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Stacklands Quest Guide

All achievements are also quests in game.

Stacklands Quests


  • Open the Booster Pack
    Click the pack to start the game and open it
  • Drag the Villager on top of the Berry Bush
  • Punch a Rock
    Use an adult on a rock
  • Sell a Card
    Drag a card to the sell slot at the top
  • Buy the Humble Beginnings Pack
    Drag three coins in one stack to the pack to purchase.
  • Punch a Tree
    Drag an adult onto tree
  • Carve a Stick from Wood
    Use an adult on wood
  • Grow a Berry Bush
    Add berry to soil, poop, garden, or farm
  • Build a House
    2x wood, 1x stone, and 1x adult
  • Get a Second Villager
    Keep opening packs
  • Create Offspring
    Use two adults on a house

Main Quest

  • Unlock all Packs
    Keeping buying packs to unlock more.
  • Get 3 Villagers.
    Second villager is unlocked through buying packs (7th pack exactly), third on can be found in the old village, made via wolf + bone, or by using two adults on a house
  • Find the Catacombs
    Found in the old village, mountain, graveyard or forest
  • Find a mysterious artifact
    Found in the catacombs
  • Build a Temple
    5 planks, 5 bricks, 3 irons bars, and one adult
  • Bring the Goblet to the Temple
    Build a temple, and find the goblet through exploring
  • Kill the Demon
    Will be summoned when you give the temple the goblet. 2 militia, 2 swordsmen, and 1 dog is plenty of fire power


  • Train Militia
    Give a villager a spear
  • Kill a Rat
  • Kill a Skeleton


  • Start a Campfire
    1x Flint plus 1x Stick
  • Cook some Meat
    Put uncooked meat onto a campfire or stove and wait for it to cook
  • Cook an Omelette
    Put two eggs onto a campfire or stove and wait for it to cook
  • Cook a Frittata
    Put an egg and a potato on a campfire or stove and wait for it to cook


  • Explore a Forest
    Get the card from the explorer pack
  • Explore a Mountain
    Get the card from the explorer pack
  • Open a Treasure Chest
    Use a key (humble beginnings) on a treasure chest (any map except plains)
  • Find a Graveyard
    Combine two corpses [an adult dies, or you find them in old village] to make a graveyard
  • Get a Dog
    Combine a bone and wolf
  • Train an Explorer
    Use a map (traveling merchant) on a villager
  • Buy something from a Travelling Cart
    Random event. Takes 5 coins


  • Have 5 Ideas
  • Have 10 Ideas
  • Have 10 Wood
  • Have 10 Stone
  • Get an Iron Bar
    Smelt iron ore with one wood to get an iron bar
  • Have 5 Food
  • Have 10 Food
  • Have 20 Food
  • Have 50 Food
  • Have 10 Coins
  • Have 30 Coins
  • Have 50 Coins


  • Have 3 Houses
    2x Wood, 1x Stone, and 1x adult for each house. All three must be on the map at once.
  • Build a Shed
    1x Wood, 1x Stone, 1x Stick and 1x Adult
  • Build a Quarry
    3x Stone, 1x Wood, and 1x Adult
  • Build a Lumber Camp
    3x Wood, 1x Stone. 1x Adult
  • Build a Farm
    1x Soil, 2x Brick, 2x Plank, 1x Adult
  • Build a Brickyard
    1x Brick, 1x Iron Bar, 2x Wood, 1x Adult


  • Reach Moon 6
  • Reach Moon 12
  • Reach Moon 24
  • Reach Moon 36


  • Sell a Card at a Market
    1x Plank, 1x Brick, 3x Coin and 1x Adult, and then sell any item to it.
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