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Star Control: Origins – Main Story Quests

Main Story Quests

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The main objective in Star Control: Origins is to save humanity from the Scryve menace.

The Triton Signal

An alien signal has been detected by the Star Control starbase and it’s your job to track its origin. This is the first quest the player receives in the game.

  1. Go to Triton, one of Neptune’s satellites. Send the lander on it and make contact with the crashed ship. Talk with the Tywom, Wymdoo.
  2. The missing half of the ship is located on Uranus’ moon Oberon, while the two hyperdrive modules are on Mars.
  3. After finding one of the parts a Scryve probe will intercept your ship and a battle will commence.
  4. With all the parts gathered return to Wymdoo so he can fix his ship.
  5. Immediately after leaving Europa a Scryve Light Cruiser appears and engages you.
  6. Return to the Star Control starbase to report everything. You will receive Navigator Wymdoo as a crew member, a Tywom Defender and a Tywom Cuddle Drive module for the flagship. Now you can leave the Sol system.

Meet the Tywom

Earth is going to need allies against the Scryve, the first stop is the Tywom homeworld.

  1. Travel to Alpha Repeculea and visit the fifth planet, Tywomia.

Gather information and make contact with alien civilizations

Received after making an alliance with the Tywom.

  • Inform Star Control about the alliance with the Tywom.
  • Make contact with the Mu’Kay homeworld, Mu’Kaayan, located in Beta Pavo.
  • Make contact with the Menkmack homeworld, it moves around, it can be found in Gamma Spica, Pi3 Orionis, Bea Lynx, Alpha Mus, Eta Chaudhary or Vega.
  • Make contact with the Drenkend homeworld, Drenkapon, located in Alpha Uxor.
  • Make contact with The Measured homeworld, located on Delta Domos I.
  • Make contact with the Mowlings homeworld, Moop, located in Delta Xiphios B.
  • Make contact with the Trandals, located in the Corpus constellation.
  • Make contact with the Phamysht homeworld, Ela Rise, located in Beta Ishikawa A.
  • Make contact with the Greegrox homeworld, it moves around, it can be found in Alpha Gladius A, Gamma Spica, Pi3 Orionis, Beta Lynx, Alpha Mus or Eta Chaudhary.
  • Make contact with the Pinthi homeworld, located on Alpha Acroix II.

The Phamysht Secret

The Phamysht have information they are not sharing. They love to share military secrets when eating.

  1. Obtain the Meat Puppet. See quest Defend the Tywom in their trial.
  2. Deliver the Meat Puppet to the Phamysht homeworld.
    • If the Meat Puppet is infected with the Pinthi the Phamysht don’t appreciate it.
  3. Listen to the conversation as the Phamysht enjoys the meal.

Investigate the Scryve Facility in Alpha Satori A

The Scryve have a mysterious facility in Alpha Satori A.

  • Go to Alpha Satori A II and investigate the base there.
  • Get out of the system!
  • Go to Star Control and report about the Xraki.

Defeat the Xraki threat

The Xraki have been unleashed. Time to send them back.

  1. Stop the Xraki assault fleets.
    • Defend Earth.
    • Defend the Tywom homeworld.
    • Defend the Mu’Kay homeworld.
    • Defend the Pinth homeworldi.
  2. Obtain the new strain of Pinthi from the Scryve facility on Beta Jutinim IV
  3. Return to Star Control with the Pinthi strain. Equiq the Pinthi Dispersal Module.
  4. Go to Alpha Satori A and interact with the Origin.

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