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Soulcalibur VI – Earning Soul Points

Earning Soul Points

SP (Soul Points) are associated with your Online ID account and shared across
all modes.

You earn the indicated amount of SP for completing the corresponding task:

50 SP – Win an online ranked match.

50/100/150/200 SP – Successfully complete Arcade mode.

Depending on your completion time and difficulty, you can earn up to 200 SP for
completing Arcade mode.

100 SP – Trade 5,000 gold for 100 SP in “Mission: Libra Of Soul” mode.
Trade SP at the Currency Exchange in Dhaka.

200 SP – Successfully complete character stories. The SP is rewarded for each
character story completion.

Note: Hidden records are unlocked by completing missions in “Mission: Libra Of Soul” mode.

2,000 SP – Successfully complete “Story: Soul Chronicle” mode.
The SP is only rewarded once.

A good and straightforward way to earn a lot of SP is to complete Mission mode, and exchange your extra gold for SP when you have reached the end. Then, complete Story mode and all character stories. Next, begin playing Arcade or Online mode to get the rest. At this point, Normal Arcade mode should be very easy.

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