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Space Engineers – Survival for Beginners

New to Space Engineers? Well this is the guide for you if you are planning to play in survival mode. It will talk about the basics of survival mode and how to get through the problems and attacks you will encounter.

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Survival for Beginners

First Steps
Once you create a survival world in Space Engineers, you will spawn in a crashed ship with a health, power, oxygen, and hydrogen bar. If you choose to spawn on a habitable planet, oxygen will not matter. If you spawn anywhere else besides a habitable planet, you will need to keep an eye on your oxygen meter. If this is what you choose to do then you will need to make sure to seek out a source of ice. No matter where you spawn, you will need to find your basic tools on the crashed ship you are on. Once you have retrieved these items you will have to start using your buzzsaw on parts of the crashed ship. This will give you resources to help build vehicles and other tools used for crafting and breaking down items. Once you get some basic resources you should start by building a small ground vehicle. It should be equipped with some weaponry in case of an attack from drones.

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After building a vehicle, you may decide to add some drills to it. Once you build these drills it will be a lot easier to mine. Before building them you will only have a hand drill. You could dig around or look for boulders that have resources in them to help get valuable resources for construction. Once you build these mining drills you could quickly gather resources to help build an ore detector. If you get one of these it will be very easy to locate the ores that you need to build certain crafting stations and components. You then can also get lots of iron for steel plates which can be used to make frames for vehicles.

As you will notice, there are bases around your location. If they detect beacons or satellites that you own, they will send out drones to attack you. There are a few types of drones, some being stronger than others. If you plan to build a satellite or beacon, you should make sure that your vehicle or base has weapons on it. They will shoot anything that comes near your base. There are also rifles you can make to help fight the drones. When fighting drones with the rifle, you should always aim for its gun(s) first. Once the guns are destroyed you can either shoot its thrusters to make it fall or you can fly up to it if you have hydrogen and you can grind the thrusters. These drones have some very valuable components on them and they will be very beneficial to take down.

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Outer Space
Once you get enough resources and hydrogen to build a spaceworthy ship, you can make your way off of your planet and into outer space. You want to make sure that you have parachutes on your ship just in case you have to go back down to your planet. Once you make it into outer space you will want to turn off your beacon or satellite because of all the drones there. There will be some drones that will ask for your help but they might be lying, so take caution. Outer space is very dangerous and you will need to make sure to be well prepared.

The Best Space Engineer
I hope that this guide has been helpful for you and provided good information for when playing Space Engineers in survival mode. After spending lots of time playing you will eventually have fleets, bases, space stations, and many other things that will help you survive in Space Engineers survival mode. With a lot of time and effort, you could be the best Space Engineer.

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