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Son of a Witch – Safety Escort Guide

Tired of struggling? Here you go.

What’s the problem?

After putting a few hours into the game, and most of them being a desperate try to escort that damn princess to her brother, and just failing. The main problem for us was that she just kept taking damage and you can’t really heal her (more on this later), which is quite the issue when you get into the castle with all the traps and having to make her move through those ain’t all that easy.

Can this be fixed?

Well, calling it¬†fixing¬†sounds like it’s a problem on the developers side, which it isn’t. Me and probably some one you reading this just kind of suck at the game, face facts. There is however a way you can cheese it quite easily. You do however need a few things.

  1. A friend to play with
  2. The archer

The reason you need the archer is because it deals the most damage in the early stages, and it can scale up real fast (by the time me and my pal was done with the escort he did like 200+ damage per arrow). You can do it with the regular knight aswell, just takes more effort.

How do you cheese it?

This is the easy part. You or your friend pick the archer to start with, to deal all the damage. Remember to pick up the correct runes. The other person pick the starter mage, with The Mighty Food Maker to provide the healing.
Having The Mighty Food Maker won’t heal the pricess though (she’s probably on a diet).

It’s also important for this to work as we intended it to do that you do not play the regular gamemode. So yes, player this way will be a spoiler for the ending of the game, so unless you wan’t to spoil that for yourself, do not attempt to do this the way we did.
Instead you should play the Casual / Party Mode mode instead, due to the increase of damage and the 200G start helps for the first shop if you are a little lucky with the items. There also seems to be a lot, and I mean a lot more rune drops to further increase your damage.

But fear not!

For you can heal her if you get the staff that evens out the health amongst the alive creatures in the room. This is best used in a shop with the NPC. It won’t trigger the protector-dude you rush at you either, woho! Using this staff, with a damaged princess will bring not only you and your friend back to full health, it will also heal the princess!

The last important thing to keep in mind, which is the reason for the archer, is that you should let this person enter every combat room aloone , with the sick damage most of the enemies will die in just 1 arrow making it really easy to kill all the targets.

Do this until you reach the shop with her brother (in the third level) and voila you will have unlocked The Mighty Pyromancer.

Written by Nope.

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