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Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Solutions to Spirits. This is short-hand guide for quick nudges and vague help for people who want to do most of it themselves. Now including the shrine item lists for the collections – since they relate to collecting spirits.

Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

NOTICE: This guide is incomplete as I am still doing this, but has been published early by request. It will be updated as and when I figure them out. Kenzo and Yumi are the only ones missing.

Like all my guides, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • These are essentially puzzle solutions. Proceed with caution. Spoilers including names will be left out, but these will be directly telling you what to do for each board request.
  • This guide is short-hand. There are longer guides out there with more detailed instructions, and the official discord’s #ask-for-help channel that you can use if this doesn’t help. (Or comment!)
  • Check the forums for bugs. The game is new, and some are still kicking around.
  • Items in Song’s store change daily and dramatically. If you can’t find an item needed, check again tomorrow – or check another shop, like Eko’s, or the cafe.
  • If you cannot see a spirit, one of three things is the cause:
    You have not spoken to a related-NPC enough first,
    You have not come at the right time, or day,
    You do not have the Spiritualism to see it.
    If you can’t see one and you’ve spoken to the noticeboard NPC enough – grind your spiritualism up and come back tomorrow.

Tutorial Spirits – Eko’s Store

Fatherog and Aurum

Go to Eko’s convenience store. Follow the tutorial. Grabbing them can be fiddly but they will eventually tire themselves out, making it easier.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“Cleaning Tips Needed” / Moby


Go to Moby’s flat, which is in the apartment complex near the boat. He is on the top floor on the first right. It is in the bathroom.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List
[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“A Vandal!” / Sujin

Borzo and Dolmori

Talk with Sujin. Stand in the circle watching the red X at 5:30. The spawn may take an extra 20 minutes to reach the boat. You need to look at it with your spirit vision active.

Talk and chase it to the rock in the concealed tunnel. The “clue” is right next to the rock on the left, press E, and then go through when it moves. Use spirit vision the moment you’re out – and you’ll see it.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List
[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“Picture Frame Recommendations” / Bruce

Name: Fenias

Talk to Bruce, then go to his house after 9am on a weekday only. The shrine needed is here – then visit Songs nearby. Repair it completely. Talk to the spirit (on a weekday after 9am only again). Make sure you talk to Bruce again.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List
[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“Temple Bell Maintenance” / Young


Use spirit vision and with the bell at the temple. Do NOT talk to Young if he is standing there, or a bug could lock you and you will have to reload.

This one can be fiddly. Make sure you have enough spirituality and have bothered Young about it. No tricks – just press E on the bell if there’s a shadow under it.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“Thieves in X” / Julian


Talk to Julian whilst he’s in the restaurant cooking, then use spirit vision in the kitchen. Ask Julian about the soup. Ask Tifa in the tea fields about the recipe. Go to the coast and chase the crabs, pressing E to grab them. One will drop it.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List
[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Make Crimson Shrimp Soup with a recipe for it bought from Song’s shop: Ugligrass (foraged -> right of bus stop Miko first met you), shrimp (bought -> songs), spicy peppers (bought -> songs).

Then make the Family recipe: Soup you just made, soy sauce (bought -> songs), demon pepper (foraged -> right of bathhouse)

Give soup to it whilst Julian is cooking again.

“Help Yourself to an Extent.” / Miko


Go to the red circle at 4am after talking to Miko and fail to catch the spirit. Make carrot cake, and place it on the red circle (I went third row down). It won’t despawn. Come back at 4am.

(After buying the recipe for “cake” and “carrot cake”, you can buy all the ingredients needed at Songs and Eko’s shops: cream cheese, carrot, milk, egg, flour)

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“Community Reminder” / Leigh


Being unable to speak to Leigh is NOT a bug. You can ONLY talk to Leigh on Monday and Wednesday between 9am and 3pm when this request is on the board. Keep talking to him and keep looking at his painting – with, and without your spirit vision. This one takes a while.

First time you talk to him – he will paint your UI. To clean this, dig with a shovel bought at songs in the graveyard in a certain spot:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List
[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Visit him painting on Mon/Wed 9-3 and talk/look at his painting for 4 days (2 weeks straight, essentially). Then when he tells you to look at the painting because it’s fixed itself – look with spirit vision.

“Trouble on the beach” / Quill


Fully exhaust talking to Quill. Go to beach on the west at 5:30pm with a shovel bought from songs. Dig the sandcastle and chase it until you’ve dug at it 3 times. If you’re struggling, it pauses for a while at certain intervals. Wait until it’s fully stopped before aiming your shovel. Keep your shovel equipped – it won’t need sprinting, or the spirit vision for the chase.

Talk to the spirit, then talk to Quill to count it as completed.

“Photographer Needed” / Eric


Exhaust talking to Eric about his issues. Then on Monday’s or Thursday’s at 10pm, wait outside the apartment complex with a retro camera bought from Songs.

This part is tricky. You have to take 3 pictures of 3 different instances of a person watching Eric. It is doable in one night. Familiarise yourself with how the camera needs to be “aimed” ahead of the direction you’re facing for a photo, and practice your positioning for the shot locations.

It is recommended that you “start” this set of photos on the left near the cafe entrance at the sign, not in the apartment complex itself – as you can only walk with the camera out, and putting it away wastes time you need to spend following Eric before the picture opportunity disappears.

They are behind a tree, in a bin, and swimming in the ocean:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Talk to him at the beach when you’ve finished following him.

If you’re fast, you can finish this next bit in one day – Visit the beach again on Mon/Thur 10pm on an entirely new night, and use spirit sense to talk to Aurora in spirit form. She wants something to remember Eric by – run quick and get his toothbrush from his flat (middle room, 1st floor), and bring it to her.

“Phone Thief?” / Kim


After speaking to Kim, go to her room (last door on the left on the 1st floor in the flats) on a weekday at 2am. WATCH the spirit take the phone standing behind the desk – then follow them. Follow them until they sit down and don’t interact until they’re playing on the phone in the rice field.

The next day, grab a TV from Song’s store. The next weekday, give the spirit the tv in the rice field.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List
[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“Anatomical Anomaly” / Ling


After talking to Ling, go to the nurses office in the school BEFORE midnight. When it hits midnight, use spirit sense and talk to the skeleton. You then need to talk to Ling in the medical office during school hours to finish the quest.

“Sleep Guidance Needed” / Sora


Wait outside Sora’s house, the pension, at 2am on a Sunday morning. Speak to the person that comes out, whilst using spirit vision. Do NOT let them run away – if they get to the stone shortcut, and then their destination, you will have to wait another week to complete the quest.

You are looking for the dialogue prompts “………………..” and then “Well, well, well, aren’t you a clever one?”

You don’t need to visit the shop to finish the quest, but it’s worth visiting whilst you do this, anyway.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“Be Careful of Crows” / Yari


This is a good one to do on the same night as the Sora/Ruko sleep mission. Go to the new mountain area at night during Summer after unlocking the bridge/path with 6 wood and 15k. There, you’ll meet Yari, a guy who only comes to X during summer, and sleeps all day

He’ll tell you about crows, exhaust his dialogue. Go back to town, and “collect” three crows with your spirit vision active. After talking to Wonyan, go back to the town and find the crow that is a spirit when you toggle on spirit vision.

“I’ve Lost Something…” / Amelia

Talk to Song, then speak to Amelia. Speak to Amelia again when she is “free” – she gets considerably less free and is already quite busy during this quest, so 7:30pm on a Tuesday in the temple is a good time to ask her. Take her to the mountain’s peak:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

After cutscene, find stick here:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

After hitting her and going through that cutscene, talk to her a couple days later. I specifically did 7:30am on Thursday when she’s in the fields to the right of song’s shop.

“Caution on the Trails” / Clarence


Exhaust dialogue with Clarence. Go to the top of the trail on the mountain that zooms out really far. Unconfirmed if you NEED spiritvision, but I did, and got a cryptic dialogue. Come back the next day and get this dialogue:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List
[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

They’ll ask you to play timed spot the difference, which does not need spirit vision. It uses the whole left half of the trails – note every statue. It’s essentially just spot which statues aren’t supposed to be there. They can be big and small.

If you fail, just walk around until they ask if you want another try, and load out to the second half of the trails and back in if the retry doesn’t pop. You aren’t penalised for failing – other than wasting your time on an attempt.

After you’ve got them, you DON’T need to talk to Clarence again to finish it.

“No Bathing At Night” / Tobi


You MUST talk to Tobi, then go to the hotsprings in the mountains at night, between Sunday and Monday. Other people say midnight, but I went at 11pm and got the cutscene.

Talk to people for funny dialogue, then get your clothes from this spot:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

At night, at the same location, use spirit sense to follow the footprints. It’ll lead you here:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

That’s the mission done. No need to report back to Tobi.

“Missing Hammers” / Fae


Talk to Fae about her missing hammers. Go to the spot on the map and use spirit sense. Beat them at the mini-game, and then return the hammers.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

“Boar —-” / Tifa

This is the boar quest on the board. I’ve unfortunately forgotten the exact wording as I wrote this section after I’d done it in game and couldn’t double check the name.


When this appears on the board, go to Leigh’s art truck. Pick up the mushroom there. (unconfirmed if it just appears in the west fields randomly or that one place.):

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Then find and talk to Tifa. Then sleep. Then go to the big tree near the tea fields, with your net you bought from song’s shop. There, you must catch a boar with your net when it charges.

If you fail, it will hit you and despawn. Go to sleep for 1 hour, and go back and try again – rinse and repeat until you catch them. I personally recommend approaching the boar from the left or the right, so you can gauge the distance between you both easier. The net moves slowly, so give yourself more time than you think to swing.

“-Missing Child-” / Song

Heck, Geckit and Froke

Starts with a policeman outside your house. FULLY exhaust dialogue with Song, then go left upstairs in the school and grab the flute from the auditorium:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Go to the shop and follow the path to the beach, and play the flute in the middle of the circle. If nothing happens, you didn’t fully speak to Song:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List
[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Take the kid back. That’s it.

“Disruptive Behavior” / Tera

Bantushi and Tikan

In Winter, talk to Tera and exhaust her dialogue. Go to the school and hit all 17 of the now spawned snowmen with the various snowball mounds. You must hit them all. If you’re hit 3 times, you fail and have to try again the next day.

This is tricky due to the number of them. Play safe, and pick off the stragglers at the edge of the school perimeter. Don’t take on snowmen that are near other snowmen, and make sure you’re judging the angle as you approach them. I found it was like the boar mission – approach from the left or right to safely judge the distance, and avoid approaching them from up or down.

NOTE: Snowmen can throw diagonally, and often throw repeatedly in quick succession before a break. Your best chance is to either run up whilst they’re jumping away, or bait out two throws, and then hit them in the reprieve.

When this is done, the spirits will appear and the mission is finished without needing to talk to Tera again.

“No Drunks Allowed!” / Gale

Jookyoo and Ribbard

Fully exhaust dialogue with Julian and Gale (Talking to only one of the two won’t pop the necessary requirements, so be thorough). Before 12pm – I did 10am on a Saturday – go to Julian’s kitchen and use spirit vision. Follow the spirit from Julian’s kitchen to the karaoke bathroom, and through to the cleaning closet.

Two spirits will be sat drinking. Talk to them. (If you only see one, it’s because you haven’t come from Julian’s restaurant, or haven’t spoken to Gale.)

To finish the quest, speak to Gale after you’ve slept.

(Messy scratches mar the board) / Jillian


In Spring – likely your second year – Go to the pension house, on the beach south of the school – and go upstairs. This looks like it can be any time. Grab the tanuki, and take it into the bathhouse and through the gate that changes spirits. After speaking to Jillian, go to the shop and use the tanuki vending machine, drinking the drink:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Then go here to see the spirit and talk to it:

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Random Encounter – Yellow Birds


When you see yellow birds that fly away when you get near, turn on your spirit sense until you see one with two dark lines coming from it. Follow those lines (it’s ok if you lose sight of it to get around obstacles) and just talk to it.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Random Encounter – “What’s going on with that, eh? Why does that keep happening?”


This is the one that prompted me to write the guide, honestly. Randomly, a text box will glitch up, blank, and then Wonyan will say “What’s going on with that, eh? Why does that keep happening? Next time see if you can do anything with it.”

When it DOES pop up, don’t touch anything. If Wonyan pops up immediately, you pressed e too quickly and skipped it.

You should see this. Press A on the keyboard to highlight the shuttered window on the left with a white flashing border. Then hit E, or interact.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Run around repeating this a few times, then buy noodles for it from Eko’s place when prompted, and carry them until you encounter it again.
NOTE: You must use spirit vision WHILST IN THE DIALOGUE WINDOW, with the noodles in your inventory. Or you’ll just see an empty noodle cup and if you click away, Wonyan will tell you to find some noodles.

Random Encounter – Crunching Sounds


You’ll randomly hear crunching sounds sometimes (note, this is purely an audio cue, unfortunately.)
When you do, use spirit sense. Do it three times.

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Shrine Spirits + Item Lists

This isn’t the guide for it… yet. But here are the spirits unlocked with the shrines, the shrine locations, and what each shrine requires. I know where some of it is. Comment if you’re stuck finding something.

Spring Shrine (Bathhouse) – Juso

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

  1. Sakura Blossom 
  2. Wandering Sword Comic
  3. Goldfish Bowl
  4. Shoregrass&Flax Smoothie
  5. “Quest for the End II” Game
  6. Lemon
  7. Rainbow Worm
  8. Oscar’s Lunchbox

Summer Shrine (Mountains) – Avanis

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

  1. History of Mt. Whisper 
  2. The Stinker Statue
  3. Uncle Fish
  4. Soy-flavored Deep Fried Squid
  5. Butterfruit Pie
  6. Rice Wine
  7. Convenience Store Mini
  8. Muffin Plum

Fall Shrine (Fields) – Lunariss

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

  1. Mixed Vegetable Pizza 
  2. Basketball
  3. Pufferfish
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Globe
  6. Cloud Cat
  7. Big Red Lantern
  8. Honey

Winter Shrine (Temple) – Flitt

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

  1. Espresso 
  2. Demon Pepper
  3. Hot Cocoa
  4. Spicy Kimchi Stew
  5. Yellowjacket
  6. Dragonfish
  7. Boombox
  8. Gamestation 7


[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

[INCOMPLETE] Spirittea Spirit Solutions + Shrine Item List

Lord Spirits

This is really just for the sake of completionists. Here’s the names and seasons of the lord spirits. You’ll unlock the lord spirit bath by opening the left wing hallway in your bathhouse, and playing during their corresponding seasons. Big spoilers, obviously.

  • Vulpish – Spring
  • Panthermans – Summer
  • Ochress – Fall
  • Hibernus – Winter

Currently Missing (2)

Kenzo and Yumi’s tormentors. This is lowkey kinda just a checklist for me, too.

Short SHORT “I haven’t done this yet” summaries:

Kenzo: Speak Kenzo/Bruce, 7am mountain clearing at big tree, talk to sujin and fail. Go back,use spirit and talk to them, then talk to kenzo – Mariko
Yumi: Speak Yumi 6pm-11pm weekday, go classroom to flashlight after teleport, follow spirit to: sink bathroom upstairs, chair music hall, headmaster portrait, sign in library, speak to it. Nanashi.

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