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Soul Knight All Statues Effects

Soul Knight is a roguelite game openly inspired by Enter the Gungeon. In this game, you will have to navigate the darkest depths of a dungeon full of dangerous threats… and weapons. There are more than a hundred different weapons that you can use to kill the monsters that you meet along the way.

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Soul Knight Statues Effects

Statues are interactive objects found alone in rooms.

Worshipping a statue costs money but also gives you a special effect that is activated when you use a character’s skill. The cost of worshipping a statue starts at 15 gold, and increases as the player goes deeper in the dungeon, and can be reduced with the Sales buff.

Statue effects have separate cooldown times that can be longer than the cooldowns of the player’s skills, especially faster skills, like the Rogue’s roll. Statue effect cooldowns can be monitored by the outer coloured circle around the character’s feet, which appears if the effect is ready. The color of the circle corresponds to the color of the line under the statue.

Statue effects cannot be used without a skill, even if the statue effect is ready.

Basically, the player can only have one statue effect active at a time. Worshiping a new statue will replace an existing effect. It is also impossible to worship a statue if you have already worshiped the same statue before.

Statues Effects

All nearby enemies are pulled closer and take 4 damage. Gain a temporary speed buff.

Gives user a damage amplifying effect for 4 seconds, during which the weapon projectiles are larger and deal more damage.

Places 4 TNTs around the user. Explodes after a few seconds or upon impact.

All nearby enemies are knocked away from you and take 5 damage.
All nearby projectiles are destroyed. Affected by Reflect buff.

Shoots 8 homing arrowhead-shaped bullets in cardinal and ordinal directions.
Affected by Accuracy and Shotgun buffs.

Creates a force field around the player that absorbs the next hit within 6 seconds.

Summons a knight follower.
Knights die after taking significant damage or after 20 seconds. Knights are affected by the Pet and Reflect buffs.

Shoots 3 daggers in a cone arc with 4 damage each.
Affected by Accuracy and Shotgun buffs.

Creates circular symbol on the floor, regenerating 10 energy for 3 ticks.

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