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Siralim 3 – Guide to Sigils

This guide will focus on what the Sigil names and properties mean and some strategies to effectively use them to farm Itherians and Special Creatures (Shop/Event/etc) for knowledge, cores and singulars.

What are Sigils?
They are the key to accessing Itherian Realms using the Teleportation Shrine and are accessible after finishing the main story. The properties of the Sigil influence the creatures and loot within that Itherian Realm. The higher the percentage bonus from the sigil properties, the better the rewards in the form of experience (both mage and creature), resources, and loot quantity. Itherian Realms are the only places players can find Itherian Creatures. Itherian Artifacts can also be found in these realms, although not exclusively since Ianne can provide Itherian Artifacts in normal realms as a talisman effect. Completing the Realm Quest in Itherian Realms opens up a portal directly underneath the player as soon as they complete the last task of that quest. This portal takes the player to the boss of the realm, which must be defeated before the player can keep their loot from the realm (no purifying fountains in Itherian Realms). Note that cores, cards, talismans, resources, and experience earned are still retained whether or not the realm boss is defeated. Also, after defeating the Itherian Boss, Umaro appears providing 3 talisman upgrades (4 with Thylacine Card).

Sigil Names
Sigil names have two variables: random adjective before “Sigil of the” and a location descriptor afterwards.

The random adjective helps in sorting sigils and navigating to the desired sigil. It is purely random and serves no other purpose for that Itherian realm. This adjective is selected randomly from the following list:

Black, Bloody, Blue, Burning, Cold, Dark, Disgusting, Fluffy, Freezing, Glass, Glimmering, Glistening, Green, Gross, Hard, Hot, Light, Lucky, Moldy, Pink, Purple, Red, Rotten, Shimmering, Shiny, Soft, Stone, Throbbing, Warm, Wet, White, Yellow

The location descriptor corresponds to one of the 15 realm types:

Sigil Realm God
Academy / Refuge of the Magi / Zonte, God of Wisdom
Bog / The Swamplands / Meraxis, God of Bliss
Castle / Kingdom of Heretics / Gonfurian, God of War
Cave / Arachnid Nest / Regalis, Goddess of Poison
Desert / The Barrens / Yseros, Goddess of Illusion
Dungeon / Torture Chamber / Tartarith, God of Punishment
Field / Unsullied Meadows / Aeolian, God of Wind
Galaxy / Eternity’s End / Vertraag, God of Time
Graveyard / Path of the Damned / Erebyss, Goddess of Darkness
Island / Faraway Enclave / Lister, God of Fortune
Jungle / Cutthroat Jungle / Torun, God of Anger
Pit / Great Pandemonium / Vulcanar, God of Fire
Sea / Where the Dead Ships Dwell / Friden, God of the Sea
Sky / Azure Dream / Surathli, Goddess of Light
Tundra / Frostbite Caverns / Azural, God of Frost

Sigil Properties Overview
Each sigil has 1-5 properties and the icon next to the sigil changes based on the number of properties it has.

1 Property = Red Circle
2 Properties = Blue Triangle
3 Properties = Green Square
4 Properties = Pentagon with Red Outline and Yellow Center
5 Properties = Diamond with Blue Outline and Red Center

There are 3 types of properties: [P] Player, [E] Enemy, and [R] Realm Sigil Properties. Each property gives a certain amount of bonus to the overall Sigil percentage boost. These are not purely additive. The final Sigil boost from combining multiple properties will be higher than the amount obtained from simply adding them together. Nevertheless, properties with a higher base boost will also result in a larger boost to the overall Sigil percentage. There is also a Talisman, Unbroken Mirror, which increases the bonus gained from Sigils. This Talisman can be obtained from the Shady Dealer and has a maximum rank of 400, which corresponds to a 100% multiplicative increase to the Sigil bonus. The properties shown later on will have a number and percent sign at the beginning of each property. This shows the base bonus that sigil property provides. The properties are organized below based on the highest bonus that property can provide.

Mob Types
There are several types of mobs that you can encounter in Itherian Realms and understanding how the various sigil properties works first requires a bit of knowledge about these mobs.

Normal Mobs:
– Contain random normal and Itherian creatures (no shop or special creatures)
– Extractable
– Singulars can be found

Nemesis Mobs:
– Same as normal mobs, except they give 3x XP and resources as well as drop loot afterward
– Can be both Nemesis and Same Race/Mob of a Given Race at the same time.

Same Race Mobs:
– Contain creatures of the same race
– Contains random normal, shop, and special creatures (no Itherians)
– Extractable
– Singulars can be found

Mobs of a Given Race:
– Contain creatures of the same race
– By default, they are normal mobs
– Extractable
– Singulars can be found
– Can be both Mob of a Given Race and Same Race/Nemesis at the same time.

Invader Mobs:
– Same as normal mobs

Special Realm Mobs:
– Examples: skull pile mob, Siralim mage fight, totem battles
– Contain random normal, alementals, constructs, shop, and special creatures
– Extractable
– No singulars

[P] Player Properties
28% – No Health Regen After Battle
After battles, your creatures’ health (HP) does not regenerate. Miniboss battles and Itherian boss battles regenerate creature HP still though. Also, cards that increase HP cause your creatures to regen a little bit of HP each battle still.

25% – No Nether Creatures Allowed
Can’t enter realm with nether creature in party.

25% – No Mana Regen After Battle
After battles, your creatures’ mana (MP) does not regenerate. Miniboss battles and Itherian boss battles regenerate creature MP still though. Also, cards that increase MP cause your creatures to regen a little bit of MP each battle still.

18% – No Avatar Creatures Allowed
Can’t enter realm with avatar creature in party.

12% – Can’t Gain Stats
Your creatures can’t gain stats in battle. Perks still apply though.

12% – Stats Are Shuffled
Base stats are shuffled. Tome stats are not shuffled so more tomes will make this effect less noticeable.

10% – Can’t Have Buffs
Your creatures can’t gain buffs in battle.

8% – No (one of the classes) Creatures Allowed
Can’t enter realm with creature of that class in party. Using seeds to change creature class allows all creatures to enter these sigils.

8% – Can’t Dodge or Crit
Your creatures cannot dodge or deal critical damage in battle.

8% – Can’t Resurrect
Your creatures cannot resurrect. This prevents all forms of resurrection.

6% – Debuff – (one of the debuffs)
You start battle with debuff. Creatures inherently immune to debuffs will not get it (Apis Protector and Lone Wolf builds). However, Regalis + Apis Protector will still have debuffs on all creatures except Apis Protector since the debuff applies before the trait applies.

[E] Enemy Sigil Properties
20-30% – 40-60% Chance to Resurrect
Enemies have a chance to resurrect after being killed. This cannot be prevented by Hate and Other Triumphs. Some common strategies for these sigils include Final Breath and Stay Dead.

7-21% – 20-60% Chance to Resist Damage
Chance to for enemies to resist all forms of damage. When this happens, it will show 0 damage being done.

20% – Copy Your Traits
Enemies copy your creatures innate traits. Note that this doesn’t apply to nether or artifact traits. Putting traits you don’t mind enemies having as innates with the important ones as nether or artifact traits helps with these sigils. Having a Priest on your team can make all enemies skip their turn for instance.

18% – Immune to Attacks/Spells
Enemies cannot be attacked or have spells of any kind cast on them. Note that you can still cast spells on your teammates and attack your teammates. This can be useful with spells like Dark Transformation and when attacking one of your creatures with Fracture.

12% – Can’t Lose Stats
Enemies cannot lose stats.

4-12% – Reflect (20-60)% Damage
Enemies reflect a percentage of the damage as damage against the creature dealing that damage.

10% – Immune to Debuffs
Enemies are immune to debuffs.

5%/10% – Attack/Cast 1/2 Extra Times
Enemies have additional attacks or spellcasts.

5%/10% – Have +1/+2 Traits
Enemies start with that many additional traits.

2-11% – Deal 50-270% (increments of 10) More Damage
Enemies deal extra damage. Note that this damage applies after defense reduction.

2-11% – Deal 50-270% (increments of 10) More (one of the stats)
Enemies have that stat boosted by that amount. Note that this stacks with CJ enemy stat boosts.

5.5% – Copy Your Spell Gems
Enemies start battle with copies of all your spell gems. Generally good to avoid bringing spells like Sacrifice to the Light and Lycanthropy to these sigils.

5.5% – 100% Critical Chance
Enemies always deal critical damage.

4.5% – Buff – (one of the buffs)
Enemies start battles with this buff.

2-3%- Take (50-70)% Less Damage
Enemies take less damage. Functions similar to Casual John (CJ) modifier and multiplicatively stacks with CJ.

2.5% – Infinite Mana
Enemies never lose mana.

2.5% – Immune to (one of the classes)
Immune to attacks and spellcasts from that class. Note that damage from other sources still counts even if the creature dealing that damage if of the class enemies are Immune to. This functions similar to the God and Boss battles with class immunity.

1% – High Card Drop Rate
A very small (barely noticeable) increase in card drop rate.

[R] Realm Sigil Properties
4-17% – Boss is (50-240)% Stronger
Boss stats are increased by this amount.

12.5% – Enemies Belong To Same Race
Makes 10 random mobs in realm be of the Same Race mob type (discussed above).

8% – Inhabited By (one of the races) Race
Makes 10 random mobs in realm be of Normal/Nemesis mob type with 1 mob of Same Race type and 1-2 mobs of Normal type.

5% – Contains Extra Nemesis Creatures
Greatly increases the chances of Nemesis mobs appearing in realm. Ancient Cuirass talisman can be used to boost Nemesis spawn rate. At rank 900, 100% of mobs are Nemesis even without this Sigil property. At about rank 300, 100% of mobs are Nemesis with this Sigil property.

1% – Contains Extra Dumplings
Greatly increases the chances of dumplings to spawn in mobs. Note that Torun’s talisman does not apply to Itherian realms. Thus, this Sigil property and the Dumpling card are the only way to increase dumpling spawn rates in Itherian realms. Each additional dumpling in a mob causes a massive increase in the XP earned and stacks exponentially. The extra dumpling experience effects from cards and talismans still apply to the experience gained from dumplings in Itherian realms.

1% – Contains Extra Treasure Golems
Increases chance to find Treasure Golems running around realm. Vertraag’s talisman seems to stack with this effect.

1% – Contains Extra Itherians
Greatly increases chance to find Itherians in realm. This property stack multiplicatively with Pudding and Itherian Talisman allowing for 100% of the creatures in this realm to be Itherian once talisman is around rank 400.

1% – Chests Contain Extra Artifacts
Chests contain special extra artifacts. Note that these artifacts are immune to the trashcan artifact blocking effect. Also, this is the only known place in game where artifacts with more than 5 properties can spawn – as many as 8 properties on a single artifact have been reported.

1% – Chests Contain Extra Runes
Chests contain more runes. These runes are immune to trashcan effect.

1% – Chests Contain Extra Spell Gems
Chests contain more spell gems. These spell gems are immune to trashcan effect.

1% – Chests Contain Extra Materials
Chests contain more materials.

1% – Chests Contain Extra Resources
Chests contain more resources

Mob Property Stacking
(1) Same Race Mobs (highest stacking priority)
(2) Extra Dumplings
(3) Extra Itherians
(4) Mobs of a Given Race

Note that this means Mobs in a realm with both Same Race and Extra Dumplings or Extra Itherians will have 10 mobs that will just be Same Race with no dumplings or itherians except for the chance for them to spawn in the other 1-3 mobs in realm.

Note that Same Race Mobs and Mobs of Given Race is a fantastic combination. Same Race mobs allow for special/shop/event creatures and Mobs of Given Race limits the pool to mobs of that race. These sigils allow for the farming method discussed in the next section.

Strategy for Farming Shop/Event/Special Creatures
Shop and Event creatures are normally very difficult to find since they only appear in Same Race mobs, which normally only occur in 1-2 mobs in realm. And even then, those Same Race mobs are completely random, which means you might get races that don’t have any special/shop/event creatures. Here is where the Same Race + Mobs of a Given Race sigils come in. These allow 11 Same Race mobs to spawn in realm and when combined with Mobs of a Given Race allow for specific targeting of races with Shop/Event/Special creatures. While it may seem difficult to find these Sigil randomly, they are actually some of the more common Sigil properties. Using power to modify Sigils over and over, it is possible to get a decent number of Sigils with both Same Race and Mobs of a Given Race properties. Hundreds of Sigils can be farmed in normal realms with high loot drop boosts from CJ and talisman effects. Then these Sigils can be modified in bulk until Sigils with the desired effects are found, which allow for targeted farming of Shop/Event/Special creatures for their cores, knowledge, and singulars.

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