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Slice of Sea Walkthrough Guide for All Achievements

This guide will feature hints on how to get each achievement, with a multi-level hint system. Also includes a guide to get all achievements in one run.

Intro – Read Me!

If you have not played the game yet I recommend doing so. Trying to figure out the puzzles and taking in the art and music at your own pace is how the game is meant to be played. (In my opinion.)

This guide aims to help players by providing hints to accomplish all the achievements, with various degrees of spoilers. I also want to take this opportunity to thank any players who’ve helped others, which in turn has helped me. Thanks!

*There are 2 types of achievements in this game, those that unlock once accomplished, and those that unlock once the game is completed.*

Each achievement will have its own section with hints and solutions.

See the example below.

Hint 1:I’m a hint!
Hint 2:I’m a better hint!
Solution:I’m a solution!
Unlocks:When the achievement is given to the player

The next section is for completing the game in one run, which I don’t recommend. Heavy spoilers, so skip it if you are only looking for some hints. Specific achievements can be accessed from the index.

100% In One Run

This part of the guide is for players that want to clear the game in one playthrough. This can be challenging and goes against the nature of the game, but some players may want to clear the game but not have hours to dedicate to multiple runs or tracking down that last damn seashell. This section will outline step by step how to get the end as quickly as possible, and get all the achievements along the way. I recommend getting a notepad open on your computer, or pen and paper ready. Note taking makes the process easier, since some puzzles have randomized values.

What is required for a 100% One Run:
Clear the game with no items left in your inventory, under a time limit. All while dodging all the tumbleweeds that will roll randomly from the left side of the screen upon loading outdoor areas.

Doing so will get you the (Ascetic), (Big Picture), (Seaweed, not Tumbleweed) and (Let Me Go Home) achievements. If you do not get (Seaweed, not Tumbleweed) you probably touched too many tumbleweeds and you will have to do another run just for this, I suggest getting all other achievements on this run anyway.

Once you reach the end of the game, your save can be reloaded, bringing you just before the end credits. All your progress remains so you can walk around freely and finish the remaining achievements. Some of the remaining achievements can be accomplished, but will only unlock once moving to the end credit area once again. (Just be patient they don’t unlock instantly)

The rest of the playthrough can be done at any pace. This requires collecting 50 seashells and 50 gold coins hidden around the map. The locations can be found in the section for each achievement, but will also be part of the step by step instructions.

One Run – Part 1

Step by step from start to finish:Start game. Dodge tumbleweeds. Go left. Enter hut. Open cupboard. Get rudder screw. Leave. Go left. Activate teleporter 1. Go right. Jump cliff. Enter ruins. Pull lever. Enter. Get orb. Leave. Go right. Place orb. Go right. Activate bridge. Go right. Grab glyph on the right. Fall into crevice. Jump on button. Get crest. Jot down the dots (number) and symbol on scroll. Go right. Grab halberd. Place crest up top. Pull dark chain. Pull lever. Go right. Pull rope. Jump to rock and jump back (Daredevil). Unbar and open door. Enter. Jump on button. Jam gate with halberd. Go right. Activate teleporter 2. Go right. Skip drum puzzle. Grab note on column. Go right. Skip tower. Go right. Grab blue valve. Go left. Place valve, activate. Enter tower. Pull wall lever. Get knob from drawer. Leave. Go right. Place knob, activate. Enter. Jump on button, activate knob. Enter. Go right. View crooked note, adjust levers. Enter. Open trashcan, get puzzle tile, leave crooked note. Move debris. Open left cupboard, get puzzle tile. Go left. Open wardrobe, get puzzle tile. Open left cupboard, get puzzle tile. Place puzzle tiles. Leave. Go right. Deactivate force field. Go right. Continue right. Stand near 2 sensors, activate the lever with both lights active. Go right. Check inside the open train front. Get spark plug. Go right. Open inventory. Place energy cell into slot. Pull lever. Grab energy cell back. Enter. Jump on button, press button near door. Exit. Activate teleporter 3. Enter background. On the first of the 4 trains, observe the crest near the top, jot down the roman numeral and the direction of the black slice. Jump on the platform of train 3, enter the door. Go left, moving boxes out of the way. Exit. Go left. Activate teleporter 4. Grab the furnace fuel on the left (pink ball). Warp to 2. Go left. Insert fuel ball. Go left. Get crane lever. Go right. Warp to 4. Go right. Enter background before train car. Note which of the 6 windows are lit on train car marked with PKP. Go right. Jump on button and pull lever, winged tower should activate. Go left. Enter background after train car. Jump on train car platform, enter. Go right, clicking scrap metal out of the way. Exit. Grab glyph and jump on button to activate winged tower. Exit back through train car. Go left. Go right past the coal pile. Jump on button, enter train car. Place energy cell. Exit. Place crane lever in two hole slot. Pull lever. Collect train crank. Re-enter the train car and get the energy cell. Go right. Activate switch numbers that match the lit windows on the PKP car. The PKP symbol will glow if correct. Go left. Enter train car next to teleporter 4. Grab first class train ticket. Exit. Go right, enter background after the train car. Go right. Jot down the dots (number) and symbol of the scroll on the ruins. Go right. Activate teleporter 5. Open the door and enter the train car. Place the train crank to the right of the other one. Activate both cranks then pull the lever. Exit. Go left to teleporter 5, warp to 3. Enter the background. Go right. Jump into the train car, go right. Match the symbol on the train ticket to the correct cabin, enter. Grab the glyph in the luggage on the top right. Jump onto the seats, jump back and forth without touching the floor (Bouncy!). Exit. Go left until back at teleporter 3. Warp to 5. Place the pyramid glyph in the slot. Enter the pyramid. Go left, then right. Grab the train ticket out of the bag. Go right. Grab the malachite gem. Exit the pyramid. Warp to 3, enter the background. Go right. Back to the cabin car. Go right to the back of the car. Enter the second class cabin. Exit left. On the left side you will see a pole with a button, activate the button and the light will turn on. Go right. Activate teleporter 6. Go right. Activate both sensors and the meter will glow. Go right. Place the malachite gem into the empty statue, the meter will glow. Go right. Near the top, spook the little guy, then click on the plaque. Note which way the symbols are, up or lying down. Enter the background between the pillars, the white flag with the curved symbol marks these spots. Activate teleporter 7. Go left. Continue right past the pillars. Near the top of the green gate, click the symbols and match the pattern on the plaque. Once complete the meter will glow, go right. Jump on the button, go right. Note the scroll, then enter it on the larger scroll, add the symbols onto the corresponding slots from the two other scrolls. Next pull the rusty lever on the right, the meter will glow. Grab the red and black vase near the top right. Go left. Click the handle at the center of the 5 lights. The wall should open, enter. (possible bug – if seaweed won’t enter, go left then come back and try again) Once inside, click the triangle button. Click triangle button. Light up the top triangle. Go right. On the yellow arch, another scroll with dots (number) and a symbol, make note. Go left. Pull lever, lower the sensor then get close to activate it. Go left. Jump on the button to open the winged tower. Turn on the light pole, it is slightly hidden. Activate teleporter 8. Go left. Insert the energy cell. Click the TV. Note the pattern. Take the energy cell out. Note the crest, its roman numeral and the black slice direction. Click the electrical panel to the left of the TV. Collect the resin transistor once it’s open. Go left. Activate the power pole near the green spire. Note the crest, numeral and slice. Enter the Library near the city edge, collect the vase. Exit. Go right all the way back to the yellow arch. Go right again. This is the other side of the green gate, so enter the reverse of what was on the plaque. Collect the vase. Go right. Ignore the button and go left. Pull the lever and turn off one of the lasers. Grab gear out of wall slot. Exit left. Scare off little guy and pull lever. Walk near sensor once it lowers. Click triangle button twice to light up lower left triangle. Activate teleporter 9. Exit through background. Turn on light pole to the left of the 3 houses. Go left. Look left towards the dead end, there should be a sensor, move closer and jump to activate. Open the drawer and get slider handle. Go right until you reach the lasers, insert slider handle into panel and pull lever. Go right and exit outside towards the green gate. Go left. Insert gear near barred door. Click to clear bars. Enter. Grab last slider handle. Exit right. Go right past green gate. Go left and insert last slider handle, turn off all the lasers. Go right and step on button, turn wall handle with 3 lights. Go down, first door. Get vase. Jump on button at right side, winged tower should activate. Exit upstairs. Enter second door, upstairs. Place black and red vases on top row, in numerical order. Place red and black vases on bottom row, in numerical order. Wall light should turn blue. Exit left. Go left past teleporter 9. Pull lever over door of building with blue light. Enter. Grab stone weight hidden in bottom left corner. Stand on platform, pull rope. Unbar and open door. Exit. Click triangle button three times, light up lower right triangle. Turn on light pole. Go left. Push red lever, tube should glow. Go left. Activate teleporter 10. Pull red handled lever on far left. Note roman numeral and black slice on lower right wall. Enter house. Grab the vacuum lamp out of the broken machine to the left. Exit. Go right until dead end. Scare little dude. Jump up on furniture far left. Jump again to activate sensor under the streetlamp. Open drawers in foreground, get small wall button. Place wall button in empty button slot near door. Press the 3 remaining buttons. Enter door. Click to observe art. Grab couchette train ticket on table. Exit. Enter background alleyway. Turn on light pole above garbage can. Note roman numeral and black slice on upper left wall. Go right. Grab gear out of wall slot. Go right.

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One Run – Part 2

Activate teleporter 11. Grab white paint. Exit right tower. Pull lever near the bottom left. Go right into tower. Turn on light pole to the left of tower, very hidden. Go right. Note roman numeral and black slice on lower right wall. Go left. Enter building. Open toolbox on top left shelf. Get thermal lamp. Turn black slices to directions noted from 1 to 6, (I-II-III-IV-V-VI). Grab vacuum lamp once puzzle is complete. Exit. Go left to teleporter 11. Go left. Get vacuum lamp on top of crate. Go right to teleporter 11. Warp to 6. Go left. Enter train car. Enter main passenger car. Insert couchette ticket into slot. Enter door. Grab resin transistor from broken machine parts. Exit. Return to teleporter 6 (Enter rightmost train cabin. Exit left. Go right.) Warp to 7. Go right. Insert vacuum lamps into 3 empty slots. Pull lever in center of lamps. Jump on button. Enter door. Place both resin transistors into far left panel. Pull lever. Gate should disappear. Exit. Go left. Warp to 11. Go left. Enter background now that glowing gate is gone. Go right pass the mill. Turn on light pole. Go right. Grab the glyph on the far right. Move right through the sand until all 3 sensors are lit. Enter building. Press button above door to raise/lower the column. Exit on second floor. Jump on the button to activate the winged tower. Grab the gear in the wall slot above left door. Open box on right side. Get thermal seal. Exit right. Turn on light pole. Pull lever. Jump on the button to the right. Pull lever once red light is on. Move near sensors until both turn on. Grab crescent door lamp. Go right. Click the rod holding the spire top open. Enter the window. Activate teleporter 12. Open locker. Get lever handle. Turn the tiles to match the pattern noted from the TV in the city. Grab paint brush. Go right. Note last scroll with dots and symbol on the ruins. Go right. Get glyph under crane. Go right. Get crane operator license near guy in bottom right corner. Go right. Turn on light pole. Grab operator license, wave in front of panel. Door should open. Enter. Jump onto right railing, then on roof of crane control room (Parkour!). Pull lever. Enter. Open toolbox. Get shipyard crane lever. Place crane lever into slot in bottom right corner. Exit. Go down crane stairs. Go right. Get crescent door lamp from top of building on the weather vane. Enter building. Jump to the right until you press a button (In the Darkness). Grab sack of grain. Enter door on left. Pull all blocks of wood and metal bars from under large wheels. Jump on button to the right. Pull right red lever from ceiling. Jump of left button, pull left red lever. Exit to downstairs. Pull lever, bell should raise. Exit. Go right. Use paintbrush or white paint on empty circle on lighthouse. Enter door. Open drawer. Get piece of drum order. Exit. Go right. IGNORE floating glowing stone. Go right. Enter background between ship and plane propeller. Go right past the big skulls. Activate the first black stone. Go left, back to the ship and plane propeller. Go right. Activate teleporter 13. Go right. Enter the hidden cave, to the right of the flag, covered in shadows. Get the glyph. Exit. Go right. Grab the left bone eye from treasure chest to the right. Enter the background between both ships. Go right into the big shell. Open the wardrobe. Get tugboat valve. Exit left. Go left. Place tugboat valve into red slot on first ship, activate to raise winged tower. Go right. Activate teleporter 14. Go right, past the hole. Grab glyph. Jump on button on right side, raising winged tower. Go left. Enter large hole into ship. Turn red valve, raising last winged tower. Pull red lever to open door. Jump up to and enter door. Run to right side, jump on button. Turn red handle on far left (you should hear steam). Once square sensor is lowered move towards and activate both, then pull lever near door. Enter and go right. Turn both red handles (more steam). Exit left. Continue left until teleporter 14. Warp to 3. Go right. Activate black stone. Use button to spin device until both ends glow. Go left. Warp to 13. Go left. Enter background. Go right pass skulls. Activate glowing square on second black stone. Get piece of drum order. Go left, left, then right to teleporter 13. Warp to 11. Go left, left. Enter background. Place sack of grain on the windmill opening. Enter mill. Get lever handle. Exit. Go left. Then right until teleporter 11. Warp to 10. Go right. Place the matching lever handles in the empty slots. Pull all levers, all tubes should glow. Go left. Warp to 11. Go left, back towards the mill. Go right past the mill. Turn the red wheel. Get the piece of drum order. Go left, then right, back to teleporter 11. Warp to 8. Pull red lever. Enter door. Place stone weight on hook attached to the rope. Activate 4 sensors. Enter door once open. Click on pieces of trash piled in the center of the room to move them. Get crescent door lamp once revealed. Exit. Go through doorways to reach top level, go right onto the walkway. Continue right into the apartment. Get grapevine ornament near doorway. Exit. Place grapevine ornament into slot above closed door. Pull lever next to glowing triangles. Go left. Exit left. Go right. Enter door with ornament. Get orange tree sap on middle shelf above doorway. Exit. Enter triangle door. Unbar and open door. Pull left red lever, moving sensor right. Exit. Enter right side door. Pull right red lever, moving sensor down. Exit. Re-enter left side. Move left and jump, activating both sensors. Exit, and re-enter right side. Flip glowing red lever. Get spark plug that is revealed. Exit. Go left. Warp to 7. Use tree sap on leaf pattern on black tree. Get green leaf that appears. Warp back to 8. Enter doorway, go up and right, back to apartment. Place green leaf into empty frame. Get pyramid scroll guy dropped. Exit, go left back to teleporter 8. Warp to 5. Enter pyramid. Go left. Go right. Check pyramid scroll. Place correct 4 glyphs into wall slots. Go right. Door should be open. Enter. Open sarcophagus (stone coffin). Get portal glyph. Exit pyramid. Warp to 9. Enter background. Place crescent door lamps into all 3 slots. Enter house 1. Get gear from wall slot. Place energy cell into slot. Exit. Enter house 2. Place thermal lamp into slot. Pull red lever. Exit. Enter house 3. Place thermal seal in slot. Push red lever. Exit. Enter house 1. Get energy cell. Exit. Enter house 2. Get spark plug. Exit. Go right. Warp to 7. Go left. Go right, continue right until large scroll. Set the two remaining symbols. When correct, the pillar will lift. Get the last piece of drum order. Go left until pillars, then enter background. Warp to 2. Go right. View the pieces of drum order in your inventory. The numeral at the top of each note is the order of the poles holding each drum. The numeral in the squares/rectangles is the order in which the drums must be pressed. Clicking on a drum will spin it. Press the drums in order from 1 to 7. Get the gate glyph. Go left. Warp to 1. Go right until the ruins. Enter. Go left. Place the gate glyph into the slot carved in stone. Go right. Exit. Go left, back to teleporter 1. Warp to 2. Go right, right. Enter the glowing portal. Go right. Turn the wheel floating up top. The platform will move, jump across. Go right. Place the portal glyph into the large slot. Click on the device above the glyph. Place energy cell into the last slot. Turn the middle lever. Take the shipyard crane navigator. Exit right. Go right. Enter the crane. Enter the control room. Place the shipyard crane navigator into the left console. Flip the lever near the doorway, and all 5 levers at the controls. All 6 lights should glow. Get the right bone eye that is revealed. Exit the crane. Continue left until teleporter 12. Warp to 13. Go left. Enter background with skulls. Place both bone eyes into the first skull. The skull will drop a viking chest seal. Go left then right back to teleporter 13.

One Run – Part 3

Use the viking seal on the chest in the boat. Get buddha statuette. Warp to 2. Go right,right. Enter portal. Go right all the way to the portal. Activate to warp, and activate it again to warp back.Now on top of the stone, go right. Place the buddha statuette into the empty slot. A large buddha will appear. Get the light cable in their left hand. Go left. Enter the portal. Exit right. Drop down and go left to the teleporter. Warp to 14. Go right and enter the ship. Continue right. Place the light cable into the slot in the wall. Check the monitors. Both left and right monitors have symbols that can be moved. Match up the symbols on both monitors. The door will open. Enter. Place the 3 gears into the slots in the wall. Turn the red handle (more steam). Go right. Turn both red handles, go right and jump on the button. Go left and activate the sensor. Pull the lever when all lights are lit. Pull the red handle (steam). Enter the door. Pull the red handle above the doorway. Open the locker to the right of the doorway. Get the gear. Go left. Get the ship crane inductor. Pull the red handle (more steam). Go right, right. Activate teleporter 15 (Tourist). Place gear near first door. Turn both red handles (even more steam!). Enter door. Move left to see red handle on right. Turn red handle. Grab solar panel. Exit. Pull lever near right door. Warp to 14. Place solar panel to the right of the other one. Warp to 15. Go left, left. Turn red valve. Go right. Grab celestial orb. Go right, right. Place orb into empty pedestal. Get tanker valve hidden in right bottom corner. Enter door to bridge. Grab VIP train ticket. Pull levers for engine room and rest deck. Go right. Grab spark plug on the radio tower. Go left, left, then exit. Warp to 6. Go left into the train cars. Open up the last cabin with the VIP ticket. Enter. Get the combination code off the side table, on the book. Exit. Go right. Exit the train cars, back to teleporter 6. Warp to 15. Go left, left. Enter door into ship. Go left,left, far left corner. Place ship crane inductor into slot next to the other one. Activate them both. Go right. View the combination code. Use the code to open the safe. Get the spark plug from the safe. Go right, right. Enter door to upper deck. Open the lockers and put away the unused glyphs, drum orders, combination code, pyramid scroll and crane operator license. The only thing that should be left in your inventory is the rudder screw, spark plugs, and tanker valve. If not, put away any extra items into lockers/drawers/cupboards etc. Go right until back in the ship. Enter the door to the engine room. Place the tanker valve in the red slot, activate to open the door. Place the 5 spark plugs in the engine. Go through the door and exit right. Exit right through the back of the ship. Once outside, place the rudder screw into the empty slot. Turn all 3 screws, all the lights on the rudder should glow. Make sure your inventory is empty. If so continue right. If you dodged correctly, you will get (Seaweed, not Tumbleweed) before the last scene. Continue right.

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Congrats you beat the game! Now we can breathe. One run achieved!
(Hopefully you didn’t get swarmed by tumbleweeds.)

You should have 9 achievements remaining.

Once the credits are done you will be at the main menu. Select continue. Load your save.
*If you walk right, the credit sequence will start again once you are past half way.*

Getting (Ornithologist) – Have all the seagulls fly away.
Around the map there are seagulls perched, stare at them, click on them a bit maybe, they fly away. As we look for shells and coins clear any gulls you see.

Your inventory can expand indefinitely. So its time to pick up everything in sight.
At the rudder, 2 spotted shells on the ground, left and right corners. There are 50 around the map, and 50 gold coins. Those will be the last 2 achievements, but we can grab some along the way. Go left into the ship. On the ground by the left side near all the cables is Little Friend. Go left. In the engine room, go as far right as you can right and jump. On the railing between the main engine and the one in the foreground is a half hidden shell. Go left into the orb room. Into the bridge and out onto the rest area. Grab the book off the table. Exit left, left. Then outside to the teleporter. There is a shell near the left side of the staircase leading down.

Now we will get (Little Ones). We just need 2 more since we already picked up Little Friend. Warp to 6. Go left. Enter the train. Little Brother will be in the bottom right corner, and a gold coin in the left. Exit left and back to the teleporter.

A small detour for (Code Breaker). Warp to 13. Grab the 7 coins in the bottom left corner. Grab the shell at the end of the boat, on the right side. Go left. Grab shell on the front of the plane propeller. Hidden in a top left pocket of the white coral in the foreground is the crumpled note. Examine it in your inventory. Writing out the symbols as numbers makes it easier to solve the code. Go right to the teleporter. Warp to 2, go right. Check your notes for the drum puzzle.(If you need the in game drum puzzle notes, they should be in the lockers by the door on the upper tanker deck) Enter in the 25 digit code by clicking the drum with the corresponding number, starting at top left number and moving right as if reading a paragraph. If the correct sequence is entered, the the little wall panel will open with a blue light. (Code Breaker) should unlock. Go left. Warp to 1. (the Last Gnome) should be standing in the open doorway of the hut. If not make sure the rudder screws on the tanker are all turned.

Now we will aim to scare all the seagulls for (Ornithologist), get all the coins and shells and finish the last of the collecting quests. This will consist of mainly moving through the map again, just running to the right, grabbing whatever is available. To get (Giving Personality) an item must be put on all the pedestals. This can be done with junk items that we will be collecting along the way. These are the items like needles, spoons, dice, etc. Keep the postcards and books, you will need them for (Librarian).

Since we both know there is going to be a lot of “Go Right.” I’m going to start abbreviating GR and GL. GRR for go right twice. Teleporters will be TP 1 – 15.

Starting at TP 1. GR. Go in the stone hut. Open cupboard. Grab everything. Exit. GRR. 2 Seagulls. GRRRR. At the crevice where you fall in, shell in bottom right corner. Fall in. GRR. Shell on the large rock to the right. Enter. Shell directly above the entrance on the ceiling. Exit. GRRR. Go in tower. Check drawer up top, grab everything. Exit. GRR. Enter House. Upon entering, check the wardrobe, cupboard directly above you, drawer then trash can to your left. To the far left check the two cupboards by sliding the green frame out of the way of one of them. GL. Check the big wardrobe. The cupboard above the door, and the cupboard on the left. Grab the wooden souvenir statuette on the left cupboard. Exit. Scare the gull on the tower. Grab the shell, near the fallen pillar in the bottom right corner.

Little Pet is hidden on the far left side, at Little Seaweed’s eye level. Grab it and you should get (Little Ones). Only 6 more achievements to go.

GRR. Shell on the power box above you, attached to the metal frame you run past. GRRRR. At the rusting tanker train car, shell on the end of a some scrap medal in the foreground. GRR. Enter, exit. Warp to 4 and back to 3. GR. To the right of the black stones and the contraption, a shell between two spikey stones in the foreground. GL. Exit into background. Near the center foreground, a shell on some green luggage stuck in the sand. GR. GR. Enter VIP train cabin. Open travelling bag, and drawer, grab everything. Exit. Enter First Class train cabin. Grab book top left shelf. Exit. GR. Enter Couchette train cabin. Grab shell bottom right corner under the bed. Exit.

One Run – Part 4

Enter Second Class train car. Exit left. Place 3 of your junk items on the pedestals. GR. Warp to 4. GR. Get shell on the right side of the door of train car 2. Enter left side background. Grab shell in the foreground, in the small clearing among the railroad track debris. GL. GRR. Grab shell on top of coal pile between train cars. Place 3 junk items on pedestals in bottom right corner. GLL. Enter right side background. Grab gold coin above the door to the train car. GRR. Grab shell on the center of the motorbike handlebars, to the right of the pyramid. Enter pyramid. GLR. Enter into the last chamber. Grab gold coin off the neck of the Anubis statue. Exit pyramid. Warp to 6. GR. Shell in the center of the windmill wheel. GR. Grab shell from middle of the pole with the glowing meter on top. GR. Enter background between pillars. Grab shell on top of stones stacked to the left. GL. GR. 2 shells to get here, one on the left, near the top of the monument in the foreground, the other on the right side of the gate, on the square pale stone. GRR. Grab the shell in the bottom left corner, on the blue square stone. GL. Enter. GR. Place 3 junk items on the pedestals under the yellow arch. GL. Enter the Triangle door, grab book top right. Exit. Enter crest door. Grab all items out of cupboard. GL. Get the shell in the tangle of branches at the lower half of the green tree in the foreground. Enter. Go up and right. GR across wooden walkway. Grab book on shelf, and everything in the drawer. Exit. GL. Exit left. GRRR, stop at the back of the green gate. Grab the shell, halfway up the right side of the wooden gates. Place 2 junk items on the pedestals in the bottom right. GR. Enter the first door, going downstairs. Grab the book in the foreground. Grab the shell above the doorway. Exit. GLL. Place 2 junk items on pedestals left of TP 9. Enter background. GL. Grab anything in the drawer. Scare the gull on the wall. Grab the shell in the round section of the wall in the foreground. Place 2 junk items on the pedestals in the bottom right corner. GRR. GL. Grab the 4 shells surrounding the highest tall window on the front of the stone house. Enter. Exit down. Ignore pedestals for now. GR. Enter apartment. Grab book hidden in pile on cupboard, open cupboard, grab everything. Exit. Grab book to the far right on the ground, take everything from drawer in foreground. Exit background. Place 2 junk items on bottom right corner pedestals. Grab shell off of garbage dumpster, on its side hinge.

GRR. Place 3 junk items of the pedestals in front of TP 11. Enter tower. GR. Grab shell on center blue post covered with barnacles in the foreground. Enter. Grab anything in the toolbox on the top left shelf. Grab the shell on the blue box, on the right middle shelf. Exit. GR. Grab shell on the seawall, to the left of the center blue pole. GLLLLL. Exit background to the mill. Grab the shell in the wheelbarrow, bottom left foreground. GR. Ignore pedestals. GR. Enter. Lower pillar with button above door. Get gold coin, ascend, exit. Grab book in top right corner on the the shelf. Take all items from box. Exit right. GR. Enter. Grab everything in the locker to the right of TP 12. GRR. Grab the shell hidden on a hinge on the right side of the foreground machinery. GRR. Grab shell on the ground, under the left side of the crane base. Enter. Grab shell on the left side of crane, near the bottom, where the last bolt is located, hidden by fog. Enter control room. Grab items from toolbox. Exit. Exit down. GRR Enter Lighthouse. Grab everything in the drawer. Exit. GR. Grab the Warp Rune, you can use it in your inventory and warp any time! Grab the shell in the bottom left corner, hidden in the foreground coral. Grab the 5 gold coins in the right corner. GR. Enter background. Grab the shell off the end of the bone in the foreground on the left. Grab 4 gold coins in the bottom right. GR. Grab the shell in the bottom right corner, in the green rock. Use the rune and warp to 13. GR. Grab the 4 gold coins on the bottom left. GR. Grab the 5 gold coins across the ground. Grab all the gold and items out of the treasure pot and treasure chest. Grab the shell near the bottom of the right coral in the foreground. Enter Background. Grab the tree branch hidden in the foreground near center. GR. Grab the shell in the center of the large shell’s spiral. Grab all items out of the wardrobe. Use Rune, warp to 14. GRR. Get shell in the right bottom corner, hidden by fog. GL. Enter. Get shell near top of middle blue pipe, in foreground. Enter. GR. Enter. GL. Grab 8 coins out of the hanging safe. GL. Grab the shell sitting on the sand that has poured in. GRRR. Grab the shell in the bottom right foreground, with the tanks and the tubes. Enter. Grab all the items out of both left and right lockers.

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Next warp to TP 7. GL. Place the tree branch in the empty pot. This will earn you (Gardener). Warp to TP 8. GLL. Enter the library. Place your books, postcards and notes into the left and right book cases. When full the guy in the corner looks pleased, and you should get (Librarian).

Warp to TP 10. Enter. Grab the last gold coin off of the right box near the tinkerer’s feet. Exit. GRR. Place 7 items on the pedestals on the left and right sides. GR. Enter Background, enter again, towards the mill. GR. Place the last 6 items on the pedestals, this should earn you (Giving Personality). Warp to TP 15. GR. Enter first door to Engine Room. GRRRR. Finishing the game a second time here should earn you Aristocrat and Collector.

Congrats! It’s over! If you are missing any achievements at this point, double check you have all you need for collection quests, check any locations for the rest with the index.

Let Me Go Home

Where the blue green flows.

Hint 1:Keep playing the game
Hint 2:Help little Seaweed on his way home
Solution:Finish the game
Unlocks:End of game


Just look.

Hint 1:Something to do with birds
Hint 2:Seagulls are loud, aren’t they?
Solution:Stare at all the seagulls till they fly away, clicking on them may help
Unlocks:End of game

More Solutions:
Gull Areas:


  • Starting Area
  • Wedged Stone
  • Tower and Fallen Pillars

Train Yard:

  • Stone Train Platform
  • Teleporter 6


  • Dead End Alley


  • Ship and Plane
  • Coral Cave


  • Container Pile
  • Main Deck
  • Teleporter 15
  • Rudder
  • Sea Shore

Seaweed, not Tumbleweed

Dodge them weeds.

Hint 1:Little Seaweed should keep moving
Hint 2:Little Seaweed doesn’t like to be touched
Solution:Finish the game without touching any tumbleweeds
Unlocks:End of game

Big Picture

No time to lose.

Hint 1:Gotta go fast
Hint 2:Time is of the essence
Solution:Finish the game under a time limit
Unlocks:End of game


The renunciation.

Hint 1:There are some things you can do without
Hint 2:Worldly possessions only weigh down the soul
Solution:Finish the game with no items in your inventory
Unlocks:End of game



Hint 1:The floor is made of lava
Hint 2:This is easier with soft cushions to land on
Solution:Jump back and forth on the seats in the passenger car of the train without touching the ground


I’m right behind you!

Hint 1:Climb like an assassin
Hint 2:Get really high up
Solution:Go to the top of the crane, then jump from the right railing onto the roof of the crane control room


You got the guts?

Hint 1:Take that leap of faith
Hint 2:Jump there and back
Solution:Before teleporter 2, the desert cliff with the stone, jump to the hidden platform behind the stone, then jump back

In the Darkness

Press it.

Hint 1:Don’t click, just jump
Hint 2:Hiding in long, tall shadows
Solution:Past the city, in the building with the bell on the rope, jump on the switch behind the shadowy barrels and boxes on the right


Around the block.

Hint 1:You sure get around
Hint 2:Explore MORE!
Solution:Find all the teleporters

Little Ones

Little Ones

Hint 1:Find some friends
Hint 2:Hide and Go Seek is still popular
Solution:Find Little Pet (pointy shell) on the far left side after leaving the puzzle tile room. Find Little Brother (flat shell) near the rightmost seat in the second class train cabin. Find Little Friend (spiral shell) on the ground near the mess of cables in the room to the right of the tanker engine room.

Giving Personality

Share the wealth.

Hint 1:Put them on display
Hint 2:Show off your collectibles
Solution:place items on all pedestals around the map, best to use junk items as they serve no other purpose


Plant the plant.

Hint 1:There’s no leaves, but you might still need a rake
Hint 2:Sand is no place for plants, so where shall I take you?
Solution:Find the branch near the large shell, then take it to the columns near the temple after the train yard, place it in the empty planter


Complete the collection.

Hint 1:I hope you’re an avid reader
Hint 2:There’s room on these shelves for more than books
Solution:Fill all the slots on the right and left side of the library, you can use books, notes and postcards

Code Breaker

Break the code.

Hint 1:Do you have any scrap paper? We might have to transpose these symbols…
Hint 2:The symbols are numbers, 7 numbers, 7 somethings…..
Solution:Starting from the top left, click on the corresponding numbered drum from the spinning drum puzzle for the full 25-number sequence that is found on the crumpled note.

The Last Gnome

Find him.

Hint 1:The beginning is the end, that’s when we’ll meet my little friend
Hint 2:The Gnome only has time for those who are both smart and crafty
Solution:Solving the Code Breaker puzzle, and inserting the Rudder Screw and turning all the screws so the blue lights glow will unlock the Gnomes hut, located left of teleporter 1


The abundance.

Hint 1:Be a Seaweed of immeasurable wealth
Hint 2:The glitter of gold always catches the eye
Solution:Finish the game with 50 gold coins
Unlocks:End of Game

More Hints:
(Coin Area:)

Train Yard:

  • 2nd Class Cabin
  • Stone Train Platform
  • Pyramid


  • Apartment Pillar
  • Tinkerer’s Workshop


  • Coral Vents
  • Teleporter 13
  • Skulls
  • Coral Cave
  • Stranded Ships


  • Tanker Hull

More Solutions:
(Coin Locations:)

Train Yard:

  • 2nd Class Cabin – (Bottom left corner)
  • Stone Train Platform – (Above the door of the train car)
  • Pyramid – (In the lowest chamber, on the neck of the Anubis statue)


  • Apartment Pillar – (Center of the room, hidden when the pillar is raised)
  • Tinkerer’s Workshop – (Right side, right box by the tinkerer’s feet)


  • Coral Vents – ( 5 coins, bottom right corner)
  • Teleporter 13 – ( 7 coins, bottom left corner)
  • Skulls – ( 4 coins, bottom right corner)
  • Coral Cave – ( 4 coins, bottom left)
  • Stranded Ships – ( 5 coins across ground, 3 in pot, 8 in chest)


  • Main Deck – (In the left side locker)
  • Tanker Hull – ( 8 coins in hanging safe)


Eagle eyes.

Hint 1:Scour the beaches
Hint 2:Complete your collection
Solution:Finish the game with 50 seashells
Unlocks:End of Game

More Hints:
*(Shell Area:)*


  • Crevice
  • Sandy Cliff
  • Training Room
  • Tower and Fallen Pillars
  • Sandy Rail Crossing

Train Yard:

  • Rusting Tanker Train Car
  • Blackstone Contraption
  • 4 Train Cars
  • Train Yard Crossroads
  • PKP Train Car
  • Coal Transport Train
  • Pyramid
  • Couchette Train Cabin
  • Windmill Rail Crossing


  • Malachite Gem Statues
  • Teleporter 7
  • Green Gate
  • Large Scroll
  • Teleporter 8
  • Green Gate Inside
  • Stoney Basement
  • Dead End Alley
  • City Overlook
  • Walled Alley
  • City Pier
  • City Port
  • Storehouse
  • Mill
  • Mobile Crane Base
  • Crane Base
  • Crane Top


  • Coral Vents
  • Ship and Plane
  • Skulls
  • Black Stones
  • Teleporter 13
  • Stranded Ships
  • Nautilus Shell


  • Container Pile
  • Tanker Breach
  • Tanker Hull Hideaway
  • Tanker Hallway
  • Teleporter 15
  • Engine Room
  • Rudder

More Solutions:
*(Shell Locations:)*


  • Crevice – (Bottom right corner, on green ruins)
  • Sandy Cliff – (On the right side, on the rock face across the cliff)
  • Training Room – (Directly above the left side entrance, at the very top)
  • Tower and Fallen Pillars – (Bottom right corner, on base stone of fallen pillar)
  • Sandy Rail Crossing – (Above on the power box, by the power lines)

Train Yard:

  • Rusting Tanker Train Car – (On the end of scrap metal stuck in the foreground)
  • Blackstone Contraption – (Right side, between two spikey stones in the foreground)
  • 4 Train Cars – (Near center, foreground, on green luggage)
  • Train Yard Crossroads – (Right of the door, on train car labelled “2”)
  • PKP Train Car – (Foreground, left side of the small clearing among track debris)
  • Coal Transport Train – (On top of coal pile between train cars)
  • Pyramid – (On the center of the motorbike handlebars, right of the pyramid)
  • Couchette Train Cabin – (Bottom right corner, under the bed)
  • Windmill Rail Crossing – (Center of windmill wheel)


  • Malachite Gem Statues – (Center of the pole with the glowing meter on top)
  • Teleporter 7 – (Top of stacked stones to the left)
  • Green Gate – ( 2 shells, one near the top of the small monument in the left foreground, the other on the right side of the gate, on the pale square stone)
  • Large Scroll – (Bottom left corner, on a blue stone)
  • Teleporter 8 – (Bottom right of green tree in foreground, among the tangle of branches)
  • Green Gate Inside – (Halfway up the wooden gates, on the right side)
  • Stoney Basement – (Above the doorway)
  • Dead End Alley – (In foreground, inside the round section of wall)
  • City Overlook – ( 4 shells surrounding top tall window, on the front of the stone house)
  • Walled Alley – (On the side of garbage dumpster, where the hinge is)
  • City Pier – (In foreground, on center blue pole, covered in barnacles)
  • City Port – (On the green seawall, to the left of the center blue pole)
  • Storehouse – (Blue box on the middle shelf, right side)
  • Mill – (Foreground, bottom left corner in the wheelbarrow)
  • Mobile Crane Base – (Foreground, right side, on metal hinge of machinery)
  • Crane Base – (On ground, under left side of crane base)
  • Crane Top – (Left side of crane, near bottom, hidden in fog, where last bolt is)


  • Coral Vents – (Foreground, bottom left corner, hidden in coral)
  • Ship and Plane – (On plane propeller tip)
  • Skulls – (Foreground, left side, on the end of a hollow bone)
  • Black Stones – (Bottom right corner, hole in the green rock)
  • Teleporter 13 – (Right side, curved end of the boat)
  • Stranded Ships – (Foreground, green corals, right side, near bottom)
  • Nautilus Shell – (Center of the shell’s spiral)


  • Container Pile – (Bottom right corner, hidden by fog)
  • Tanker Breach – (In foreground, near top of middle blue pipe)
  • Tanker Hull Hideaway – (Sitting on small amount of sand that has poured in)
  • Tanker Hallway – (Foreground, bottom right corner, among the tanks and tubes)
  • Teleporter 15 – (Slightly hidden, on ground near back of center doorway, on the left side)
  • Engine Room – (Go far right, jump, hidden on railing between engines)
  • Rudder – ( 2 shells, one right corner, one left corner)
Written by Bagnorf

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