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Sons Of The Forest Guide: Item Locations & Beginner’s Tips

In this guide you will find the locations of the most important items (zipline gun, flashlight, axes, pistol, etc) in Sons of the Forest and how to get them. In addition, many useful tips for beginners are waiting for you.

Sons Of The Forest Item Locations

A simple explanation of the locations of the items you will need most in the game and how to get them. Locations of GPS trackers, axes, weapons, lighters and more:

The GPS tracker and pistol

The GPS tracker can be found on the liferaft in the water. You can swim up to it and climb the raft.

There are some items there including a pistol and the GPS tracker. The location can easily be found since it’s one of the highlighted areas in the water, that’s why I didn’t include a location picture.


The Rebreather and Taser

When you are going to this location you will experience a few cannibals and most likely a shark. First, when inside this cave follow the right side to pick up the Taser which is hanging next to a body in a red-ish cave. The red comes from a bunker which you can’t go through. If you have picked up the Taser, go back to where you came from and follow the right side of the cave again. You will eventually find the Rebreather and a shark that swims in the water. Don’t worry about the shark to much, simply jump and dive underwater and you will find a hole you can dive through.

The Zipline gun

The Zipline gun can be found north at the helicopter beach crash site spawn point.

The first cave you see is close to two tents with a small water pond in front of it.



The Modern axe

The Modern Axe can be found between the three blimping-locations on your GPS somewhat in the middle of the ones that are closer to the winter location close to two caves as you can see in the picture. The Modern Axe is inside a body in a few tents. Can be obtained in 15+/- from the spawn location. Though keep in mind, sometimes there are cannibals near. The Modern Axe is heavy and does more damage but is slower when it comes to attacking/hitting enemies or trees.


The Flashlight

The flashlight can be found at the three blimping locations on the GPS the closest to a cave. There is a man hanging on a rope. Cut down this rope from the top, go down, and pick up the flashlight.

The Revolver

The revolver can be found when digging up the site on the golf field in the open. When digged enough, you’ll see a hatch. From there, you know what to do.

The Modern Axe

The Modern Axe can be found at this location sticking inside a person’s body.

The Fireaxe

When obtained the shovel, the story starts as you could have told. Go to these locations on the map. In here you will also find the keycard including the fire axe.

The Keycards

As you can see in the FIREAXE section. The maintenance keycard is here as well.
From here, you basically unlock everything.

The Slingshot

At the north of the crash landing location (starting area on the beach), you will find this cave. Outside this cave, there are three dead bodies. The middle one holds a Slingshot. But using it is rather unuseful.

The Compound Bow

Maintenance B hatch. You need a shovel to enter. A keycard is not required.
Once exploring, you’ll find the bow next to a drowned man. In here you will also find regular loot, a silencer and a printer.

The Machete

The machete or ‘kukri’ can be found very close to the spawn point as you can see on the picture.
It’s 2 minutes of walking/running and you’ll see something sticking out of a boat. It’s quick but doesn’t do as much damage as the axe.

The Shotgun

When you have found the keycards, now you can open the doors to the bunkers.
I will not spoil to much cause there’s plenty to explore but when you are at this place on the beach, open the door to the bunker and see for yourself.

The Crossbow

When you have the keycard, open the door to this bunker below. With all the nature growing inside. You will find quite some loot including bolts for your crossbow. Open the door and explore. You can find a body at the right side in the second or third room laying on the ground.

The Shovel

In order to get the Shovel you need the Zipline hook to travel on the rope to the other side including the Rebreather since you need to swim through a hole underwater. You will also find an air canister to refill your Rebreather. Continue exploring and you will find regular loot as well which comes in handy. Bringing batteries for your flashlight also might be useful since it’s really dark down there.

In this cave, at a body you will also find a flashlight attachment for your weapon, it’s at a dead body. Continue exploring the cave, swim again and you will eventually find the Shovel at the end. From there, the true journey starts.

The Katana

The Katana can be found when you are going to this part of the world. At the lake, there’s a bunker. If you explore every room you will eventually find it. The Katana is on a stand in the living room next to the couches.

The Chainsaw, Guitar and Guest Key

When going to this cave, be prepared for a bit of cannibal here and there, and definitely bring some batteries with you as you will need them. This cave/bunker is very big and there are a lot of things that you can pick up. Mostly money though. In this cave, you will also find the guitar, a chainsaw, and a guest key. You will find them. The key can be found close to the end of this cave/bunker near bodies sitting on a table with loads of money around them. The guitar can be found on the bar and the chainsaw at the cinema.

The Golden Armor (key to ending)

The same location where you can find the Katana as well. Simply explore the rooms and you will find the golden armor. You need this to continue to the ending part of the game.

The Silencer (Heli crash loc)

At the helicopter crash site, you will find a case with a silencer and some other basic loot. Not much else to find here.

The crashed plane loc

At this location, there is a crashed airplane. All you can find is basic loot, food, money, and a leather jacket from the pilot. Keep in mind, there is a lot of deer here for food and armor.

Sons Of The Forest Beginner’s Tips

Written by menTaz

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General tips

  • Avoid attacking enemy units during the first hours of the game, they offer no benefits and the only thing that will change after annihilating an enemy patrol, is that it will intensify them, sending more numerous groups of mutants, curious about what happened to their brothers. The simplest way, which is more rewarding in the long run, is to simply get out of their sight and wait for them to leave.
  • You should never, ever, decide to move out of your camp when the sun goes down, unless you clearly have no options and are forced to do so. There are a few reasons for that statement: there are many more enemy patrols in the forest at night, you will have (due to lack of light) trouble moving and to get out your flashlight (or other light source, such as flares and / or lighter) you are perfectly visible to the enemy from a great distance.
  • As you move around the island, especially while in the forest, you must keep your eyes in the back of your head (literally, because enemies can climb trees and jump on you from the air), and be very careful not to stumble upon an enemy patrol. The stealth mechanics in the game work very well, and you can be sure that if you are well hidden, there is no chance of the enemy detecting you.
  • If you are unsure, if your environment is safe, you should always move while crouching (refer to the key shortcuts section of the guide if you don’t know how to do this), because you make less noise while doing so, even walking a A few meters away from the enemy, there is a high probability that you can go unnoticed.
  • Pay attention to your character’s physiological needs: if he lacks energy, feed him, otherwise you won’t be able to fight effectively or even run. If he is hungry, feed him too, because hunger leads to certain death. Don’t ignore blood on your hands (which means an infection) or hypothermia (symbolized by an icy screen); in both cases, your character is on a fast track to an illness, which will result in lower stamina (which makes fighting or sprinting difficult).
  • If you defeated a group of cannibals, unload them and collect the leftover elements (head, hands and legs). You can use the elements to build dolls to scare your opponents.
  • Para lavarse las manos de la sangre , salte al agua; todo lo que tiene que hacer es sumergirse para deshacerse de ella. La lluvia también te limpia de sangre.
  • Patrols increase in size and aggressiveness along with the amount of enemies defeated. The groups will increase in number and will be composed of more powerful cannibals and mutants. As a result, avoid fighting with the enemy to prevent the conflict from escalating.
  • If your character has been soaked with water (e.g. you have been outdoors during rain) and you will receive a message that your hero is suffering from hypothermia, seek shelter quickly. Enter a roofed space (e.g. one of the shelter types) and stand next to a heat source (e.g. a campfire). Your character will heal after a moment.
  • Watch your step. During a quick trip, you can often fall off a hidden bluff that will cost you much of your health or end in instant death.
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Combat tips

  • The opponents are more powerful than they seem: a few normal cannibal attacks are enough to eliminate your character. You will receive access to better armor as time goes on, but the first few hours of the game can be difficult.
  • When you see an enemy patrol nearby, be sure to hide behind cover (crouching) rather than going straight into combat. Some of the enemies can travel fast and may simply run away to return with reinforcements after a while.
  • Save the toughest enemies for last. If you have been attacked by a group consisting of cannibals and a mutant, defeat the cannibals first and leave the mutant for later; your task will be much easier.
  • Strive to build a better weapon than the initial axe. Combat will be easier, while you will be able to customize your equipment according to the situation; not all weapons are effective against a given opponent.
  • Even if you don’t see the enemy, the enemy can see you. These situations are usually signaled by enemy shouts or a change of music. If something like this happens, look around and be sure to spot opponents – don’t let them surprise you!
  • Your character can block incoming attacks. The attacks of most opponents can be easily blocked even when armed with a simple axe, allowing you to avoid damage.

Base building tips

  • Pay attention to the location of campfires and other light sources. You should build walls around them so that they are undetectable from the outside; this will reduce the chance of the enemy patrol detecting your base. Don’t place the fire too close to the bed: the character may stand on it after a nap which will end up losing some of your health points.
  • A wall must be the right size. Enemies will easily jump over a single fence, but you can simply build a second row (on top of the first) so that they cannot climb it.
  • Do not accumulate resource reserves on the outskirts of the base. This approach will allow you to avoid destroying them when the base is attacked by cannibals or a mutant.
  • Use relief to your advantage. You can build a base at the end of a cliff that can be accessed from only one direction; this approach will make escape more difficult, but will allow you to defend your base more easily, as you will only have to set traps in one direction.
  • Choose a suitable location for your hideout. Building it in the middle of the forest will give you access to a lot of resources (stones, sticks or wood), but you will not be able to see the opponents beforehand. On the other hand, building a hideout far from the forest will make expansion more difficult. You must weigh the pros and cons and decide on your own.

Healing in Sons Of The Forest


Healing items are fairly rare at the start of the game. You will find meds in caves, boxes, and other storages, but they can come with risks thanks to the tribes. The other issue you have is that Aloe Vera is fairly rare, but, it does grow around in-land water sources and rivers.

You will also need Marrow for the basic med, or Horsetail, and Firweed to make the healing + recipe. These items tend to spawn in different areas of the maps in huge patches. If you can find the area near the crashed plane just below the mountains, then there are plenty of those types of items around there.

Basically, when exploring the forests and surroundings you will see the ‘E’ interaction button popping up now and then. Just pick up everything from the bushes. Eventually, you will get ‘full’ which means you are maxed out. Create potions/medicines for future purposes cause the painkillers will not do the trick and will run out quite quickly + they are harder to find.

The can opener

When you first start a save, your helicopter crash happens in the same location. If you look up the mountain and follow that small stream, it will bring you to a frozen lake. Look around the lake, and you will find some things to loot around the lake and in the small ice cave.

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One of them is a can opener, which will allow you to open tinned cat food, which is commonly found in boxes, cases, and other areas of interest. This will help your early game food issue, and your winter food storage.

A handy tool to have around when finding cans. Otherwise, you can’t open them and have less useable food.

Extra: 6 useful tips for beginners

Scavenge and collect

The first tip is perfect for your start in Sons of the Forest. If you have just crashed, you start with little equipment and are quite helpless. So scour the surrounding area and collect everything you can find. Sticks, stones, plants. Everything can be helpful. If you find essential resources, such as aloe vera plants for healing, note their location, so you can always find them.

When you have explored the world a bit more and unlocked the shovel and some keycards (which is not required) you can find a printer in Maintenance B hatch or at another place. Check the other guide with locations for knowing where it is + more information. When being at a printer, make a flask which is basically a bottle you can refill at water sources.

Building your base

For your first base, you should find a safe area. Of course, this should not be in the snow biome, it is far too cold there. Look in a warmer area and preferably near a water source.

Once you have found the perfect place, start cutting down trees and building a small hut. Start small to have a safe shelter as soon as possible. Also, build a fence or, better still, a wall around your base to protect you from attacks.

Saving ammo

You will find many more weapons in Sons of the Forest than in its predecessor. These include firearms such as pistols and shotguns. However, ammunition is rare, so you should save it for emergencies.

To defeat smaller waves of enemies or to hunt for animals, it is best to build a bow and arrows as early as possible. You can also use melee weapons like axes or improvised clubs to fight off your enemies. You should use firearms when stronger enemies, such as mutants, attack your base.

Safe your molotovs for big monsters as well or for groups. When finding the machete or the modern axe, it makes things also a bit easier.

Your surroundings

Good preparation is half the battle. The saying makes sense here because rash action can mean your demise. So you should observe your opponents’ paths and avoid them in the early game.

Before attacking them, you should see how many opponents are around and how they react. They will be better prepared for you than you are for them.

If you are geared and up for battles, go for it. Bones are very handy for armor and quite easy to obtain. Just kill them and put them on a fire.

Calvin and other AI

Calvin is an NPC who survived the helicopter crash with you. Help him, and don’t leave him. He is a helpful support throughout the game, whether in combat, gathering, or defense. You also need to take good care of and feed him; otherwise, he might stop working and die in the worst case.

Who is Calvin?
Calvin, your first companion, is deaf due to the crash and has suffered head trauma. He won’t be able to communicate with you, and in 8-player multiplayer, you will only have one companion. You can use your notepad to give orders to Calvin so that he collects resources for you and delivers them to a chosen point. He can also follow you, attack enemies or hunt.

Companions will periodically take a break and eat something. If you do not take good care of them or behave badly towards them, they will do their work more and more slowly.

How to recruit new companions:
To recruit new companions for your cause, you must find out what these companions want from you. Besides Calvin, there is currently only one other known companion that you can recruit in Sons of The Forest. This is the mutant woman Virginia, who has already appeared in various trailers.

At the beginning of your adventure, she will flee from you, but she has a rather reckless nature. You will be able to recruit her, although the developers won’t say more about it yet, and increase her trust in you if you are nice to her.

Quickslot – Bag (tip)

Put in your most used items in the backpack when checking your inventory. Once you have done that, hold the I button.

Sons Of The Forest Item Locations & Beginner's Tips
Quickslot – Bag (tip)
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