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Soul Knight How to Unlock the Robot

You can unlock the robot only if you have unlocked the Engineer. To get the latter, you need to pay $1 or unlock using a coupon.

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How to Unlock the Robot

The Robot is located in the workshop, to the right of the main room. It looks like a pile of junk. Walk up to it and you’ll see the message ‘Maybe someone will be able to fix it’. To fix him you need 20 batteries and 20 parts, then you can find the Robot in the living room among other playable characters

How to get a coupon for a free character

You can find such coupon in the workshop. It can appear on the third table next to the trader. Keep in mind that the coupon can be used once only, so first you need to collect enough materials for repair. Then, use the coupon to unlock the engineer, and fix the robot.

Where to find the Trekking pole

Like any other weapon, it can be found in the dungeon. Besides, you can find blueprints there and create this item in the workshop. The Trekking pole significantly speeds up the character but deals no damage. It can be used by support characters in multiplayer.

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