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Spellcaster University Dungeon Master

The game does not explain how the dungeons work at all. I decided to try and try to fix this oversight.


The most important thing to know about dungeons is that you don’t have to go through them at all. Dungeons are an additional option to earn cards, resources, reputation and prestige. Other than that, they don’t provide anything. From this you can make an interesting effect – there is no point in postponing their conquest until the last. Since these bonuses are needed precisely at the beginning or in the middle of the school run. Besides, the only thing you risk is four students. So go through the dungeon as soon as you get an acceptable team.

You will only have 1 or 2 dungeons per map. Once you accept the dungeon quest, it won’t disappear until you try to get through it. The most important thing is that you keep all the rewards even if the students die. So don’t be afraid to be greedy. All of them appear after fraction event. Just wait and you see your first dungeon.

Difficulty scales with how long your students have been in the dungeon.When your students go forward or take a hard encounter, the danger goes up by two with no maximum limit. There are encounters that can lower the difficulty, but don’t count on them to lower it massively. More difficulty => Higher monster level and more mana gain.

Encounters work exactly like dialogue; you get several choices to select from, with factors such as a student’s race, items, books, faction rating, rooms, and magical levels affecting what your options are and what monsters you face. Some choices lead you to fight (most choices lead you to fight).

Dungeon Master

Artifacts and animals

In game you have some equipments (Runic spear, Light Pad, etc) and animal (Fat Phoenix). And best thing you can do with that – just don’t use it. Their effect is insignificant for dungeon and the penalties are severe (students can wear only one equipment of each type, so if you activate dungeun equipment all you students start wear this useless staff). And most funny stuff – even you activate this, it’s not guaranteed that right student start use it. Phoenix don’t have penalties for sure, but animals is very usefull slot. They give you one feather. This is neat, but not a game changer.

If you want, you can use Light Pad (armor from light deck). It’s give nice bonus (10 HP + 1 armor) and this equipment don’t have strong analogues (except Potions pads, all of them just garbage).

Also, you have some little bonuses from some room (Heroism room for example), relic, artifacts and students perks, but my advice is just don’t worry. Just see on the screen where you prepare your expedition.

How to fight?

To successfully complete the dungeon, you need the right skills and composition. You can choose only one active ability. All passive working automatically. And here is my rating of skills:


  • Sacred magic (Active) – Give X shields for ALL team members. It is very difficult to go through the dungeon without Sacred magic. Try to have 1-3 members with 4-5 Sacred Magic. 2 is optimal (you need to deal damage too)


  • Enchantment (Active) – deal damage and have change for stun. Another way to beat the dungeon without Sacred magic, but you will be having problems with 4 mobs. Boss-killer.
  • Druidism (Active) – deal damage and gain power buff (more damage for next strikes). Especially strong with Assassination. Best DD.
  • Temporal magic (Passive) – dodge. 5 level = 50% to dodge. First survival skill.
  • Heroism (Passive) – armor. 5 armor give you -5 damage for each incoming attack. Second survival skill.
  • Retribution (Passive) – give you chance to act after incoming attack.
  • Demonology (Passive) – give chance to act student in row after acting.
  • Assassination (Passive) – critical chance (max 50%). Double all damage and shields.


  • Potions (Passive) – give you chance to create scroll after fight. Some scrolls are powerful, some are not.
  • Herbalism (Passive) – heal classmate directly in front/behind them each time where students act. Sound good, yeah? But the problem is that the base health is very low (10). And the main battle will go in the shields. Strong monsters can deal 30-40 damage. So if the shields fall, the student dies. But healing is usefull anyway because restoration is going fast, that give you addition time to kill the enemies. Especially if you have max HP buff.
  • Runes (Passive) – give you some Shields before battle (max 15). It’s not a lot, but good if you don’t plan go deep.


  • Elementalism (Offensive) – take damage for two random enemies. Not so bad, but much worsen then Sacred, Ench and Druid.
  • Beast magic (Passive) – give you low chance to stun enemies before battle (and slightly reduce damage). Weak effect, totally random, and you can do it with scrolls.


  • Necromancy (Active) – damage + heal. I need to explain why this is the worst active skill?
  • Portal magic (Passive) – you gain more Mana in dungeon. This is good, but don’t help you in combat. And most valuable loot is card, not mana. So… yeah.

So your best composition is 2 Sacred Guys + 1 Ench + 1 Druid (2 Ench, 2 Druid is fine two). For frontline try max Temporal magic, Heroism and Retribution. All other passives is allways welcome to.

Typical good composition:

Dungeon Master-1
Dungeon Master-2
Dungeon Master-3
Dungeon Master-4

The elder scrolls

Sometimes you will find scrolls or (more often) craft them with magic. You can use it only after and before combat.

  • Phoenix Feather – can resurrect your students. This is good, but usually if one of your students die – all off them died. And if all of them died – you can’t use it.
  • Healing – Heal your student for max HP. Virtually useless (see How to fight part).
  • Celerity – first round student act twice (and can twice activate blood magic). Good for more shield and druid ramp.
  • Bark skin – give you 2 armor. Can’t stack.
  • Death touch – remove one of monster. Not working with Bosses.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse – remove all Shields from enemies. Use it after Death touch, because sometimes enemies reborn as Specters (with a lot of shields)
  • Petrify – stun all monsters for first round.

Also, you can find some keys. They only needed for some decisions in dungeon.

Some more tips

  • Best time to go in Dungeon is Fall (because is just one season from Graduating).
  • Most usefull class for dungeon runs are Sacret Magic. You need it.
  • Try to take different races in team. You may come across events where decisions depend on the presence of a certain race in the team.
  • There is no particular difference between the types of dungeons. In my opinion, the sewers are the easiest, and the Archmage’s Tower has the best loot.
  • Even if you take 4 Sacred Magic spell, fights not will be endless. After some rounds your students start throwinf lighting bolts. But this is bad strategy.
  • All fight is automatic. You cannot influence them once started.

The Deep One

The best loot i ever know in Dungeon is in Archmage Tower. And you need a deepfolk guy here.
Just find a event with Dark ritual and choise option where you need deepfolk.

Dungeon Master-5


The Turtle have they specian dungeon. You need to talk whis here head to take this. It is not necessary to pass the company and receive the achievement, but give you special bomuses.

The End?..

Perhaps if new content is added to the game, I will add this guide. Also, if you want to add something or correct me, feel free to write to me.

Dungeon Master-6

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