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SnowRunner Gas Prices

I’m cataloging the gas prices of stations as I see them for playing in Hard Mode. Mostly for my own use bc I kept forgetting prices.

Also, it doesn’t have all the maps bc I haven’t played all the maps, and I’m 100%-ing a map before I move on to minimize truck transfer costs in Hard Mode.

Finally, if there is any useful info I’ll make a note of it. [WIP]

SnowRunner Gas Prices

DO NOT turn in mission fuel trailers with more than 10-15% of fuel in them if it can be helped. You can turn a trailer in with as little as 10% and still get full pay. This will save you THOUSANDS of dollars – If I had known this I could have done all of Michigan without ever buying fuel (I turned in the super trailer FULL as well as a couple others, still hurts to think about).

Also, feel free to use Diff Lock, it uses no extra gas. AWD does however, try and minimize AWD. AWD usually isn’t needed unless your rear wheels are getting stuck and this can often be fixed with Diff Lock.

Michigan, USA

Black River:

  • East Station: $3/L ($11.35/Gal)
  • West Station: $2/L ($7.57/Gal)

Smithville Dam:

  • $2/L ($7.57/Gal)

Drummond Island:

  • $5/L ($18.92/Gal)

Island Lake:

  • No Stations

Notes: Driving to Smithville Dam from Drummond Island or even Island lake will always save you money. 60% savings is no joke, that’s $2700 on a scout trailer – you’d have to burn 1350 L more (in a scout driving from Drummond Island to Smithville Dam while buying only 900L…) from wherever you are to not save money, and the savings only go up the larger the trailer.

Written by Erizamanu

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