+A), the Crawl Cyclone (-> <- <- A), the Mud Spider
(<- -> -> A) and the Elbow Assault (-> -> X). I recommend refraining from using
any throws or high attacks, as well as most hand moves, as Chai is a master of
parrying your moves. It also helps to have most of the moves you’re going to
use often (the ones I mentioned above) either mastered or pretty close to being

10- I suck too badly to get into warehouse #8! got any tips?

I sure do. If you can’t get in using the method explained in the Walkthrough,
just keep trying and messing up. Eventually, Shozo Mizuki (the homeless bum) to
help you out. First he’ll just cough up a map of the area, but if you continue
screwing up, he’ll give you an even better clue. Ryo will head to the front of
the Old Warehouse District VERY early in the morning, and there will be a
significantly fewer amount of guards patrolling the area. If you STILL can’t
do it, I don’t know what to tell you, except never to play Metal Gear Solid.

Part #2

11 – what’s the quickest way to get the bad ending?

remember when you’re trying to sneak into the old warehouse district so you can
get inside warehouse no. 8? yeah? good. just let the game run by itself when
you get to that point, as you’ll continually mess up on the qte and come back
the next day. it still takes a really long time, though, so you may as well
make yourself a snack or something.

12 – can i listen to a tape for a while without running outta batteries?

indeed there is. tom will let you hijack his tape player (sitting on his truck)
and much as you please.

13 – what’s the most powerful move i can get?

the arm break fire. it’s a throw move that can be purchased at bunkado

14 – what’s up with saying “i see” all the time? why would he do that?

why not? would you prefer if he said something along the lines of “i don’t

15 – who’s this ling sha hua chick and what does she have to do with the story?

the only time you ever see her in shenmue is in ryo’s dreams. shenmue ii,
however, is a completely different story.

16 – how does everyone in yokosuka know what ryo means when he says “that day”?

it’s a video game! how is it that just ryo and gui zhang can easily take down
70 thugs at once? the developers can do whatever they want. plus, everyone
knows that the japanese are all psychics.

Lucky Dip

The Lucky Dip is a prize draw that you enter when you buy certain items in the Tomato and Abe stores. Any of the Shenmue-branded candy (Caramel or Chocolate) or chips will get you a ticket, as will any tapes you buy. You can sometimes get a winning can from the Bell Woods vending machines that will allow you a free draw as well.

Abe Store

At the crossroads in Sakuragaoka.
Prize list:
Silver Dural (Virtua Fighter) Capsule Toy
Mr. Yukawa Capsule Toy
Mr. Yukawa Capsule Toy 2

Rare Capsule Toy

Space Harrier
Bonanza Brothers (2-piece set)
Random Capsule Toy

Tomato Dobuita

Along the main shopping street in Dobuita.
Prize list:
Boom box
Sega Saturn games
Space Harrier

Rare Tapes

Final Take Off (Afterburner theme)
Hang On (Hang On theme)
Magical Sound Shower (Out Run theme)
Space Harrier (Space Harrier theme)

Rare Capsule Toy

Super Sonic
Metal Sonic
Binsbein Ultra
Tom’s Hotdog Truck
Random Capsule Toy

Tomato Harbor
In the Harbor Lounge, off the plaza beside Warehouse #18

Prize list:
Boom Box
Sega Saturn Games
Space Harrier

Rare Tapes

Final Take Off (Afterburner theme)
Hang On (Hang On theme)
Magical Sound Shower (Out Run theme)
Space Harrier (Space Harrier theme)

Rare Capsule Toy

Red Forklift
Blue Forklift
Random Capsule Toy

Music Tapes

Throughout Shenmue, Ryo can pick up Music Tapes that allow you to listen to various pieces from the game soundtrack, either the original versions or re-arrangements. Tapes can be bought in the Tomato stores for ¥300, some are found for free in various places, and other must be won in the Lucky Dip.

The tapes can be played in a number of ways:

Cassette player

Found in the top drawer of Ryo’s desk. Requires 2xAA batteries to operate (included). Accessible from the inventory once picked up.

Boom box

The first-place prize in the Dobuita Tomato Store Lucky Dip. This stays on the desk in Ryo’s room once you’ve won it.

  • Tom’s Hotdog Stand
  • Tom’s truck has a boom box sitting on it that you can use to play any tapes you’ve collected

Tape List

Below is a list of all the tapes you can get in the game, sorted by where you can find them.

  • Sha Hua (Ryo’s desk – bottom drawer)
  • Shenmue (Ryo’s desk

Lucky Dip

When you win third place in the Dobuita Tomato Lucky Dip, you can choose one of the following tapes as your prize.

  • Final Take Off
  • Hang-On
  • Magical Sound Shower
  • Space Harrier


The tapes in each Tomato store will change from time to time, depending on which you’ve already bought.

  • Antiquity Tree
  • Be-Witch
  • Boz Nov
  • Dandy Old Man
  • Destiny
  • Feel Tired Song
  • Flower Girl
  • Glyfada
  • GoGo
  • Harbor Bar
  • Harbor Beats
  • Heart Beats
  • Hip de Hop
  • Like a Feeling
  • Linda
  • Liquor
  • NaNa
  • Spider
  • Strong
  • Y.A.D.A.
  • Yokosuka Blues


Lapis is the fortune teller along the main street in Dobuita, just around the corner from Aida Florist (Nozomi’s grandmother’s store). She’s a little cryptic, but Lapis’ fortunes can help you out with where you should go next – or where you should be gambling if that’s more your style.

Each reading costs Ryo ¥300, so it’s not really worth the cost unless you’re really stuck or you plan to win it all back with your Gamble hint.

The three services Lapis provides are all pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a brief run-down of them anyway.


You’ll get a clue added to your notebook, marked by a star. This is usually a hint about where you should go or who you should be talking to.


This option will give you a vague indication of what’s going to happen next. It’s not as useful as Clue in most cases, but if you don’t get anything from that option this will tell you whether you’re just waiting for something out of your control.


Lapis will give you a number – this corresponds to the numbers on the slot machines in the Slot House. If you use that machine, you’ll be luckier with your money.

Written by SaS MaKaVeLi

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