Slime Rancher – Saber Slimes Guide

Saber Slime Basics

The saber slime is quite possibly the most interesting and different slime in the whole game. The saber slime can only be found as a largo of a different slime. There is currently no way to see, find or keep a saber slime in it’s normal form.

  • There are no saber gordo’s currently in game.
  • The saber slimes favourite toy is the stegobuddy.
  • The saber slimes plorts have a def. value of 60.

Saber Slime Homeland

The saber slime is, say it with me, “A very rare slime that can only be found in one area in the whole game”.
The saber slime can only be found in:

-Wilds (Only as largos of other slimes).

Yet another rare slime.

Saber Slime Diet

The saber slime is a canivourus slime. Meaning it eats meat, but, it’s diet also depends on whatever slime it’s combined with.

The saber slime does not have a favourite food. It depends, again, on what slime it is combined with.

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