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Skul The Hero Slayer – Leiana Sisters Boss Fight Guide

Leiana Sisters Boss Fight Guide

Recommended Skulls: Mummy, Samurai, Ninja, Jinn

This battle will be harder than Yggdrasil. You will fight against two humans, the Leiana Sisters. They will start the battle by throwing quick yellow lightning bolts in your direction, they will be on opposite sides so it can be a bit tricky to dodge the attacks. For the second attack, they will both go out of the screen and attack to you from top-left and top-right sides forming a cross. They will both end up appearing where the lines meet so you can get ahead of this and jump to the other side where you can attack them from behind briefly before they disappear again.

They will go back to their original position and throw some lightning bolts your way. For the next attack, one of them will appear first and thrust horizontally from the ground, whilst the other will fall from above directly in the middle of the screen. You can try and position yourself on the left side between the two where you can attack both of them. Next, one of them will stand next to the king and you will fight one of them alone.

You will notice that their attacks are actually pretty slow when you only have to dodge one of them, and they tend to stay still for a long time between attacks. You can pretty much drain their whole HP bar by just shooting at her with the Mummy between attacks. Before you get to beat the lone sister, the other one will go back to the stage and you’ll have to fight both again. Don’t lose track of the injured one so that you can beat her quick.

Samurai Skills

If you have the Samurai Skull with the Evasion Slash and/or Single Slash, this is the skill you need to abuse. It will be extremely helpful against the Awakened Leiana. You can use Evasion Slash to get out of tricky situations (particularly when she fills the screen with slashes)

When you defeat one of them, the other one will turn black and change her attack pattern entirely. Additionally, the breaks between attacks will be much shorter and she will have a new big HP bar. If you’re using the Mummy, you can simply stay still, shoot and dash when she attacks, then you turn around and keep shooting her. Repeat this process and she’ll go down in no time.

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