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Spuds Unearthed – Combat Guide

Spuds are our main skills in battle. In this guide, we will cover their capabilities and usage.

General Info

When you reach your destination to the Battlefield, you are placed above your Defense System.

To win, you must destroy another Player’s Defense System or Zombuds nest which is situated on the other end of the Battlefield.


First battling attempts can be rough. The enemy waves will rush and attack you without hesitation.
You must be quick and bring your resources into the Battlefield before it’s too late.


  • Throwing Spuds

You can grab your Spud and throw it into the battlefield. After its release, Spud will start to fight on its own.

  • Using Vehicles
  • Using Turrets


A Turret is a stationary weapon you can use to fight.

You can deploy up to two Turrets for each fight. The Turrets are left on conquered Planets and used for defense.

Before every fight on the Home Planet you have to place Turrets in slots if you want to use them.

In order to create the Turret, you must use Tokens gained during the game. There are two types of Tokens dedicated specifically for Turrets: Interaction and Mechanics Tokens.
The machine responsible for Turret creation is a Turret Factory (description in the different tutorial).

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You can mix-and-match Tokens to create unique combinations. During the combat, you can operate a Turret by interacting with it in a way described by its Interaction Token. However, we encourage you to experiment and try to invent new ways of operating them.


To bring a Vehicle into the battle, you must plug the Subsystem into one of the specifically marked slots. Then form your hand into a fist shape and hit the Subsystem into the button. The Vehicle will appear in your Defense System ready to use.

Inserting Spuds to Vehicles
There are two types of Vehicles in the game: Tanks and Planes. They are dedicated to the driver and pilot Spud. The other classes may drive them but their effectiveness is slightly lower.

When you throw the Plane with a Spud inside into the Battlefield it will fly and destroy your enemies on its own. When it comes to the Tank, first you must put it on the elevator to let it drive.

Throwing Vehicles
You can also throw the Vehicle without the Spud inside. It won’t be able to move on its own, but when it hits the ground it creates a massive explosion.


The Battlefield is a place where you can fight your opponents.

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Its layout is divided into 3 lanes leading from one defense system to another.


The Goonbots are little robots that come to the battle directed through the Subsystem.

Their main function is creating a frontline.

They do not require any Player input in order to work efficiently.

The Player can assign GoonBots to his Subsystems on the Home Planet, using the Subsystem Upgrade Centre.

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