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Spelunky 2 Items Guide: Unique, Shops, Crates Items

Spelunky 2 Items Guide

This guide includes:

  • Unique items and items not usually available for purchase at shops:
  • Available in shops and from crates
  • Items carried on back and sold in shops
  • Carriable Items available at shops: You can only pick up one at a time.

Available in shops and from crates:

  • Rope Pile: Contains 3 ropes.
  • Bomb Bag: Bag containing 3 Bombs
  • Bomb Box: Green box containing a dozen bombs.
  • Paste: Makes bombs stick to surfaces and enemies.
  • Spectacles: Enables vision of gems and items in the ground.
  • Climbing Gloves: Grab onto walls on points with no ledge. Holding the joystick towards the wall grabs, and returning it to center lets go.
  • Pitcher’s Mitt: Throw items in a long, linear path, rather than the default arc.
  • Spring Shoes: Jump twice as high.
  • Spike Shoes: Allows you to traverse thorns without damage, ice without slippage, and adds damage to jumping on an enemy’s head.
  • Compass: An arrow appears on screen, pointing to the level’s exit(s).
  • Parachute: When falling far enough to cause damage, the parachute ejects automatically, allowing slow fall. The parachute is single-use.
  • Skeleton Key: Unlocks locked doors that normally require a carried metal key. Doesn’t work on the chest containing the Eye of Udjat.

Items carried on back and sold in shops:

  • Cape: Yellow cape that allows slow fall by pressing and holding the jump button in mid-air. One can slow fall to avoid fall damage, as well as fall onto spikes without taking damage.

The four following wearable “pack”-type items, explode when coming in contact with flame and gunfire, afflicting you with a ton of damage. Use at your own risk.

  • Jetpack: Allows a certain amount of flight by pressing and holding the jump button in midair. Burns out after a certain amount of time in the air without landing.
  • Telepack: Allows one to press jump again midair for a teleport in any direction, but beware, used in correctly, teleportation will make you collide with blocks and kill you instantly. The telepack differs from the teleporter in that it is worn on the back instead of carried.
  • Hoverpack: Allows one to press the jump button midair to levitate for an unlimited amount of time. Can be activated over and over in the air to descend slowly or reposition, but doesn’t allow you to get higher in the air without a jump off the ground.
  • Powerpack: Red accessory worn on the back, allowing bigger bombs and a fiery whip. The powerpack interacts in different ways with different weapons, as the shotgun seems to have decreased recoil when wearing. The journal states that the powerpack “imbues its wearer with improved weapon handling abilities”.
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Carriable Items available at shops

You can only pick up one at a time.

  • Webgun: Shoots webs, trapping enemies, some projectiles, and yourself.
  • Shotgun: Powerful 12-gauge shotgun both used by and sold by shopkeepers. The shotgun has a considerable amount of recoil. Note that the recoil will throw you off ladders, ropes, and vines if they are not up against a wall. Pressing the attack and jump buttons simultaneously while on the ground performs a shotgun jump. A shotgun jump uses the shotguns recoil to launch you some extra height into the air. Use this to simulate having spring boots.
  • Freeze Ray: Gun that freezes an enemy, allowing them to be dispatched with ease. The freeze ray has a considerable amount of recoil.
  • Crossbow: Fires an arrow in a straight line that you must retrieve before using again.
  • Camera: Can damage or stun certain enemies with its flash. Its flash can also illuminate dark levels and tunnels.
  • Teleporter: Carried teleportation device that allows you to teleport in any direction with the attack button. Be cautious when using, as teleporting into an already occupied block can telefrag something, and in the case of the ground or walls, that something will be yourself.
  • Mattock: Mining pick allowing you to cut through blocks for a certain amount of hits. Pressing attack and jump simultaneously will swing the mattock as you jump, enabling you to dig a block or two up a wall.
  • Boomerang: A ranged weapon that comes back to you when thrown.
  • Machete: It’s a blade that can cut through burnable blocks in the jungle, as well as spider-webs. It’s also more a more powerful weapon than your whip.
  • Metal Shield: Shield that blocks and reflects in front of you, but also pushes everything you walk over. If you push something into a wall, it’s destroyed. Great for enemies, not so great for other things.
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Unique Items

Unique items and items not usually available for purchase at shops:

  • Alien Compass: Used to locate the Mothership in 5-1. Obtained by rescuing Van Horseling in Volcana (world 2b), going to Vlad’s Castle and letting Horseling kill him, then finding Van Horseling yet again in 4b-1.
  • Udjat Eye: Eye that lets you see items and gems in the ground just like spectacles, but also reveals secret areas in world 2. The Eye of Udjat is obtained on 1-2 or 1-3 by bringing the key to a 7×4 block building with a chest at top. Combine the key and chest to recieve the Eye. Take the eye to Volcana to use the drill and get to Vlad’s Castle or to Jungle to reveal the Black Market.
  • Kapala: Sacrifice 2 still living pets, or a combination of other bodies and stunned enemies on the altar to recieve the Kapala. The Kapala collects blood droplets from enemies along the rest of your journey, giving you extra hearts.
  • Hedjet: A pharoah’s crown sold in the Black Market in world 2a for $40,000. The Hedjet, in combination with the Scepter held by Anubis, gains entry to the Lost City of Gold in 4b-2.
  • Crown: Obtained at the top of Vlad’s Castle in world 2b. Allows you to obtain Excalibur in 4a-2 and reach Abzu (secret 4a-4)
  • from 4a-3.
  • Eggplant Crown: Obtained in Eggplant Land from eggplant Yama.
  • The True Crown: Blow up a Kali altar then get cursed by the NPC who appears on the next one. Meet Beg a second time and he will give you the True Crown, a jester-hat that randomly teleports you every 22 seconds, but also adds 22 bombs to your inventory upon each teleport.
  • Ankh: Revives you once. Obtained in 3-1 (see above Olmec’s Lair explanation).
  • Tablet of Destiny: Obtained from secret 4a-4 or secret 4b-4. Reveals which ushabti summons the qilin (6-2/6-3)
  • Royal Jelly: Restores 6 HP. Obtained from Kali Altar sacrifices (3 alive pets or more) or a Queen Bee.
  • Vlad’s Cape: Allows double jump and slow-fall. Wearable on back. Obtained from defeating Vlad in Vlad’s Castle (world 2b).
  • Clone Gun: Carried item. Has three rounds that duplicates one item each. (Works on mounts and pets as well). Obtained from successful completion of the Star Challenge in world 4a.
  • Excalibur: Very strong melee weapon obtained on 4a-2 by a wearer of the Crown. A spelunker with the Ankh and excalibur can open the way to Abzu on level 4a-3.
  • Broken Sword: Clone Excalibur with the clone gun.
  • Plasma Cannon: In the Mothership (5-1), or extremely rarely elsewhere. The Plasma Cannon is an alien weapon (carried) that shoots explosive projectiles. The Plasma Cannon has a large amount of recoil.
  • Scepter: Carried weapon obtained in 4b-1 from Anubis. Can be combined with the Hedjet (from the Black Market) to open the way to the Lost City of Gold in 4b-2.
  • Hou Yi’s Bow: Functions like a crossbow, used in combination with the Arrow of Light to get to final secret area of game. Obtained in the Moon Challenge in world 2a/b.
  • Arrow of Light: Combined with Hou Yi’s Bow, the Arrow of Light is used to get to the final secret area of the game, the Cosmic Ocean. Obtained in 7-1’s Sun Challenge.
  • Wooden Shield: Carried by some Tiki Men, this carried shield reflects projectiles but doesn’t crush anything up against the wall.
  • Idol: (I mistakenly call this relic in this guide, so if I don’t change that, sorry.) Retrieved from trapped locations and turned in to the exit for a hefty sum of cash.
  • The Tusk Idol: Obtainable in Madame Tusk’s Dice Game in 4-1/2/3, under certain circumstances(?)
  • Curse Pot: Most levels have one of these jumbo clay pots with a spooky ghostie on the front. Breaking it gives you a diamond but summons the ghost to chase you for the remainder of the level.
  • Ushabti: Statuettes in 6-2 room. Use Tablet of Destiny to determine the correct ushabti to summon the qilin on 6-3.
  • Eggplant: Place a present (sold by shops) on the altar to recieve a carriable eggplant. Dropping from any distance or taking any damage destroys the eggplant.
  • Cooked Turkey: Set a turkey on fire, or just blow it up, to recieve this item worth 1 HP.
  • Elixir: Obtained from 4b Star Challenge. Presumably cures curses and poisons, but I’ve yet to test this.
  • Four Leaf Clover: Item dropped by leprechauns or in secret areas and challenge room that extends the time before the ghost comes by 2 minutes. Also creates rainbows that reveal the location of hidden pots of gold.
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