Star Control: Origins – Map to all Starbases

Star Control Origins - Map to all Starbases Locations

Scavenge those upgrade by finding all star bases.

Full Map

Here is a full map of all 11 star bases locations.

  • Inner Source Starbase – near Sol
  • Greater Void Starbase – near Delta Pavo
  • Sanctum Starbase – Delta Xiphios A
  • Origin Survey – Alpha Gladius A
  • Perilous Range – Alpha Acroix
  • Erroneous Vector – Beta Ishikawa B
  • Monitor Deep – Beta Llvoren
  • Chrome Expanse – Alpha Domos
  • Vacant Fortress – Beta Uxor
  • Fluorescent Approach – Mu Wendigo
  • Spur Entry Starbase – Kappa Jutinim

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