Star Control: Origins – Finding Starbases the Easy Way

Scavenge those upgrade by finding all star bases.

Getting Started

  • Finding starbases is pretty easy when you know how to.
  • To put is simply you triangulate each starbase and they are all the rough same distance of each other.
  • In order to get you going you need atleast 2 starbases, below is a picture on 4 locations.
  • You should have atleast 1 by now next to Sol, use that one as reference to find a 2nd starbase.

  • Notice the arrows they are all copy and paste in Photoshop and are they EXACT same size.
  • Giving a exact number in mm/cm or inches would be pointless since you might be on a different zoom level.
  • However you can on your own screen use a ruler or pencil to measure the distance.
  • Then use that to give you the rough distance and direction to the next starbase.
  • Also worth noting they are also roughly next and above each other.

Hope this helps save you fuel and time running around!

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