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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: Achievement Guide

Experience pure sniping gameplay across the harsh terrain of Siberia in a brand new contracts-based system, encouraging strategic thinking within engaging, redeployable missions.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: Achievement Guide

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts achievements and how to get them.

Story Achievements

These achievements comes when you complete whole game first time and cannot be miss.


  • Complete ALtai Mountains Region.

Black Gold

  • Complete Kolchak Harbor Region.

Cosa Nostra

  • Complete Beketov Valley Region.

Exitus Acta Probat

  • Complete Arakcheyev Fortress Region.

Final Countdown

  • Complete Sibirskaya-7 Junction Region.


  • Unlock 5 Regions.


These achievements unlock when you complete map on hardest difficulty “Deadeye”.

Its not that different from easier difficultys only that enemys do more damage and spot you more easily. Just take your time and shoot everyting that moves.

Frost Wolf

  • Complete ALtai Mountains Region on the highest difficulty.

Debt Collector

  • Complete Kolchak Harbor Region on the highest difficulty.


  • Complete Beketov Valley Region on the highest difficulty.


  • Complete Arakcheyev Fortress Region on the highest difficulty.


  • Complete Sibirskaya-7 Junction Region on the highest difficulty.


These achievements comes when you buy new gadgets, skiils and guns.

In order to buy weapons and gadgets you need to do contracts to get skull tokens and money.

As for skills, you need to complete challenges to get tokens there in order to buy it.


  • Buy your first skill.


  • Buy 28 skills.


  • Buy 57 skills.


  • Unlock 10 Sniper Rifles.


  • Unlock 7 Sidearms.

Jack of all Trades

  • Unlock 14 Gadgets.


This section contains bountys, challenges, collectibles and contracts.


Each map contains two bounties, you can only kill one target for each time you are playing a map so you need to complete map at least twice in order to get both.

There is total of 10 bounties but you need only 9 in order to get achievements.


  • Complete first Bounty.


  • Complete 5 of the bounties.


  • Complete 9 of the bounties.


Collectibles and either be posters or notepads and can be found in different location.

There is 6 Collectibles to be found in each map (30 in total) and all location are marked in there so they are easy to find.

You can all so mark them and use mask vision to see theyr location and how far it is from your current location.

You need to collect 14 of these in order to get achievements.

The Little Picture

  • Find the first collectible.

The Bigger Picture

  • Find 7 of collectibles.

The whole Picture

  • Find 14 of collectibles.


Each map contain 6 different challenge varying to easy to hard and can be complete in multi table playthrough .

You need to complete 24 challenges in order to get all achievements.

Trial by Ice

  • Complete first Challenge.

Trial by Fire

  • Complete 13 of Challenges.

Trial by Blood

  • Complete 24 of Challenges.


Pretty straight forward , just complete all the main targets and side missions that you been given.

each map contain 5-6 contracts except last one that has only 4. You need to complete 24 in total.

Private Contractor

  • Complete first Contract.

Military Contractor

  • Complete 13 Contracts.

SpecOps Contractor

  • Complete 24 Contracts.

Missable Achievements

All the achievements that happens in multi table playthrough’s or when done certain thing.


  • Kill enemy from each sniper rifle.

Quite self explanatory, just buy each sniper rifle and use them to kill one enemy. No need to complete mission, just enter one, shoot someone, exit, repeat.


  • Kill 3 Enemies with 1 bullet.

Probably best place to do this is in first map. I personally did this by going to dead agent body and shoot myself in legs with explosive round killing myself and 2-3 enemys.


  • Kill an Enemy from a 500 meter distance.

Probably hardest achievement to do. your first opportunity to obtain this is during a bounty in second mission where a rival sniper is over 500 meters away in a both at sea. If you miss this then in a last mission there is view to the dam where you can find 2-3 enemys over 500 meter away.



One-man Army

  • Kill 80 enemies in single mission.

Very self explanatory, just kill everybody you see and you should get this. there is over a 100 enemy in each map.


  • Kill enemy from zip line.

There is a great spot in second mission.

What you need to do is go to the bridge with lots of bots under it, there you need to wait until there is 2 enemy’s right under the zip line. Use zip line and release yourself just above them to perferm death from above.


  • Interrogate an Officer.

Where normal soldier register as triangle when tagged, heavy with cube and sniper with circle, officer is marked as diamond. Easily obtain during first mission where you have to interrogate 3 of these. Just get lose enough and grab them.


  • Eliminate Main Target with Remote Sniper Turret.

This one can be done any other map. Just set up your sniper turret on good location, use mask vision to tag main target and shoot. I myself did this on beketov valley.


  • Eliminate Main Target when in the vechicle with the mine.

Beketov valley might be the only one where you can do this. In order to do this you need to get close to Petroshenkos building and the place a mine on the road. Dorzier will drive over it and you get achievement.




  • Eliminate Main Target with Death from above.

Same mission as Hitman achievement. Go the harbor, jump top of the containers and jump on Leonid’s neck ones he shows himself. Or it can be done any other map.


  • Exfiltrate in under 1 minute after killing Igor Sekhov.

My suggestion is to go inside the building near the main entrace, up in the roof and there sniper both targets with darpa round. After that use the zip line and drop right after or top of the truck under you, use adrenaline shot to heal yourself but allso to grant you more speed (remember to by skill for that) and run to the exfiltrate point under the bridge.


  • Eliminate Main Target with The Chain kill.

Again Beketov Valley might be your best place to do this, you allso need a chain kill skill in order to do this.

You can either try to kill either one of the main targets while soldier is near or kill them both when they enter sauna together. Just attack the other target and then press direction that highlight on screen and chain kill other one.


Written by Stan

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