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Soul Knight How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode

The Boss Rush Mode is a gameplay mode unlocked once the Garden becomes available.

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Soul Knight is a roguelite game openly inspired by Enter the Gungeon. In this game, you will have to navigate the darkest depths of a dungeon full of dangerous threats… and weapons. There are more than a hundred different weapons that you can use to kill the monsters that you meet along the way.

How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode

How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode
How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode

Boos Rush Access

To unlock Boss Rush Mode, the player must:

  1. Beat the game by reaching level 3-6 at least once.
  2. Meet Valkyrja during runs and buy 3 feathers from her.

After the player has met 2 requirements above, Boss Rush Mode can be accesible in the Garden. The NPC Valkyrja will spawn on top of the gravestone which is the entrance to Boss Rush Mode.

When the player tries to interact with Valkyrja, she will offer access to Boss Rush Mode, if one has at least one Feather. Boss Rush can be attempted 3 times a day, and each run costs 1 Feather. Interacting with Valkyrja after completing 3 runs will cause her to say “You have used up your chances today, feel free to return tomorrow.”

It is possible to start this mode with Daily Challenges or Badass Mode, and the conditions will apply normally.

Players must interact with the Valkyrja at least 3 times to have her present at the tombstone. Simply modifying the feather counts using 3rd-party tools will not cause her to appear.

Boos Rush Gameplay

BossRush Certificate

After interacting with the Valkyrja to activate Boss Rush mode, an icon of a red helmet Boss Rush icon will appear to the right of the status bar.

The mode has only 13 levels. There are 3 floors, each floor contains 4 levels of bosses, and the goal is located at 3-5. The biome of each level in the same floor may be different.

The player will be able to use buff slots after clearing these floors: 1-1, 1-3, 2-1, 2-4 and 3-2.

Each level (except 3-5) will contain 3 rooms:

  • 1# The starting room will contain a white chest. If it is at Floor 1, it will also contain a weapon chest.
  • 1.1# This white chest will not contain any gold, but more energy. It may also contain weapons or potions.
  • 2# The second room can be a chest room or a special room, just like the same rooms in a standard run.
  • 3# The third room will contain a boss, depending on the biome.

After defeating each boss, a large red chest will appear. It will contain a random weapon (can be the boss’s motif weapons) and a random potion.

  • This chest may spawn at 3-4 even if the next level is the goal.
  • If the Fight with 2 slightly nerfed bosses in each Boss room condition is applied, two red chests will appear accordingly.

The mode is completed when one reaches 3-5, where the magic stone is absent. Instead, the Valkyrja will appear on a large tombstone, with the clear time engraved on it.

Boss Rush 3-5

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