Spore: Galactic Adventures – How to get all the Badges in the Space Stage

Spore Galactic Adventures - How to get all the Badges in the Space Stage

Are you looking to get all the Space Stage badges in Spore as fast as possible? Well I’ve made this guide specifically for you!

Tier 1 – Instant badges

Captain’s Badge – Can cut down slightly if you choose not to do the tutorial mission.

Joker – Type any cheat in the console, can cut down on other badge times dramatically but I chose not to do this path. If you decide to cheat, then this guide becomes obsolete since you can do it way faster than this guide, it is completely up to you.

Tier 2 – Quick to get

Planet Artiste – All you need to do is go to any planet and start colouring/terraforming it. You can cut down on the time on this if you’re collecting these items as you’ll need to wait for the recharge. – This synergizes well with Collector and Explorer.

Colonist – Prioritize purple spice planets to fund your infrastructure.

Golden Touch – Very easy to get once you have one or two purple spice planets going

Frequent flyer – When doing the tutorial mission to go from one system to the other, you can keep going back and forth none stop without losing energy, it might hurt your hand. I recommend just doing this normally as it synergizes with pretty much every objective you’ll need.

Diplomat – Just gift them money, trade with them back and forth with spice and then ally them.

Merchant – Trade spice to empires for a hefty sum.

Jack of all trades – This synergizes well with the Merchant badge, sell spice for high prices and then buy whatever tools you need for your journey the ones that repeat such as the recharge and health packs make getting this badge much faster.

Warmonger – Leave this badge alone, when you ally the Grox you’ll get this badge instantly assuming you’ve met 15 empires that are under 131+ relations with you.

Tier 3 – Medium level of time to get

Sightseer – Wormholes, protostars and double star systems, you need to get 70 of these so it can take a bit of time. Although you should get this manually when you’re destroying the Grox, they tend to have more than a few of these double star systems.

Zoologist – Fill seventy ecosystems, can be good if you’re trying to get purple spice planets, try to do this on planets that only need a couple of creatures placing on them, but otherwise for more than half of the game I had 3 sets of animals and planets in my inventory in case I found a planet useful.

Terra-Wrangler – Don’t use temporary terraforming tools for this, use permanent ones, synergizes well with Zoologist.

Explorer – Works perfectly when you’re destroying the Grox since they have more systems than the badge gives.

Empire – You can do this in your own time. But to cut down on it, use the sector system outlined in the Grox strategy. Can also be good if you’re capturing systems, I decided to never capture a system from an empire because I like pretty borders (self-note EUIV bordergore in the game I did should be a death sentence)

[RNG] Collector – Will be honest, this took me quite some time. But it was done within destroying the Grox. In my playthrough I got tons of these (albeit repeatable, which DO NOT count!), putting it here because you can do it while destroying the Grox.

Dance with the Devil – This is fairly easy to get as long as you don’t screw up. Disband your allies ships and turn off the auto blaster. Use planet busters next to their systems, do missions, gift them, get the tribal green trait. This badge has the ability to ruin your badge run if you’re not careful. I managed to ally the Grox in a matter of 15 or so minutes.

Missionista – Do any mission for these, you’ll certainly be doing Grox missions. Also doing your own empires home system missions can be an easy way to progress. Try to synergize this with the Gopher and Cleaner badge.

Conquerer – Destroying the Grox gets you this badge within 20 minutes of game time.

Body Guard – You can get this faster if you have the Raider Rally ability, use it on your own system or your allies and then use the mega-laser on the wormhole to kill them instantly. Can take some time if you don’t use this method. An alternative method is to have two allies close to one another and have them attack one another, then just destroy their ships.

Tier 4 – Slow to get

Traveller – This took a surprising amount of time, meeting 100 empires don’t really synergize well with anything other than the diplomat (which only takes 20 empires to do so), I guess you can speed through looking for empires, it actually helps to do this after allying the Grox since you get the contact immediately when you enter their range.

Trader – This was the last badge I got before Joker. I underestimated this. Trade routes take an unusually long amount of time and you can only have five set out at once, you need to do this forty times. Cancelling the trade route doesn’t work. But there is a way around it, providing you have some big allies (which high relations), send a trade route to them, then destroy the colony. I actually found this out by assuming the game wouldn’t lower the count. I had five empires that were 5 stars with me (for fun), so I could get this badge pretty easy. But the setup to get to this position is time-consuming.

Split Personality – This badge can take a very long time if you do the wrong mission archetypes. Look for empires that ask you to conquer 15 systems and especially those who ask you to only ally five random empires. Thankfully you only need to do six switches and you can go back and forth with your switches. It may cost you a few Sporebucks depending on what your empires archetype is currently set at.

Economist – You need to have bought 15 systems which as mentioned, takes a very long time. I’d recommend using this with the trader until you have bought 15 systems then switching to the method I outlined in trader. This can become very easy if you have the Cash-Infusion ability (save and exit to the main menu), but this requires you to go through a controlled set of paths to get it. Getting it through the Split Personality mission takes forever so don’t bother.

[RNG] Brain Surgeon – You’ll need forty monoliths for this and they can be a little expensive, you also need to find at least a T1 planet that has one creature on it. Do this in systems you haven’t explored so it ups the chances of getting collectables.

Tier 5 – Takes a considerable amount of time

[RNG] Cleaner – I hated doing this. The missions were plentiful but they took so long and were so boring. I did this after I destroyed the Grox and was doing Gopher with it. I strongly recommend you do it within your empire’s borders at home since you won’t get adventure missions. If you get a mission that isn’t eradication (or delivery missions if you haven’t done Gopher), just delete them and move onto the next planet.

[RNG] Gopher – Basically the same as Cleaner but can take longer if you don’t choose the right missions. Ignore the ones that ask you to find three items and then deliver them to one place, that takes far too long. You want the ones that ask you to scan and get a tree/creature or a sentient creature.

[RNG] Badge Outta Heck – Obviously this takes very long and is RNG depending on how many Grox planets there are in each system (it was around 3,700 for me). There is a whole guide on how to destroy them as fast as possible.

Eco Hero – Screw this badge. No seriously. This badge requires A LOT of waiting. You need to have fifty of these eradication alerts (DO NOT MISS A SINGLE ONE!!), this takes longer than it does to destroy the Grox by a few hours. DO NOT plant bio-protector/stabilizers down at your home systems, this is so it gives you a reason to come by and resupply. This is the one badge that is sparsed out through alerts and is made worse if you went with the green civilization policy, DO NOT GO FOR IT. If you completely dismissed these ecodisasters and you’re destroying the Grox, chances are you are screwed, you will be waiting a very, very long time.

[RNG] Wonderland Wanderer – This badge is completely RNG and seems to be very rare. The collectable side of it is even more ridiculous. In every Grox system I was in, I looked for these Wonderland planets. I only managed to find seven out of 2,400 systems, let that sink in for a moment. Now after this I got extremely lucky and got a few wonderland planets in succession, but the fact remains that this is a very hard badge to get. I highly doubt they spawn in T1 planets, but they definitely spawn in T2 and T3 systems. ALWAYS check these planets, you may get repeatables, which is fine. Some may be natural planets or if you’re lucky, Wonderland. Just keep scouting systems and you’ll eventually get them. You need 12 for reference. When I found one I added _WLP in the planet name using the console (does not add joker badge).

Good luck on getting the space stage badges!

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