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Skul The Hero Slayer – Yggdrasil Boss Fight Guide

Yggdrasil Boss Fight Guide

Recommended Skulls: Mummy, Skul, Clown

Yggdrasil is the first boss you’ll encounter. I recommend the Mummy Skull because it’s the one you will most likely have available. You can use other Skulls as well, but in order to not leave out anyone, we’ll go with the most common Skull. There are two stages to this battle, the first one is easier with a ranged Skull and the second one is a toss-up.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are two platforms on each side of Yggdrasil and that he attacks with his two floating fists. Jump on one of the platforms and still shooting at Yggdrasil. You will notice he’s about to attack when he raises his fists, he will then try and slam against you. To avoid it, simply walk away from Yggdrasil and jump in direction to the top-left or top-corner, depending on which platform you are.


When you lower its health to around 40%, it will be knocked down and a pink energy orb will start forming on its forehead. The platforms will disappear and you’ll have to fight him from the ground. He will start launching one big energy orb along with 5 other small orbs, the big orb will aim at you and the rest will spread out evenly to all sides. Deal some damage to Yggdrasil and he will get knocked down again. Shortly after this the platforms will be back and he will return to his first attack pattern, but it’ll be a bit faster. Luckily, it won’t have much HP left so you just have to land a blew hits.

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