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Solium Infernum Ritual Effects and Stat Abilities

Solium Infernum Ritual Effects and Stat Abilities

Solium Infernum Ritual Effects and Stat Abilities – What all the rituals do and the special abilities and effects you get for raising your stats.

Ritual Effects


  • Burnt Offerings: Prestige +9-11
  • Convert tribute
  • Demand of Supplication: Temporarily + tribute quality by 2
  • Elocution 1-3: 1 additional vote, any demand insult or declaration gain prestige
  • Infernal Negotiations: Your demands -3 prestige, their demands +5 more
  • Procured honor: POP generate 1-3 additional prestige
  • Vanity’s Anointed : your preator gains +2 dueling damage. Their legion gains x2 combat


  • Border Beauracracy: target border canton goes to archfiend of your choice
  • Bribe Preator: target preator joins your vault
  • Convert legion
  • Forged orders: make your own orders for a unit
  • Loot the vaults i-3 takes tokens
  • Pilfer artifact
  • Strategic confusion: prevent target from moving 1 turn


  • Banish Preator
  • Corrupt Tribute 1-2: Destroy tribute from target
  • Danse Macabre: summons macabre host a 2-1-2 4 HP that loses 1 hp per turn. Multiple can
    be summoned
  • Dire Dissipation: deal 4-8 damage and reduce max hp
  • Enfeeble 1-3 reduce attributes of target
  • Infernal affliction 1-3: deal damage
  • Pain and punishment: destroy strategems , return artifacts of war and preators
  • Planar lock: target archfiend may issue 3 fewer orders per turn
  • Raise abyss strider
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  • Baleful Gaze: reveal attributes, strategems, and +2 strength bonus to any further rituals during
    the duration
  • Dark Augury 1 – Reveal archfiends weakest powers 2 – contents of vault 3 – Events 4- Ritual
    Table 5 – Schemes – 6 – Relics
  • Demonic Interference: target’s rituals are cancelled and artifacts returned to the vault. While
    in effect cannot put new rituals or artifacts of sorcery into play
  • Evil Ward 1-2: Increase Destruction resistance by 2 and get 5-7 prestige when you resist a
    destruction ritual
  • Expose Treason 1-2: Temporarily increase deceit resistance by 2 and gain 5-7 prestige when
    you resist a deceit ritual
  • Malediction of the seer: Temporarily prevent target archfiend from becoming regent or playing
  • Repeal Fate 1: Discard your own scheme 2: Or one of your opponents
  • Wrath
  • Hell’s Maw: Enemies destroyed on the battlefield are converted to resources equal to half of
    the destroyed opponents level
  • Infernal Juggernaut: target legion combat attributes increase by 8-12 and movement by 2.
    when effect ends unit cannot move, teleport, or provide support until ritual repowered
  • Tartarean Pathfinding: ignore movement restrictions imposed by diplomacy and lava, ravine,
    and swamp
  • Undying Vigor 1-2: Restore hitpoints
  • Witness The Martyr: Sacrifice legion to give target legion 50-100% of their combat attributes
    for the duration of the ritual
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Attribute Powers

These are the benefits you gain for levelling up or having stats in the attributes.
All level 4 attributes give you +1 order slots


  • 1: Strategems/Wrath Schemes
  • 2: Strategems that reduce combat attributes/ Command Rating +1
  • 3: Units heal +1 more next to POP / 1 more tactic added to strategems
  • 4: Protective Tactics Strategem (adds hit points to target)/ Grand Wrath Schemes/Command Rating +1
  • 5: Strategem that can change combat order/POP healing rate +1
  • 6: Strategem that can skip combat phases/Command Rating +1/ Strategem slot +1


  • 1: Bribe preator duels
  • 2: Seek Manuscripts
  • 3: More bazaar entries/Manuscript draw +1
  • 4: Preators can assign more dueling types with manuscripts/
  • 6: Manuscript +1


  • All Rituals


  • 1: See % chance success rituals targeting other players
  • 2: Ritual slots +1/ See who bid on bazaar items and who won/ 1 more simple scheme when plotting
  • 3:Terms of rivals vendettas revealed and their chosen preators/event choices+1/scheme slots +1
  • 4: ritual slots +1/
  • 5: ritual slots+1
  • 6: ritual slots +1 events slots +1


  • 3: Masking mirror: conduct rituals in secret without needing a vendetta
  • 5: Allow opponents to be framed
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