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Space Crew Controls for PC Keyboard

A quick rundown of the keyboard controls, since the game doesn’t tell you.

Keyboard Controls

Space Crew is not great at communicating its controls, and there is no manual. This is a quick & dirty rundown of what I have gathered from reading the Steam forum and from in-game experimentation.

  • Number keys 1-6: each selects an individual crew member.
  • H: send the selected crew member to the medical bay.
  • W: zoom camera in.
  • S: zoom camera out.
  • Z: toggle camera between ship interior and exterior. NOTE: this replaces the SHIFT key from Bomber Crew.
  • SHIFT: hold to look at a CCTV view of the ship interior. Use A/D or L/R arrow keys to switch cameras. Note this mode appears strictly cosmetic – you can’t use other controls here. But it does look cool.
  • Do nothing: If you leave your game idle, it will switch between all CCTV cameras within the ship as a kind of “screensaver”. Cool! Touching any game control leaves this mode. (e.g. W or left click will leave this mode, but J or M won’t.)

Regarding the CCTV: You can actually cycle through different camera feeds while holding SHIFT with the left and right Arrow Keys!

Doesn’t seem to serve a purpose beyond letting you get a closer look at your adorable crew members hard at work, when they’re not running around on fire (or maybe when they are on fire, if that’s your thing )

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Written by Zombra

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