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Sons Of The Forest How to regrow trees

Regrow the forest like you never touched it. Bring back every single tree and bush.

How to regrow trees in SOTF

You’ve just cut down a few trees and bushes, sadly they will stay chopped of. With a quick and easy workaround, you can bring the whole forest back to life. Just follow these simple steps.

Works both, on multiplyer and singleplayer!

How to regrow trees

  • Save and close your game.
  • Open your save file. You can find it at:
  • Open the “WorldObjectLocatorManagerSaveData.json” file (you can use the standard notepad).
  • Remove the whole content and type in the code below.
  • Save the file and hop in to the game. The forest will now be like you never touched it.
{"Version": "0.0.0","Data":{"WorldObjectLocatorManager": "

You can open your AppData Folder by writing %appdata% in your windows searchbar. This will open your AppData\Roaming directory, so just click on “AppData” in the adressbar.

If you are not sure which of the save files is the correct one, you can just save the game again and check the “last changed” directory.

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