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Space Engineers Frostbite Walkthrough

Space Engineers Frostbite Walkthrough

You will start in a drop ship which has some supplies you can grab. Once you grab the items go to the panel on the mid deck and start the game. You will land at an outpost that has supplies. You will also have the option to grab and repair a heavy vehicle and repair base defenses. Once you have done this you can drive up to the gate. Head up to the top of the tower. Grind open the door and open the front gate.

Head out and when you get to the small outbuilding next to the path be prepared for an attack from above.

if you feel like cheating the next thing you do is head up to the weather station, cross the bridge and grab the lock down module which is on the back of the truck.

Now make your way down to the retired refinery. Be on the watch out for drones that will attack you. One you get there take out the turrets. There will be two outside in little bunkers and one inside in the middle of the large cargo area.

Once you have taken those out you can make a new spawn point at the medical bay next to the hydrogen truck depo. You also now have access to 2 new vehicles. If you already grabbed the lock down module one is the exact same the other is a mining vehicle which needs to be repaired before it can be used. You do not necessarily need to use it but it is helpful.


Now head down the mountain past the medical bay and you will see a destroyed truck keep going down and go left a bit till you see a blocked off cave entrance. When you arrive or shortly after 2 drones will attack you. Now either break out the drill and get to grinding or if you have the drill vehicle chop on through. if you also have the lock down module, make sure you bring it along . You will go through multiple passageways and pass one underground building. The next one you encounter will be armed so prepare to take it out. After you kill that turret a spider drone will come out with a Gatling gun. Make sure to take it out as well.

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You will encounter a gate. There is another turret to the top right inside the base. After you take care of that one you can walk straight through where you will come to a building. To the right there will be a hole you can climb through but be careful of the turret right inside. Now you can go to the right door and there will be two turrets mounted to the ceiling. Make sure to take them out. In the center of the room there is a panel you can play, play it. Then go up the stairs next to the further turret and at the top turn left and make another left. You should be staring at another turret down the hall. Take it out.

Walk past the turret and you will find a bridge that links this part of the base with the other. Cross it and play the message. Look around for a room with a blue message board which overlooks the data container. Turn around and in the right of the room there will be access to a staircase you can you to go in and unlock the outer door.

Use the forklift to recover it and place it in the back of a truck.


Now make your way down the elevator next to where the forklift was. You will likely need to call it. Go down to the end of the hall and you will find you need a lock down module or to blow up the reactor. I will explain the lock down module.

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if you already look at the hidden text you can ignore this. Now you will need to take one of your trucks back out of the mine and make your way back to the weather station which is up the hill from where you spawned. If you still have a vehicle there it may be more efficient to kill yourself and re-spawn up there. Now drive up to the weather station. Watch out for the turret across the bridge. Once that is dealt with cross the bridge and get in the truck and drive it back to the mine.

Use the forklift to remove it from the truck and take it onto the elevator. Drive down to the end where you will see a merger block that you can connect the Lock down module to. It will turn green when connected.

Beating FrostBite

Research Archives

Head down the walkway to the left. Watch out for the turret in the open area.

Beating FrostBite

Take a right.

You will encounter a building which has a turret guarding the entrance. When you enter there is a story line to listen to.

Beating FrostBite

Continue down the main road for a ways and you will come across a veichal which you can use.

Beating FrostBite

When you reach the end go though the building and play the log. After that head downstairs and cross under the bridge to stay safe from the turrets above.

Head into the large open area and be careful of the surface access lift tunnel which has a Gatling gun at the end of it.

Beating FrostBite

Once you cross to the other side a drone will break through the ceiling. Take it out and keep going.

Go through the research archives door opposite from where you entered. Play the message when you enter then make your way upstairs.

Find the cargo control which is covered by a create and push the button.

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Back to the Surface

Now head back out there and prep the truck and trailer to get those data containers to the surface. It will be a bit finicky. Lower the crane and detach it using the buttons on the side of the area. One it is down using the buttons on the truck lower the supports on the trailer. Maneuver the truck into place. Lower the connector onto the truck and in the cab connect them like so.

Beating FrostBite

Once you get into the second lock storage room there is a turret so be careful.

Beating FrostBite

Your finished product should look something like this. Make sure you secure your load!!!
Open the main gate and repair the bridge so you can drive out the way you entered.

Beating FrostBite

Once you are back to the original data container take it out via crane and use the forklift to get it onto your original shipment.

This next part is a terrible idea and I highly recommend doing two trips to get everything to the top. BAD IDEA — I personally like to be as lazy as possible, so we are only going to do one trip. So, we take off the back module and using the forklift we mount them side by side, so they don’t fall all. Make sure at least one creates is attached so it is “secure”. – BAD IDEA

Beating FrostBite

Once you get back to the landing point your drop ship will fall under attack, and you need to defend yourself from an aerial attack. Kill all the ships and then the game will end. For me one of the ships would not engage so I had to go into creative to agro it. Once you kill them all you will get a cut scene. Once that is over wait a little bit for the game to register the achievement for you.

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