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Shining Resonance Refrain – Armonics Tome Location, Fast EXP, All Tunings

Guide for mission Armonics Tome location, Fast EXP for grinding level, and collect all tunings.

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Armonics Tome Location

Armonics Tome is an item required to complete the Lost Technology side quest from Lyle. There is a total of 5 Armonics Tome hidden in various locations in the game. When all tome is collected, you will get a Shining Score as a reward item from Lyle.

Elmore Greatwood

The location of the Armonics Tome is located in the northwest corner of Glaucus Falls. Which can be found as early as Chapter 2.

Clavalle Crags

The second Armonics Tome you will find is located on a table near the Campfire on the Silent Badlands section of Clavalle Crags.

Gaelritz Prison

Left side of the entrance area.

Coral Caves

Found in the upper top ledge of Drowsy Reefs (Starting area). You can find the tome on the northeast corner of the ledge.

Logos Tundra

Located in the southeast corner of the first area.

Fast EXP

Fast EXP Part 1

Grimoire is the best place to grind for EXP since it scales with your current level. If you use Egg Hunt Sigils, you will get a lot of EXP from killing EX/Master Eggs.

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The hardest part is getting your first Egg Hunt Sigil. Once you obtained one, use the Egg Hunt Sigil on Grimoire (save before using it) and search the dungeon for a Sigil Egg. There are always three eggs in every floor, so there will be a max of 6 eggs per dungeon. If you didn’t encounter one, just reload your save and retry.

Once you have found one, switch to Rinna and steal from it (equip God Hand aspect for steal rate up), then escape after a successful steal. You’ll notice the Sigil Egg doesn’t disappear. If you engage it again, you can steal the Sigil again. This is how you farm the Egg Hunt Sigil.

Fast EXP Part 2

After you completed main story, at the Postgame you can buy Master Egg Sigil from Liselotte Shop. Buy as much as you need. Use 3 Master Egg Sigils at Grimoire, then you can hunt all monsters to gain Super EXP Bonus.

Collect All Tunings

1. Grinding 1 tuning to 30 for all characters for +3 tunings.
2. Kill all level 100 special bosses for +7 tunings (main characters only).
3. Buy sigils from Liselotte Shop for the remaining tunings (+9 tuning).
Sigil you have to buy (you can buy this at the Postgame):

  • Magician’s Eye
  • Imperial Ninja
  • Berserker Blade
  • Beowulf’s Revenge
  • Shining Priestess
  • Shining Princess
  • Magician Knight
  • Bullet Witch
  • Imperial Blade
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