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Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire: Idol Stats, Abilities & NOVA

Idol Stats

There are several stats that affect many things. Jobs, Lives, Song Quality, etc. are all determined by stats. You can improve stats by having your Idols train in the related room. Your stats are very important in determining success or failure in most cases and will be a main focus during play.

HP can be recovered in the Break Room
Stamina. Nearly everything your Idols do uses HP. Jobs, training, Lives, etc. As your Idols go about their tasks, their HP will drop. If their HP drops too low they will be Overworked and slow down drastically. This can cause additional Conditions and injuries.

Some Idols abilities will help with HP as well. You can also set your Idols to use the Break Room when they need to by clicking HP next to their HP bar in their info box.

This stat reflects the Idols overall Purity. It reflects how “wholesome” an Idol is and has various effects that can be either good or bad. You want to keep Pure as high as possible, though. Some Jobs will give Pure as a reward and one Idol has a center ability to generate Pure. There’s also an unlockable that generates Pure.

Pure can be a negative as well. Low Pure leads to more Infamy and more frequent Scandals. Some Jobs will give you harsher penalties if an Idol with high Pure fails the job. There’s also an Event that will negatively affect Idols with low Pure.

Your Idols Popularity is based off of their Fame and Infamy. As they say in the entertainment industry, there is no bad publicity. Popularity determines many things, including Song sales, Live Ticket sales, fans, etc. With higher Popularity also comes some negatives as the amount of Stalkers and Scandals increases with it. However we’re striving to have the best Idol unit of all time, so we need to get this high!

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This is the positive publicity you get. Fame increases from Jobs, Song sales, Live performances, the PR Department and some other events. Fame is fleeting and will decrease over time. Idols can generate some fame automatically if they are made the Center.

This is the negative publicity you get. It does directly relate to your Idols Popularity, though. Infamy comes from failing jobs, and you can get it from Lives as well as Scandals and certain other events. It’s nearly impossible to avoid Infamy but you should do what you can to keep it low. Infamy will increase the rate of Scandals and too much Infamy will cause your fans to riot and cause a Fanquake, which will damage your office.

The Sing stat determines the quality of Songs and the Idols performances at Lives. This can be trained at the Vocal Studio. The Sing stat should be trained early on as Songs are a major source of income, especially early on. You can set your Idols to automatically train Sing by clicking the Sing stat box in their info box.

Your Idols Dance stat can help determine the quality of a Song, if you record a PV (promotional video) with that song. Dance also affects their performance at Lives. You can train this stat at the Dance Studio. You can set your Idols to automatically train Dance by clicking the Dance stat box in their info box.

Personality. This stat determines the success/failure of Jobs and the Idols performance at Lives. Persona is critical for most jobs and low Persona will cause the Job to fail. Train this at the Personal Coach. You can set your Idols to automatically train Persona by clicking the Persona stat box in their info box.

Physical attractiveness. This stat determines the success/failure of Jobs as well as the Idols performance at Lives. You can use the Makeup Room to give a temporary boost to Looks or you can train this stat at the Cafeteria for a permanent boost. Looks are critical for most jobs and low Looks will cause the Job to fail.

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Conditions are like status effects for Idols. They can be positive or negative and some Idols start with Conditions. Conditions are related to injuries and Mood. Low Mood (orange/red) will cause Conditions. Overworking your Idols will cause injuries and possibly trigger other Conditions. You generally want to avoid most Conditions, however some can be easily managed by keeping your Idols mood high and making sure you don’t overwork them. Conditions can be cured in the Sickbay. Please note that some Conditions, such as Chemical Dependency and Yandere, cannot be cured in the Sickbay.

Your Idols happiness and overall well-being is important. Mood will affect your Idols in many ways and can cause negative conditions. You can tell your Idols Mood by looking at their portrait on the left side of the screen. There are several levels to mood indicated by the color of the ring around the portrait as well as the expression the Idol has on her face. The mood ranges from Angry (red), Unhappy (orange), Neutral (gray), Happy (Green) and Overjoyed (Blue). Conditions will start occurring while the mood is Unhappy or Angry.

You can improve Mood by paying your Idols well, sending them on Jobs they like, keeping Stalkers away from them and handling Scandals when they occur. There are also some events that will affect mood. Stalkers and Scandals will negatively affect mood.

Finally, Mood will affect the use of NOVA’s. You need to keep their Mood at Happy (green) or above to charge their NOVA.

Idol Abilities & NOVA

Your Idols have certain passive abilities they can use. These abilities will only apply if that Idol is set as the Center for the unit. To set an Idol as a Center, click Manage Idols and then the Set Center button next to the Idols information.

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All Idols have passive abilities they will use while they are the Center of the unit. Anyone can be Center and you can change the Center at any time through the Manage Idols screen. These abilities are extremely helpful and you should always have an Idol set as center.

You can see what abilities the Idol has, and her learning progress, by hovering over the Set Center button on the Manage Idols screen as well as through the Hire Idols screen.

While an Idol is Center, she will automatically gain experience over time and level up her Center abilities. While she is learning the ability, it is not active. Once she’s leveled up the ability becomes active automatically. For example, once the Idol reaches level 2, her level 1 skill becomes active and she starts learning the level 2 skill.

Finally, leveling up your Center or performing certain feats with them will unlock special furniture under the Unlockables section. These decorations give a good (sometimes great) boost to your DEC value as well as bestowing some very useful passive abilities.


All Idols have an Ultimate Technique, called a NOVA. While their mood is Happy (green) or above, the Idol will charge her NOVA. This is displayed as the blue bar beneath the Idols HP bar on the left side of the screen. Once it’s charged, you can click the HP/NOVA bar to activate it. You can also press Space while the Idol is selected to activate.

NOVA’s are powerful abilities that grant bonuses for a limited amount of time. Some abilities regenerate all Idols HP quickly, increase Makeup effects, increase movement speed and much more. You can see what each Idols NOVA does in the Hire Idols screen.

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