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Shieldwall Secret Amphora Locations

Shieldwall Secret Amphora Locations

The amphoras are not super well hidden. I think most people could find them on their own if they had to, but in case you don’t feel like it, here they are. This guide is based on my memory since once you find and break the amphora, it disappears off the map forever. There are a couple of missions where I couldn’t remember the amphora location, so if any kind people can comment and fill me in, I will add those to the guide.

Also, once you find and break the amphora, you don’t need to finish the rest of the mission. You can immediately quit and it will still count. The missions where you already found the amphora can be seen on the mission select screen with a little amphora icon next to the mission name.

1. Battle of Arar

Secret Amphora LocationsInside the green enemy base, near the flag.

2. Battle of Vosges

Secret Amphora LocationsAlso inside the enemy base.

3. Battle of the Sabis

Secret Amphora LocationsSurprise surprise. It’s inside the enemy base.

4. Britannia

Secret Amphora LocationsVery easy to find. Jump down from your starting boat and you’re practically there. It’s behind some barrels.

5. Battle of Alesia

Secret Amphora LocationsOnce you break the gate into the enemy fort, turn left.

6. Siege of Brundisium

Secret Amphora LocationsGo down the stairs to the dock area.

7. Battle of Ilerda

Secret Amphora LocationsFrom your starting base cross the river and go left. It should be somewhere in the area with the red circle, maybe next to a washed up boat. Not 100% sure about that.

8. Battle of Dyrrhachium

Secret Amphora LocationsI think most people probably already have this one. It’s right next to the flag.

9. Battle of Pharsalus

Secret Amphora LocationsInside the enemy base, pretty straightforward.

10. Siege of Alexandria

Secret Amphora LocationsInside your base, climb up the stairs and it’s on the ramparts

11. Battle of the Nile

Straight up don’t remember this one lol

12. Battle of Nicopolis

Secret Amphora LocationsAnother very easy one. Just turn around and it’s behind your starting base.

13. Battle of Zela

I think it might be on the second floor of the central palace, but I can’t remember for sure. Anyone can confirm this?

14. Battle of Thapsus

Secret Amphora LocationsIt’s at the top of the watchtower in the enemy base.

15. Battle of Munda

Secret Amphora LocationsIt’s behind the house

16. Finale

Secret Amphora LocationsThe following screenshot shows where it should be.

Secret Amphora Locations
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  1. Thanks! I also didn’t find the amphora spots in “Battle of Zela” and “Battle of the Nile”. If I find them, I’ll post them here.


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