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Spelunky 2 World 7: Sunken City Guide (Eggplant World, Cosmic Ocean)

Embarrassed to admit I haven’t made it here, as the game is very tough, so for now I’m leaving this blank. Information on how to get here is scattered throughout the rest of the guide, but a condensed version is in the below image (h/t to /u/captain__M on /r/spelunky for compiling this info).

Here is a video showing the Vlad’s Castle route to the Sunken City:

7-1: Unlocking Eggplant World

If you somehow managed to get the Eggplant Child (obtained in 5-1) here, your destination is here. Somewhere in the level, you’ll see a statue of a woman sitting atop a pedestal. To unlock the door next to her, you need to set the Eggplant Child on her lap, not on the pedestal she’s on. If you somehow managed all this, congratulations, you’re off to Eggplant World.

Secret 7-2: Eggplant World

This version of 7-2 is full of cute eggplant beasts and humanoids, and they’re all peaceful. Get the Eggplant Crown by whipping Eggplant Yama’s face. The Eggplant Crown allows you to throw Eggplants by pressing the attack button.

If you want to see an ecstatic streamer Hectique make it here, watch the video below:

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